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  1. Forgive me if this has been done before. I am new to the Conquest game and I can not figure out how Blackmane's Hunt works. I have read threads, but the once I ran across have just confused me more, as they often include a lot of other topic mixes. Can someone please tell me how it works, why it works, and when it works? Thank you much!
  2. I would like to see a LCG using a dice mechanic similar to the X-Wing Miniature game. Mechs would be cool for that, no doubt.
  3. I used to play 40k and Fantasy years back. Then I went to a trade show and that company is simply fan unfriendly. I quit playing all their games that weekend. I would not support them until FFG starting putting out stuff in their universe. I am fine giving them money through a creative license as long as someone else makes the game and sells it. The worlds they wrote are awesome.
  4. Thanks for the words. I switched to prox mines, dropped the hull upgrade and added two shield upgrades. - total list is now 100pts.
  5. I just pulled pilots randomly, and took upgrades that I thought would work for their ships.
  6. I made myself build a squadron from randomly selecting two cards from my Empire collection. I am tired of my brain going for the expected. I got Royal Guard and Scimitar. I selected upgrades to try and move it into a compeditive squadron. I was thinking of sending bombers into the opponent's main force while focus picking with fly bys from the Interceptors. Royal Pains 99 pts. Scimitar Squadron Pilot + Proton Bombs (21) Royal Guard Pilot + Push the Limit + Autothrusters (27) Royal Guard Pilot + Push the Limit + Autothrusters (27) Scimitar Squadron Pilot + Proton Bombs + Hull Upgrade (24)
  7. efiend


    I was looking at the status page and noticed some of the X-Wing ships (The Advanced Tie) has the word "updated" across it's item picture. What does that mean?
  8. We have been playing that an investigator can only have one card of a certain name if it is a unique component. I thought it was in the rules some place, but we may have just instictly started playing it that way because it seems logical. It never hurt anyone and it seems to just be the thing at our table.
  9. I am stoked! The expansion is going to be fun.
  10. I would deeply like to see a seperate rule book and domain card package come out. I do not mean a rule book from the basic set, but a seperate book that has all the current rules and other helpful tidbits. I would buy it in a minute!
  11. I like the real feel of cards in my hands. I live in Richmond Va. If anyone wants to meet for an offline game of CoC lcg.
  12. Thanks everyone. That helps. The Tantive is back on my get list.
  13. So the energy use allows it to fire it's primary along with the secondaries? He was thinking you can only make one attack/ round. and since the lasers have Attack (energy) he thought it was the only attack he could make.
  14. I played in an epic game last night as empire. My opponent had a Tantive IV. Other than being near impossible to destroy it was not doing much. He was not shooting that much at all. When I read the news section on FF's site it mentioned the ship could actually get four attacks / round. Can someone fill me in as to how? I wanted to buy one, but I am on the fence. It just did not impress me at all.
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