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  1. OgRib

    Micro hangars for Wave 7

    This is awesome, thanks!
  2. OgRib

    2 articles in 5 days.

    3 business days!
  3. OgRib

    Multiplayer - Radio Silence Mode

    If a team breaks the radio silence rule then the opposing team gets to check two command stacks of their choosing.
  4. OgRib

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    I'm happy, but maybe all the cool kids are on Instagram these days
  5. OgRib

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Who says I don't have enough of a fleet already (not for some cray cray 29 Hammerhead abomination, but a proper mixed fleet with lots of upgrades)
  6. OgRib

    Alert All Commands! New article!

    Well, the new rules put all players on a standard size table and reduce the number of fighters vs CC all out assaults, so I'd expect games to go at least a bit faster.
  7. OgRib

    Never have I ever...

    Deployed a GR75 Combat Retrofits
  8. OgRib

    SSD details on reddit

    Reddit user Azurphax has posted that he preordered a SSD and when paying today received these promotional materials. https://imgur.com/gallery/1b1mca7 https://imgur.com/gallery/vpP9RR8
  9. OgRib

    How big is your collection?

    Hi everyone I'm Charles Here's my fleet: 2 x Hammerhead Corvette 3 x CR90 3 x Nebulon B 2 x Assault Frigate II 1 x Pelta-Class Frigate 3 x MC30 Frigate 2 x MC80 Home One 1 x MC80 Liberty 3 x GR-75 4 x Rebel fighters 2 x Rebel Fighters II 2 x Imperial Raiders 1 x Quasar Fire 2 x Victory SD 2 x Gladiator SD 1 x Interdictor 3 x Imperial SD (2 original 1 Chimaera) 2 x Gozanti 3 x Imperial Fighters 2 x Imperial Fighters II 4 x Rogues & Villains 1 x Corellian Conflict
  10. OgRib

    Sector War is back

    Hey @old_school_overlord where did the links go? I was hoping to run this
  11. Angry troll is successful
  12. OgRib

    New SSD Photos & Info

    That image makes the SSD model look like it's inflatable
  13. OgRib

    I’ve done it!

    now all you need to do is acquire the SSD
  14. OgRib

    Any new waves planned?

    I kinds wonder if something big appears in Solo