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  1. Different scale. Different rules. Different mechanisms. Different univers. These two games are too different for a conversion kit
  2. X miniatures per unit : + see a greater army - lost of time before and after game - lost money when buy unit pack + healt value of all unit is easier to view at a glance with X miniatures than another count system 1 miniature per unit : + gain of money (in theory) - an other system is necessary to count healt of unit. = don't gain of time if we replace X minature by X other elements + gain of time if use of counter for each unit - or + gain or lost of money if healt counter is or isn't expensive Gain or lost money depend of public price of the unit pack/game extension/... not manufacturing cost.
  3. Hello, if you want print your adventure, battlelore module for Vassal is actually the best choice. If you want test several version of an adventure, my website ( www.battleloreadventure.com ) is the best choice : you can retrieve all saved version.
  4. Hello, Translate system is ready for interface items. Now, you do not need to use google translate to the editor. For now, some items can not be translated. Items can be translate are identify by an blue T. Clic on and write an new translation for made or correct it. Please choose your language before made an translation. By default language is "French". Thanks.
  5. Hello, I'm French and I not speak German. But Google translate ( bad?) German to English or French. Actually, my website is only in French because translate module is not ready to use. Normaly it was online this month but I haven't free time at this time. Next mounth I will buy an laptop for work on my website all day in train (one hour by day). Thank you for your interest and message.
  6. Hello, I understand your opinion. Actually FFG has not spoken or publish an adventure editor for Battlellore. Fortunately, we have another way : made fan's adventure editor. Currently, there are two projects of an adventure editor announced by their respective author : - my web site, www.battleloreadventure.com (announced here) - an program write in Java made by an German gamer (announced in forum of www.worldofbattlelore.de With my work and travel time, I can't work fulltime on my adventure editor but I aim to made it better than DOW's adventure editor. I work on it when I can.
  7. Another topic on this subject
  8. omega2


    And here for other maps.
  9. Authentification and all ajax founction don't work with google translate. Save and reload adventure are break by this web site. Please use google translate only for understand text of the page.
  10. It's online here. Localisation of editor isn't fishish but we can create and modify adventure. Actually, the page for view an adventure and pdf export aren't ready : adventure are in private mode only. New with this editor : we can create an adventure before create an account. Adventure create previous an account are attach automatically to the new account. Adventure create by an simple visitor are one month after last visit of this visitor.
  11. I sorry, I had find an big security problem on my code. I have to change some parts of my code to achieve the best possible security. If I put it online now it might cause some problems between the data stored by browsers and those expected in future releases. I will repost when this editor will be really online.
  12. I checked the log file. Some files did not have proper access rights. The probleem is corrected. Thank you for your report
  13. For info : number_A_ is A4 version of pdf number_L_ is letter version of pdf
  14. Hello, You can find all battle map (DOW's official adventure and fan's adventure made with DOW editor) on my new server in pdf version.
  15. Hello, I'm sorry. I had find several bug during test on the server. Lot of them depend of operating system : some function of PHP differ on windows and unix operating system. I test lastest correctifs bug fix at this time. I think made it on line this week-end. In a first time, only adventure creation and modification will accessible. Pdf export and creation of the picture of map are not ready at this time.
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