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  1. Dark Elf - Deathlace you can down or even injure stronger player Dwarf - no. no fun cards. but Rigorous Trainning is really good. Human - Publicity Stuns near the game end other team chasing fans. but Human can still chasing for star players Elf - no fun cards Skaven - Warp Stone souvenirs , alright you can win the match just let me stand here for 2 fans Sewer Go Map Tackle then run to another match up Skaven Blight supporter , I got 7 cards -0- (even I can use only 6) Undead - strong card but none impress me Chaos - Derisive Laughter - weak but I like to make evil laugh when this card take effect Withering Workout - I got ejected ? no problem I have a new guy Changer of Plays - Oh you gonna with this super cool highlight ? may be I'll change them to c**p highlight Orc - Beat Da Points Outta Dem! go ahead injure them -0- Vampire - none . but force of will is really good
  2. I hope foul play will have flavour text in every cards
  3. Only on some Dark elf players and morg and thog I really like to read those flavour text T_T
  4. It's fun part of the game why you remove them from Sudden death ? a lot of cards have space for them
  5. er hello i'm really new to this game(just buy his precon) my local shop only has some soul calibur /street fighter precon with only "Street fighter deadly ground" booster can any one help me build his deck thank
  6. Thank you T-T so they is no zangief precon no m.bison precon what about the web that you give me are they playable deck M.bison for sale ? thx
  7. i see this game in local shop he said it got precon for almost character so are there M.bison/zangief precon ? and i see battle pack ryu/akuma pack together for cheaper prize are there zan gief / m.bison battle pack ? thx
  8. lastthai


    Young Von Heizinger ? wish to see him younger
  9. i think it is not suitable for 2 players when you play two players you can really outmatch opponent and they has no chance to fight back 2 players game always like rush game so i don't suggets it and this game has a little luck involve so may be another game may be better just my opinion thx
  10. Sami K said: Yeah...all of them are there. Thanks, but that was not what I was asking. may be after you buy every expansion and look through that file so you can notice what token you don't have sorry that i can't help you much
  11. i think all token in here http://www.boardgamegeek.com/file/download/4d6faj7dcc/Tannh%C3%A4user_ORE_1.1.pdf
  12. brood war http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/StarCraft/sc_bw_rules.pdf
  13. if both base was build this turn or in same turn none get it During regroup phase Faction A lose resource card just for the area where enemy built his base, right? And Faction B takes just the resource card where it built his base, right? Yes and Yes Victory point Who takes point from victory point's areas? If I have a base and the planet is free i take those points. No you must have base/unit standing on V point If there is an enemy on that area it takes those points. Yes Does he needs a base to take those points or just unit are enough? just unit is enough What if on a planet there are 2 bases and no unit on the victory point area? Who stand on that poiint get it
  14. if you don't rush i think may be buy them when they pack with new rule is a good idea ps.but this game is fun even with this rule
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