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  1. That's awesome, Dam. Makes my situation a lot less painful when I think about all you had to do. I received word from FFG Customer Service, and they will be sending the correct card, which I am quite relieved about. Turgul, maybe I'm behind the times with today's slang, but what's MIB? The Men in Black?
  2. I got all four books, but I wasn't that interested in the 'Dance of the Damned' starting rumor variant (I prefer to play rumors as normal), so I only sent in the three. If I recall correctly, the picture of the Dance of the Damned card was on the form for 'The Hand of Solace', but I checked and double checked now, and I did send in the correct form, and that it listed 'The Hand of Solace' in the text on the form. What can I say? I'm bummed. My family is a bit anti-game, and I was barely able to get them to play Elder Sign, which is why I've been focusing more on it. I haven't been able to get them to play Arkham Horror at all, so getting the two Elder Sign locations means a lot more to me. I hope I don't have to drop more money and time into this.
  3. Rince said: Great news. Thank you both! Sorry, but it looks like I was wrong. The three investigators with the revised text (which you can read in the FAQs pdf) did indeed get their text corrected. It's up to you whether that warrants purchasing another copy or not of the game (personally, I wouldn't, unless they are important to you for some reason).
  4. I'm glad you got your cards. They sent me the wrong one. Instead of getting 'The Hand of Solace' they sent me 'Dance of the Damned'. I emailed them and hope to receive a reply.
  5. Just got word from FFG that the cards will shortly be on their way, and that they received the forms and payment. Very relieved!
  6. It's listed as second quarter of this year (which we are now in). So, I'm guessing late June, since it's not even on the boat yet.
  7. As far as I've read, it's just the rules that have been revised, and you can get those online.
  8. Turgul01 said: Did anyone get the chance to play Elder Sign on International Table Top Day? I managed to get a game in. It was fun and enjoyable. I didn't find out about this until the day after Easter. It sounds like a great idea, so naturally Felicia Day thought of it. It sucks that they do it the day before Easter Sunday here, when there's a lot to do to get ready. I doubt there was much notice regarding the event. Since this was only the first year, I'm sure it wasn't widely known, but next year a lot more gamers will be able to be ready for it, as they will have more time to plan ahead.
  9. Turgul01 said: My four checks have not cleared yet so I still have hope. Hang in there. Thanks for checking into the checks, Turgul. ha ha I think my expectations were high due to folks implying a quick turnaround. FFG can take their time, as long as everything works out in the end. I had sent them a message regarding this a few days ago with no response, but perhaps no news is good news, in this case. I also have been checking to see if the check I wrote out was cashed. It hasn't yet. I'd actually would feel better if it was, because at least I'd know that it was received.
  10. I sent in the forms for both Elder Sign cards and the Arkham Horror ally card about three weeks ago. A few days ago I got worried, and emailed them. I purchased physcial copies of the books just so I could get the cards. I will be devastated if they got lost in the mail, which should be unlikely as I included a return address and would happily cover any insufficent postage costs should the need arise. Still hoping for a positive outcome.
  11. Android: Netrunner is still alive and well at "I'm Board" in the Madison area! While I haven't been able to attend the recent Monday night gatherings due to work, people are showing up and playing. Also, whenever six or more players show up, a casual tournament is held. What's really going to blow things up is "I'm Board" is going to have 'What Lies Ahead' in stock on Tuesday, December 11 when they open for business. Once that happens, Android: Netrunner is going to be played like never before here. I've even begun looking into having a meetup on either Saturday or Sunday as well, for those of us who can't attend Monday night due to work.
  12. I have some sad news. Traveler's Hearth, one of the two venues for Android: Netrunner players, closed its doors for good last week. So now, the only place to play Android: Netrunner in Madison, Wisconsin is at I'm Board on Monday evenings. Thankfully, I'm Board plans to amp up their coverage of the game by having ordered Game Night Kits. Whether they will be used as tournament prizes or league play is still being discussed, and will be surveyed on next Monday, so if you want to have a say in Android: Netrunner's future in the Madison area, please be sure to show up and rock the vote (sort of)! Tonight a lot of the players were worn out from Thanksgiving weekend, so we only had five players - not enough for a tournament, but still enough for a night of casual play. Unfortunately, my first attempts at building decks weren't good, and my gameplay could also use some improvement. I didn't win a single game all night. So, it's back to deck building, and I'll also watch some more gameplay videos.
  13. I just got home from the first Android: Netrunner tournament in Dane County, which was held in Middleton at "I'm Board". Not only did we have a turnout of ten players, but four players expected weren't able to show, which means we'll definitely have at least this many every Monday, as "I'm Board" will be having another Android: Netrunner tournament next Monday as well at 5:45 PM to register. I did not do as well as I had hoped, but I had a lot of fun and everybody was very knowledgeable. The three players I played against in my three rounds were friendly folks. While I can't speak for every deck, I saw a lot of Weyland and Criminal decks being played. I also played against an NBN deck. Bob B. came in first and Nick S., who played in the World Championship, came in second. I came in eighth and lost my first match, but I had a lot of fun. Now that I got some experience, I can stop playing with slightly modified starters and build some real decks, ha ha Hope to get some practice in at Traveler's Hearth on Card Game Night this Friday so I do a bit better next Monday.
  14. Hawkmoon said: I was also wondering this as I want to buy the book on kindle, Dont need any more books cluttering up my house as the space is already full of boardgames. An answer would be great FF. As for myself, I just didn't want to wait for the book to arrive. I think it would be just a matter of emailing the purchase invoice to FFG. And maybe those who buy the digital version can get a playable set of an Android: Netrunner promo card instead since they got it off the Net. ha ha
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