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  1. Great tool, thank you for building it, but a question: are dark eldar included? Can't seem to find them
  2. Let me know if/when you need another player.
  3. what is his willpower, remember he has to check that before every power roll. Or have we been doing this wrong?
  4. [citation needed] If you know of the way the forces of Chaos navigates in general, you've got me bested. By all means, explain how they do it, or cite a source. And why wouldn't they? Pride? The Astronomican is hardly a "nightstand lamp" - it's an enormous psychic beacon that is at a fixed location in both the Materium and the Immaterium - something that, as far as I know, doesn't otherwise exist. While I do not contend that there are other ways to navigate the warp, because there certainly are several ways, all which are incredibly taxing or otherwise inefficient, to say that the forces of chaos have "since long developped methods" to navigate the Warp is unfounded hogwash. The more powerful servants of Chaos (CSM, Daemon Princes, etc) surely stick to techno-arcane sorcery and the favours of their dark masters, of this I am sure and fully agree with you on. But not only is only a comparative minuscule amount of humanity truly dedicated to the dark gods, but even the vast majority of those, the Lost and the Damned, would not be directly favoured by their black patrons, nor have access to means of travel aside from what they had when they left the Imperium, but more importantly; they have no cause to abandon this form of transportation for as long as the Astronomican remains, nor direct access to the resources needed to make the transition(s) needed once it's not. The FIrst Claw series mentions using the 'dark shadows' in the warp rather than the Astronomicons light, and that navigators had to be trained how to do it, using riskier currents and routes. Whether this was just them, or a Night Lords thing in general, or a wide spread Legion ability, is not made clear.
  5. Tech skill, use your aquisition rules for mechandrites, what else would you suggest? I am now genueienly interested. Closest you could get, by the rules, would just be to spend your beginning aquisitions on Mechanicus Assimilation (I think you can just about afford it?) and something else obviously robotic. You could get Mechadendrites, but without being a Heretek, you wouldn't be able to use them (You need Mechanicus Implants to use Mechadendrites), so you'd have to discuss with your GM about allowing you to maybe purchase Mechanicus Implants as an Elite Advance or something. Not sure what they're called in Black Crusade. No such thing as elite advances, just the multiplier for being associated with the god who favours those skills, so..you can get Mechandrite use, uses up all starting xp mind. So you would have to ask nicely to trade something for tech use. Oh..ahh see what you mean. Hmm. Maybe get the skill and have the Mechandrites built into PA then. Would be an ask, but would also fit, especially with all the Warpsmith fluff now coming out of GW.
  6. Autocannons are man portable (just) and Havocs love them, they have a lesser rate of fire than hevay bolters, use simpler ammo, and are themselves simpler weapons.
  7. Tech skill, use your aquisition rules for mechandrites, what else would you suggest? I am now genueienly interested.
  8. Night Lords in the Tome of Blood are unaligned, like Alpha Legion in the Tome Of Fate, they simply suit the flavour of the book. They favour intimidation, stealth and terror tactics. So rapid strikes (duel weilding, movement skills and talents, etc etc) , a love of hand to hand combat, alot of them are also raptors.
  9. It would be interesting to see how close to being a 'tech marine' you could get at character creation.
  10. It may have been held back due to the new Codex Chaos Space Marines, didn't want a conflict between the RPG and tabletop fluff.
  11. FieserMoep said: There are moderate heretics, but no moderate followers of chaos. Chaos is about beeing extreme. It is emotion in its purest essence. When you have come to the points that you activly serve the dark goods, know about them, you are already tainted and corrupted. You cant say: "I am following khorne but I spare this childred for they are not worthy my blade." You can say that if you are a heretik (i. e. no follower of the imperial creed and its authorities) but at the point where you serve the god of blood and slaughter you have lost what makes you "human". You would spare them, yes, they would not dies because of your blade, but your followers will kill them, and if you have no followers you are the scum that is happy enough to kill some kids It is the same with the other gods. Serve Slanehs and you are looking for more and more intense feeling up to the point where you participate in orgys and while having some fun you slice a throat and taste the warm blood that gets pushed out with pressure and each heartbeat of the dying human in your hands. Chaos is extreme, thats why it is called chaos and not amnesty international. Though you might be a heretik. You might be a free-thinker that believes the imperium is cruel and makes its people suffer. You might try to save… maybe the people of your homeworld but that would not make you a follower of the dark gods… at least it wont instantly do that. Everyone can fall, let it be out of good or bad ideals it does not matter for you become a heretic. But praying to the dark gods is way more than that. Take the christian believe as an example, you might not like that religion, that is okay and would make you into an atheist or agnostic though the church might burn you for that, for beeing the little heretic you are. But just because you do not like christianity you are not goin to pray to lucifer or are you? And now think of this again, with god and lucifer beeing real. your Khorne example is bad, as their is an NPC who does that, he will not kill crews that surrender, as they are unworthy as offerings, (And if I had the books with me I would find him).
  12. See the Blood Pact from Gaunts Ghosts, running the spectrum from Deamon Prince insaniballs, to soldiers that are mirror images of the Ghosts themselves.
  13. InquisitorAlexel said: It could still bounce back at full strenght. We must remember that 25 thousand years before, there were something like dozen human colonised worlds and it became something huge and strong. Nothing say that it could be impossible for a couple of thousand of worlds, still united together, to build back an empire when the principal adversary are brutish orks that are as much a threath in 40k than they were in 15k, or the eldar that were an empire then and couldn't stop mankind to expand while they are now a few millions in the galaxy. The real threath would be chaos, which would have wasted a lot of their great firepower assaulting the empire, and the tyranids that can boast gigantic armies. But still, one world can halt or stop them, as seen on Maccrage. Yes, the Imperium of mankind was hit and recovered many times in the past. But when Goge Vandire was there, there was not much left of the Empire and a war made it whole again. There were gigantic whaaagh! that nearly swept half of the Imperium away and it built itself back. I'm not saying, in any realistic way that this will certainly happen, I'm saying that nothing can make sure that one specie like mankind, with all their technology, power, capacity to populates its worlds and anything, it could easily get back on track with the right leader. Because actually, the Imperium is on the brink of collapse because of its sheer importance; the Imperium is everywhere and all the galactic species are in war against it. When it won't be the case anymore, do you think all the xenos will continue to attack it without fighting each other? Mankind will become again a small power like it was before the Imperium, and then, they will have the choice to get back on track or getting killed slowly. During M15 they had functional STC and technological advancement continuing. M31 they had the Emporer the Primarchs and the Legions, as well as advancing (all be it far more slowly tech) M41? Stagnation and an empire that is barely holding together.
  14. Role: Player Looking for: GM/Group Game Type: Online Region: Southampton UK Game Style: Prefer combat to social heavy games, but ok either way Name: Rob Days: Prefer Friday/Saturday as do shift work. Email: justicar5@hotmail.com Not bothered about which 40k system we do.
  15. TA is designed for a limited set of circumstances, and walking in weakened/combat damaged buildings isn't one of them. Just a thought.
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