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  1. just remember before declaring the bombing as kif they are going to react to your moviement because they cant' react to a bombing action. Its not an attack its a special bonus after your done moving.
  2. looks good, did you paint the bricks red and then dry brush over them, or the other way around?
  3. We have always read it to mean the last game turn. that way you still have a chance to recover troops lost to the opponents last command phase.
  4. you roll armor against the damage done, in this case it would be 4.
  5. its shipping out tomorrow ie wednesday 3/20/13
  6. wrong, phasers say they negate armor saves only, cover still works. Thats why the british and french class 3 are evil in close range they have grenades and phasers.
  7. we dont know who planes work yet, helicopters get the mandatory movement and 2 actions. It sounds like planes will need to always do at least one move action to stay in the air thought, since they can't hover.
  8. its coming out this week. They are shipping to distributors starting today (3/5/2013).
  9. looking good, I really liked the idea about the bunkers. A local hoppy store here carries those bunkers so I'm really stoked about that.
  10. sorry thats operation Trident, not titan.
  11. I thought the next box set was operation TITAN, which is the Axis invade north america, so I figured it going to be a neutral army list.
  12. a full 5 man hellboy squad versus a full 5 man type 2 squad. the hell boys get 24 attack dice ( 5 per flame thrower, 3 per shotgun, 5 grenades) and the opponent only gets 2 dice for armor saves no cover.
  13. the real question is if you have Rosie in the command squad and you use the mechanic can she also do her tank head skill?
  14. only the target of the phaser attack is denied an armor save. grenades will only deny cover saves to the target, that is why you want to throw at least 1 grenade to each target.
  15. So I'm thinking of building a board for sewer fighting for warefare. Based of what the rules are in the HADES book here are my thoughts of keeping it close to the fantast flight idea. permanent limited visability everyone gets soft cover constantly. The only issue I can see is the tense combat rule, I was thinking that a unit could ignore suppression for reacting unless the suppression was equal to the number if models left in the unit. I wanted to keep it simple so as not to slow down game play. Thoughts and/or omments, please.
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