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  1. I've been keeping an eye on this game. I'm mostly a solo player. And the 2 Fetts are next to Vader my favourite SW characters. I'm getting from this discussion playing Boba Fett vs 1 or more A.I. players would not work very well?
  2. To a degree I can agree with that. Plenty of options. Plenty of content. But in the area everyone seems pretty burned out on it since at least a year. I'm actually unsure whether it still sells extremely well or awfully. I feel it could go either way. It's very hard to tell with LCG's. We'll see. There's in any case enough steam to finish another lap given what they planned and then we'll find out what's next.
  3. Personally I hope they head towards the end now. A good run. But I feel the game is getting a bit overly crunchy and is running out of steam. Ending with Mordor would be a good thing. Perhaps squeeze out a last little cycle to close things off. And end there.
  4. Bah too late. Already bought Warhammer Quest. Not going to restart.
  5. On the plus side if it crashes and burns... could end up being easy to pick up a ton of packs on the cheap. Also if you end with a decent card pool you'll still have a good play experience to keep playing for years to come. Problem is usually if you 'step out' of an ongoing game that does not work with blocks. Can be hard to get back into. Personally if they keep it going 3 years i'll be content IF they keep promo and weird rarity nonsense out of the game. ...and bring out a starting deck that makes sense with the rules in it + some quality and logic behind it. Current one I know is aimed at the youngest players but including a little rulebook is a minimum to me. But apparently including rulebooks in a TCG deck is 'passé'.
  6. To a degree and only in the competitive scene. During casual play the one that has the better deck has a key advantage. Hence if the card spread isn't good enough you'll end up with some weird things going on with Keyforge. Will depend also heavily on how 'get an engine running' or 'get combo's off' -centric the game is. If these are crucial elements of gameplay. Randomisation can very strongly handicap you. If their system for creating random decks takes it into account it should more or less even out for 80% of us. I suppose we'll find out quickly in the first months.
  7. Oh God no, not Bayformers! Gi Joe had a nifty tcg many years ago but it failed. Transformers has wider appeal but to Be frank I Will Be surprised if iT lasts beyond 3 years. Hasbro has the awesome comic, game and boxart to draw from though. I would not mind a bayformers set aimed at that fanbase as long as they cram iT in One set I can skip. Beast Wars, Armada, RID etc could Be standalone sets. That way we can pick and choose.
  8. Yes but only two very rares. Which I Will ignore. IT is the “chase” Cards like that Which are a veritable trap. For casual play starter and 2 boosterboxes should Be plenty. Or very casual 2 starters and One boosterboxes. Still not big on the tcg approach though. If not Transformers I would auto skip.
  9. Any know if they'll reprint this game?
  10. People here seem quick to assume the fault lies with GW, with WoTC,... It can just as easily be FFG's who on one end went in overdrive with a variety of IP's and eventually ended up with Star Wars which they are clearly pushing as their main cashcow. The IP probably costs and arm and a leg but the 'easy money' appeal is a proven factor there. Can they keep up with all their projects? Are they willing to pay for the IP's worth? Do they wish to avoid being their own (semi limited) competition -> something they are starting to really do with their overly extensive mini's lines that dabble in the same pool. Etc etc. I don't buy this automatic 'Good guy FFG' as a baseline. We simply do not have the information to be sure of what happened and why.
  11. I have a the core set x2 and a few cycles but I barely used them. I don't know... it never truly 'caught' me. Invasion and Conquest are also quite good but 'gone'. Lotr I have and is still going and very fun albeit despite collecting it I haven't gotten around to playing it since 2 years ago.
  12. I was hoping for this kind of game... I clicked... And then I saw the presentation, lack of figs and the overall bizarre look. Soooo... pass. I'll wait for another L5R themed game to sate my warfare itch.
  13. FFG did this with Battlelore jumping to Rune Wars and now this. I know SW is a big IP. I'm a big Classic Trilogy fan but this does look bad on their part. But they'll milk SW for all it's worth. Probably have too. Thing is expensive.
  14. @BergerFett the SW IP is strong but somewhat in decline over the years. Toy sales and the likes are not as strong as they used to be. And the newer generations are more and more tied to a variety of IP's. Furthermore there's A LOT of SW IP's out there and a lot of SW mini games under the same umbrella. Granted in space, on the ground. Skirmish, rpg and mass combat scales. But this does seem to overlap a lot with other games. And doesn't do anything that exciting. Especially since all the cool Rebel toys are mostly in space. The Rebel popularity on the ground during the Rebellion era is quite lackluster. It'll sell but I don't think it'll have the impact X-Wing had.
  15. Eh I never got into AoS as I'm an old world fan. (big on Mordheim and the Black Library novels like Archaon, Malus Darkblade, Brunner and the Bretonnia trilogy) but why i thought AoS was dead in the water i'm actually seeing a slow rise. The wargaming hobby is nearly dead over here. (me and my buddy dabble in many systems and play Mordheim with a few friends but the traditionals seemed dead) But AoS is actually on the rise. And in a way I do appreciate the system... somewhat. Not my thing but people are having fun with it. And they're buying kits which is good for local activity and the local store. So... i'm looking at it more positive than before. As for ending the current LCG lines. I've been collecting the LCG Lotr game (i already stopped with the SW one as well... i loved the art but it lacked something). If they announced tomorrow they're ending the Lotr LCG I will not even mind. They got tons of quests and options and frankly they're pulling plenty of stuff out of their (beep) as is trying to squeeze more content out of it. Also LCG's and CCGs are and stay playable if you enjoy casual play. Make some decks bring em out... have fun with a buddy.
  16. I actually prefer the prequels over the new movie. But ye know what... given all the reboots/retcons over the years SW lore wise (not to mention the current huge one). Just take what movies, novels and stuff ye like and stick to those. It is what i'll do. As for the business model. I did the LCG for a bit but stopped it didn't spark with me for some reason. I may give this one a chance if the business model isn't going to **** me over... I'll probably mod it for darkside vs darkside and all affiliation team up chaos. Not like we have a competitive scene over here for anything whatsoever...
  17. As big a fan as I am of oldschool Star Wars I only buy the games where I can play the Empire or Darkside. I have 0 interest in the Rebs or Republicans. This is the case for many. Hence the LCG was also massively changed. There was a lot of backlash as people wanted to play both sides. FFG probs won't go for a onesided affaire again. As for coops. I adore them. I prefer them usually over the PVP approach. But to each his own i guess.
  18. *nods* I'll keep an eye on it. If they transfer the cardgame to the new 'era' i'll pick up the missed cycles and expansions probably.
  19. Is it possible we might be seeing cards for the new movies? I actually stopped collecting just before at the end of the Cycle prior to Endor. But if in the near future the game would begin focussing on the new movies, I can see myself completing the old trilogy cycles and expansions. In fact is there any buzz about FFG jumping on the new movie hypetrain to sell related games beyond those mats?
  20. How big is the box of this game? Is it another 'giant' of a box like the first Descent or the DnD Strategy game in the same genre? Or more compact?
  21. Bad reviews? I mostly read good reviews about it. http://firebroadside.blogspot.be/2012/05/review-of-age-of-conan-board-game.html http://www.armchairgeneral.com/age-of-conan-boardgame-review.htm http://drakesflames.blogspot.be/2009/03/board-game-review-age-of-conan.html
  22. I love Command and Colors Ancients and I do not find it a flaw in the least.
  23. Will we be seeing more tokensets etc in the future for released campaigns etc? Has there been anything said about this matter? I know they do it for WH:F rpg and i'd love to see them release maps etc for future SW campaigns.
  24. Me I mix. Do it with Lotr, Warhammer Invasion (though my brother got those cards and continues the collection with the same system of storage) and now with Star Wars -> cards go in sleeve maps. And the ready made decks are sleeved. Depending on the theme for SW i'm going to try to use different Star Wars backs. And for the objectives something seperate. Probably transparent sleeves.
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