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  1. In my group we where playing the Beyond the Rim adventure, and as we are battling it out around our ship against some imperials one of the murder cats (can't remember the name...) stalks us from behind in the woods. The party force-user gets so desperate and angry that he lifts and throws the cat into a group of storm troopers which was then slaughtered by the feline madness. So, as a GM you could start with adding the damage from the throw as stated, but as they probably would survive that you should be ready for combat to break out if they don't fail a fear check or something. (One of the guys just game flying 10 meters into another guy, I would be freaked out by that!)
  2. I would love to have a crack at this! I am looking at making an EotE/AoR app for Windows Phone /Windows 8.1. need to get my unity skills on then! Where are all these good tutorials you guys are talking about? Best Menathorn
  3. Does anyone have the files that he created? Because without those there would be hard to continue working on it. I am no Photoshop guru myself but I might be able to get a friend to help. He is from the same gaming group as me so this should probably entice him since he could use them to!
  4. Could we possibly take it up again? It sounded like such a good project. I know my GM have had issues with the books not containing pictures of all the gear/ships/planets.
  5. Hi guys, I started running a gaming group at my local club and they have order the Game night kits. Unfortunately they haven't gotten the kit, but they managed to find a Kessel Run kit and on Thursday we are running the event. My problem is that I have played three games of x-wing and really need to get some more games under my wings. Could someone take pity on me and show me how to use vassal and maybe play some games with me? Regards Menathorn
  6. Well, my opponent didn't have time for 100pts so we played 60vs60 instead. I used Wedge with a R2 and Horton with an Ion canon. He used Biggs with R2D2 and horton with Ion canon and a R2. We circled the asteroid field first, his Y-wing going into the field first and Biggs continued to circle around. I chased Biggs down with Wedge without getting damaged. My Horton made a poor move into an asteroid then the Hortons started firing at each other with the Ion canons. He managed to drive my Horton into another asteroid but lady luck had my back and I didn't take any damage. After a few more rounds I managed to bring him down completely without taking a single point of damage to Wedge and only losing the shields on Horton.
  7. Thanks for the comments guys. I think I will test this list with some of your suggestions. I have a game coming up on tuesday and I will try to run a battle report on these lists and tell you what I found out. Any tactics you think I should try?
  8. Hi, So this is my first try at a list in X-wing and I would love if you gave me some tips and thoughts on the list and how to improve it. I waiting for wave two so that I can get Falcon and A-wings. Best Regards Menathorn Wedge Antilles (35) Upgrades: R2 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes, Deadeye Luke Skywalker (34) Upgrades: R2 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes, Deadeye Horton Salm (31) Upgrades: R2 Astromech, Ion Cannon Turret
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