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  1. dragon76 said: Once you get the Eldritch upgrade you will notice a big swing in the dungeons, especially with the sniper upgrade.I would start by purchasing Event treachery after your upgrade in order to add some punch to your Lt encounters. I recently won a campaign using Shackles (only got the benefit of the starting card, never played the potions/market one and the heroes gave up before Silver) and never missed a raze roll as a result. It was pretty sweet. If you manage to raze Dawnsmoor that is awesome, will increase you CT on a weekly basis which I found useful for other Avatar Upgrades. Do they have the boat yet or are you safe there for the time being? If you can get them to chase your Lts around it wastes time for them and adds to your CT count. The Transport Gem and moving your Lt up to Frostgate can accomplish that. Won't work if the heroes are going to ignore the siege, but talk up the skills you are going to make infinitely harder to get and watch as they struggle with the decisions. Frostgate has Divine Retribution for example, if Zyla were to get it she would be the worst target ever, 1 CT and lose all the nearby creatures if you aren't careful. Hope that helps you out a little. They already have a boat, just bought it. i have 2 siege tokens on dawnsmoor not sure if they are going to chase Alric. Thanks for the idea with the transport gem to frostgate. Not that i am very afraid of Zyla with retrebution - she can only be killed from a distance and with snipers it's not a problem to be far far away from her when i kill her. But sieging frostmoore is nice as the heroes needs a lot of turns to get to it.
  2. Well that WAS a TOTAL RANDOM. 1 out of 3 for heroes for each, and 1 out of 4 for skills as the rules suggest. I know that Tamalir my only chanse, that's why Obsidian Shackles - for double dice raze. But any strantegy while i'm wating for my chance? I was thikning begining of silver would give a good opportunity.
  3. We have recently began and advanced RTL camaign (WOD,AOD,TOI). Heroes Team: Spiritspeaker Mok with Quick Casting Tahlia with Kinght Vyrah the Falconer with Rapid Fire Zyla with Leadership It's start of Week 5, 23/17 (hero favor) they been in 3 dungeons already, passed 1 level from each and fleed Here is our campaign in more details http://www.descentcampaigntracker.com/campaigns/view/938 I am playing The Sorcered King with Obsidian Shackles. Got Snipers as starting upgrade and saving now for Silver Eldritch Any strategic suggestion for overlord? Am i right to assume that i do not need Dodge cards at all in this campaign and can safely throw them away with 'Focused' as Vyrah's falcon always negate them on any target they worth playing on? Should i save for monster treachery to get acces to Legion of the Dead or buy trap treachery/event treachery first? Your advices will be much appreciated.
  4. We played 3 games so far. All 4- player. First one had military victory by Rome, and cultural victory by China was 1 turn late. Second one had economic victory by US, and millitary victory by Germany was 1 turn late. Third one had cultural victory by China, and tech victory by both US and Russia was 1 turn late. All games took around the same time, and so far game looks pretty well balanced to us.
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