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  1. @Triangular - you're suggesting it reads: You gain 1 additional turbolaser in your upgrade bar. You cannot equip this card if you have a turbolaser icon in your upgrade bar. or You gain 1 additional ion cannon in your upgrade bar. You cannot equip this card if you have a ion cannon icon in your upgrade bar. I agree with your analysis, but it seems odd that they'd have a title that only affected the CR90A or only affected CR90B. Alternately, Liberator does add a fleet command icon, and this is just generic language in case of future upgrades which may also add fleet commands.
  2. do I understand correctly - that you both know who will be player 1 & 2 and what the objective is? If that's correct you're giving up a lot of the player 2 advantage that's meant to compensate for not shooting & moving first.
  3. It's not the first time they had a really short "on the boat" phase. I doubt they are paying for air freight; happy either way.
  4. RitR doesn't use commanders like Vader, Thrawn, or Jerry
  5. How do you feel about the use instructions for the man tool? By maneuvering from the rear base it means the front arc can really swing a long ways. I'd call that a benefit.
  6. The original series is my Star Wars, but for my kids the prequels were the thing. I have to say that watching the Clone Wars series gave me a much greater appreciation of the prequel era, and there is so much content there it would be foolish to ignore it. I'm excited about the idea, and I'll buy it when it finally comes.
  7. oh my god, the last time I played in a Vassal tournament (it's been a long time), my opponent was in an earlier time zone so it was after midnight for me and this guy spent minutes fiddling with the maneuver tool every activation. I was falling asleep waiting for this very pleasant guy who was still being a jerk.
  8. If a team breaks the radio silence rule then the opposing team gets to check two command stacks of their choosing.
  9. I'm happy, but maybe all the cool kids are on Instagram these days
  10. Who says I don't have enough of a fleet already (not for some cray cray 29 Hammerhead abomination, but a proper mixed fleet with lots of upgrades)
  11. Well, the new rules put all players on a standard size table and reduce the number of fighters vs CC all out assaults, so I'd expect games to go at least a bit faster.
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