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  1. Hi all, It's true, we had some problems with our server hosting, and the site has been down from time to time. We have made some serious threats to the company and unless they are not intimidated by the prospect of 'purification by plasma' we won't see this problem again. We have been playing D&D for a while now, which explains the lack of activities on our site. However, we have just engaged in Only War and will most likely look into DH2 when it is released - ahhhh, it's good to be back. With a little luck we will start make some handouts and other stuff for malleus.dk in near future. ...and yes, we all live in Copenhagen, Denmark - but our minds are the same place as everybody else in here - a place where everybody can hear you scream, but no one cares
  2. Again, thanks a lot guys...it means a lot to know you can use it for your own game-settings. If you have any idea for further development please let us The Skaelen-Har Hegemony extend thousands of light-years throughout the sector and "Gideon Prime" was included to shown something more than just Scintilla. We didn't really have any plans of making maps of these places but the idea of including some more material of distant places is something we will take into considerations...thanks for the idea, Adam France Krauze
  3. Thanks a lot for your nice comments ppl. Most of the animations are made in 3D Studio Max, with some help with FumeFX plugin etc. Also Vue and Photoshop has been a part of the procedure together with some music making tools and video editing software. ...and yes, Gregorius - your wish is my command. I have something on the drawing board again, don't worry Krauze
  4. Hi all...we have just made a small and rather pointless movie about the Skaelen Har Hegemony: http://www.malleus.dk/ordo/video/Animations.aspx ..hope you like it. Krauze The Malleus Maleficarum Syndicate
  5. Hello all - for your information we have just implemented a new feature on our Character Generator on malleus.dk - we have introduced the "Generic" character alongside the standard careers described in the rulebook. The idea is that the GM can create his villain regardless of the restrictions of a given career. All skills and talents are available and are set to 100 xp - so, a bottle of brandy to he who can make the meanest freak - enjoy Krauze The Malleus Malificarum Syndicate NB: I'm only the herald here...Thomas is the criminal mastermind behind the code. All insults should be addressed to him.
  6. Thanks again people for all the kind words. I'll promise to continue providing you with stuff in the future Lightbringer said: On a note unrelated to this particular image, are you going to create Rogue Trader-compatible rules for the ships on your (excellent) site? I don't play RT myself, but if you or anybody else have any idea of how the rules for these things should be I'm very open to implement it on the site...in fact I would appriciate any input you might have - please don't hesitate to send us an email Regards, Krauze
  7. Thanks a lot for the kind words it's also nice to see that we have a common idea of how these places should look like. Of course, as numb3rc mention, these large and spacious halls are not something that you will see all over the Hive...I imagined that it could be compared to a real-world city with parks and squares. Darth Smeg (sorry for the misspell earlier) I have added some vehicles and some people to give it some more life...I think you where right - it works better that way. Polaria: I have rendered it in high resolution and made it available as wallpaper. Also, if anyone could throw a quick comment about the pdf-linedrawings I make - are they worth the effort? Is it something that 's acutally being used and should it be done different? Regards, Krauze
  8. Well motivated by LuciusT, Gregorius, Dart Smeg and others I have constructed a plan of section inside the Hive - The Postumus Halls. Hope this will do it, your Excellencies www.malleus.dk/Ordo/Articles.aspx Enjoy! Krauze The Malleus Malificarum Syndicate
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. You defiantly have some good ideas I can work with here. It appears that we all have the same basic idea of how it should look...and thats the most important step I think - A small step for mankind but a giant leap for Krauze! You might be right LuciusT - this place could use some gargoyles and stuff. Initially it was just meant as a quick depiction as a handout for the group, but I have added some more gothic structures now, to give a more 40k payoff. And yes - I have completely forgotten the Adeptus Ministorum. I have placed a Cathedral in their honour in the middle of it all Check it out Enjoy Krauze
  10. Yes, true - the vast majority of the population lives inside the spires but in this case, as Restaroth (the author of this sector) explains it's a space port and therefore placed on the surface of the Spire. I have tried illustrate it with another image on the site. I'm also cracking my head trying to figure out how to illustrate the interior of a hive...hopefully I can come with some suggestions in near future. Gregorius21778 said: Might you give us a little inside on just HOW you made this? Is it a program freely available? If so, do you know links to good tutorials? Yes, of course - most of the work you see on the site is made with different kinds of 3D software (3D Studio Max etc.). If you are not familiar with 3D I can strongly suggest Vue which is a 3D fractal landscape designer. I use it a lot and it's very easy to work with - also for newcomers to the field. Furthermore it's quite cheap in comparison to 3D software in general.... Regards Krauze
  11. Hi all - If you are a GM and planning a scenario in a hive somewhere you might enjoy this: www.malleus.dk/Ordo/Articles.aspx My own printer is very, very jinxed so if anyone can comment of the quality of the printed result it would be great i.e. all comments are most welcome as useual, thanks Regards Krauze The Malleus Malificarum Syndicate
  12. First of all thanks for commenting. It's pretty nice to get some argumented feedback and comments.... @Gregorius: You have a good point. A craft like this should be a rare thing. Even though mankind is able to traverse time and space and make artificial gravity (two phenomena’s that modern physics don’t even have made far-fetched theoretical models for) it should not supersede the fact that it must be 10 times easier to make a standard wheeled bike. The text has been corrected accordingly (the raid-image will have to wait ) Armament: Autocannons was a simple typo on the blueprint – it has been corrected to autoguns @Lille Dave: Interesting comments – however, it was never my intension to make any parallel to the armament at the Astartes or any other major Imperial instution. It’s was jut thought as basic transport and not a military craft used by the genetically modified elite of mankind. As it is presented here I don’t hope its compromising the overall concept of technology(?) The Drive skill in the DH rulebook refers to Hover Vehicles which indicates at least some availablility of this technology. Regards
  13. We have been rather inactive on our website recently so to make up for slacking we have released a blueprint of a "Firefly" hoverbike: http://www.malleus.dk/ordo/Firefly.aspx Hope you like it...comments and suggestions, especially on the Game mechanics are most welcome. Enjoy Krauze
  14. Hi all, and thanks for the nice feedback. DocIII said: Beautiful ships. The only thing I can think of that would make this better would be if you'd write up Rogue Trader style stat profiles for these hull types. The they could be integrated into game use seamlessly. This is a fantastic idea. However, I'm not familiar with RT but I'm more than happy to implement any suggetion you guys might have. I think it would be great if we could have some game-mechanics included as well. Krauze has spoken
  15. Hi all, We have made a new Blueprint - this time an abomination of a ship: The Kobold-class Ore Transport Ship...not exactly a luxury cruise ship…but, hey – it’s 40k and we won’t have any other way Have a look….and let us know if u have any comments or idea you want share with us. http://www.malleus.dk/ordo/Kobold.aspx Regards, Krauze The Malleus Malificarum Syndicate
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