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  1. aethel said: If it makes you feel any better, I own 4 copies of the core rulebook. And I run my game online! (The justification on most of our books is that they are "his and hers" copies, since I have to share with my husband.) And I didn't even know there was a limited edition until months later. We can console ourselves with the fact it is out of date.. Yep! Thats right! Its out of date, haha! Oh what losers the people who bought it must feel like now. Even though they have a limited edition copy... With fake leather bindings... and *sob*... GILDED PAGES! (the consolation wasn't very effective, sorry) I have to declare the responsible Munitorum Adept as Excommunicate Traitoris for this hurtful transgression...
  2. Serialkilla said: Sarius said: Well in purge the unclean (players look away hint of spoiler) there are a few occations where you can get corruption point through actions mainly when hunting a suspect through a dense crowd of people, hitting the suspect is at -20 due to all the civilians but a player shotting without regard of the civilians to avoid the penality gain a few corrution points. Yes, and I never understod that. I still think that shooting into a crowd of civilians is crazy (IP) and not corrupt (cp). How do you define "crazy"? Do you define it as being "sick" (insanity in the psychological sense), that the behaviour stems from a sort of disease, or do you call it "crazy" because its a behaviour which you yourself cannot understand? Shooting into a crowd of innocent people in order to hit the target doesnt have to indicate that you are insane (in other words "sick", psychologically diseased), it might just indicate that you are ruthless. Such a ruthless person would, in my opinion be more morally corrupt than insane, and its pretty common for fledgling Chaos followers to be ruthless or morally corrupt, therefore shooting into a crowd of innocent people could justifiably grant corruption points. However, if an acolyte shoots into a crowd of innocent people, because he or she thinks that the crowd is a horde of warp zombies (in other words, the acolyte in question is bonkers), then his behaviour would be crazy/insane, and therefore it should justifiably grant insanity points. For use in a real world example. Lets say that someone had killed my mother, and I was chasing the killer with a loaded gun in my hand. He tries to flee into a crowd of people in order to escape my vengance. In that situation I cannot guarantee that I wouldn't shoot indiscriminatly into the crowd in hope of hitting the killer. That doesnt have to mean that im insane (in the sense that I am a psychopath), im just in an extreme griefstricken state where its hard for me to care about innocent bystanders. However when discussing the hypothetical scenario now I can definatly say that doing so would be wrong (according to my morals), but no one has killed my mother now therefore I can treat the subject in a rational way, although I would not be so rational had someone really killed my mother. And I would probably feel very bad afterwards (even if I had enacted my revenge) for shooting innocent people. I would deem my action as corrupt since it goes againts my rational morals. And you can bet that the rest of the world would definately consider me corrupt for doing so. Of course, real world hypothetical scenarios are hard to apply to fantasy. But my reason for raising the subject is to investigate what behaviour can accurately be deemed as insane, and what behaviour that can be deemed corrupt. Although I must admit that thi discussion has seriously implied that the game really needs another gauge than just insanity points and coruption points...
  3. N0-1_H3r3 said: Varnias Tybalt said: Uhm, isnt a Forge world born Guardsman, more or less a Skitarii hypaspist? Close (and that's what I've used as a base for my background package and alternate ranks), but I personally felt (and my players agreed) that there was room for more distinction beyond just the homeworld choice. Okay. Well I cant really help you in the matter. I haven't thought much of the Skitarii, except for my inclusion of them in a campaign I GM:ad a couple of months ago. And i depicted them as little more than combat servitors. Sure they were "sentient humans" but pretty different from normal Imperial Guardsmen (lets just say that the Adeptus Mechanicus in my games REALLY likes to remove unnecessary parts of a soldiers brain that contain "crap" like personality and individuality). XD
  4. Serbitar said: How does interstellar communications really work? (important!) Interstellar communication within the Imperium of man work by an astropathic relay system. On one end we have the message author, he (or she) blabbers the message to an astropath who in turn transmit the message psychically to a recipient astropath, who in turn relays this message to another astropath until the message ends up in the mind of an astropath close to the message recipient. It is the only functional way mankind have when it comes to interstellar communication due to the fact that psychically transmitted messages travels through the warp (in other words, fate than the speed of light). Serbitar said: How does interstellar space travel really work? (important!) A starship activates its warp drive engines, effectively opening a rift in realspace to warp space and enters this rift. Then whilst in the warp the ships controls is taken over by the ship's navigator (a psyker who is able to navigate through the warp relatively safe, by triangulating the ships position in warp space with the Astronomican on Terra, and the destination). If the ship manages to "warp" its way unharmed, it will emerge after some time on the "other end" of realspace (hopefully close to the destination, and with marginally space/time error). Serbitar said: How are mutants seen in DH? Not a second class citizen but more of a 63rd class citizen. They are often chased by religious groups (like the Redemptionists), but are sometimes employed as a workforce by certain houses or corporations (usually treated far worse than indentured labour). Serbitar said: How can it be that some technology deemed as tech heresy (see DoDG) is widely used? Because it is impossible to monitor such a vast place as the Imperium of Man (even the small Calixis sector is HUGE and populated by an uncountable amount of people) And the fact that both the religious dogma (of different religious groups) and the Imperial Law is contradictorial, arbitrary and differing from world to world, its impossible to enforce a standard way of using technosorcery. Lars said: How do "holy" powers work? Is there a holy force? I thought there was only warp energy powering "non-physical" stuff, which is certainly not "holy". The "holy forces" is essntially warp forces (their "holy" nature i just a concept invented by the Adeptus Ministorum). Since the warp is essentially Chaos built by forces that evens itself out, there are certain forces (the so called "holy" forces) that counteract other forces (for example, the Daemonic) very well. Remember that the warp is essentially another form of reality (or unreality) a roiling sea of energy influenced by real world emotion. A sort of powerplant for "supernatural occurences" in the real world. Sometimes the power manifests in hideous ways (mutations, daemons etc.) and sometimes it can be made to manifest in more "holy" ways (Living Saints, Psycannon bolts, acts of faith etc.). Its a question of faith, quite simply. Lars said: How does the economy in DH work? That one I cannot answer properly (since the economy in DH doesnt have much to do with the rest of Warhammer 40.000 Lore). My take on currency is that it varies from world to world within the Calixis Sector, but for the more civilised worlds there is a standard currency known as Throne Gelts, though its not so commonly used in day to day life, it is accepted almost on every world (except for the most primitive ones, where item trading is propably more common). FOr a real world analogy, Throne Gelts are for the common Calixian, as US Dollars are for a commoner in Somalia. But thats just my interpertation. Lars said: What fraction of worlds are actually at war in DH (being grimdark and total war and all)? The contested "War worlds" on the Calixis sector map is fighting in open confict with someone (or something). However what or who is probably up to the GM to decide. Lets say you want to run a campaign situated on the front lines of a war against Orks, then it would be appropriate to run that particular campaing on one of these War worlds. Use your imagination! Lars said: How many guardsmen does an average planet have? Usually none (unless the planet is involved in a war of course). Guardsmen most oftenly travel with the war fleets of the Imperium. Any given planets "standing army" is usually referred to as a Planetary Defense Force (from which the Imperial Guard usually drafts their regiments from). The exact number of a planets PDF force differs from world to world, but usually it comprises about one fifth of the entire population (from what I've understood from the Gaunts Ghosts novels). However, there are usually alot of exceptions to this. Take Cadia for instance, which is amost completely militarized (due to its close proximity to the Eye of Terror). Being the first line of defense against Chaos incursions, effectively every child born on Cadia is destined to become a soldier. In contrast to this, a "paradise world" (like Quaddis in Dark Heresy) probably dont keep a particularly large PDF force, due to the entire world just being a holiday resort to a very small social elite who can afford to travel there (but thats just my speculations). Lars said: Explain the technology levels in dayly life. What is in use, what not? How do cogitators work? How are some of the tech rpiest powers explained? Do they really have "magical powers"? Or how do they unjam weapons with just a few words? Nanotechnology? The technology levels in daily life varies from world to world. Sepheris Secundus is involved in heavy mining industry, but they still use an army of serf with pickaes to mine the ore. On a Forge World they probably employ more sophisticated mining equipment (mining servitors with mining helot augmetics, advanced explosives, Thermite Burrowing vehicles etc.). You gotta love the variation! Cogitators (as I have understood them) are basically computers, but with another name (and probaly a few fleshy components). Like Vox-sets are the equivalent of radio-equipment. The Tech priest powers are not "magical" per se, but they seem to ordinary people like they are magical (remember, technology is not a "science" in the forty first millenium, its more of a religion). But I have to say that I really dont see why the game master have to know the exact workings of Techpriest powers. The more "magical" and fantastic their powers seem, the better. Why break the immersion? :/ I mean, if you can suspend your disbelief to a point where warp spawned daemons can jump out from a corner and go: "boogabooga! I will eat your soul!", whats the problem with just accepting that Techpriests can unjam guns with murmurs of binary chatter and emmitting static electricity? Lars said: Is everything available on all planets? Why is a certain drug that comes from one planet available on all others? Why make most of the gear so specific anyways? Why not just give stats and say that is called differently on various planets and just uses the same stats? That is more of a game master question in my opinion. If im GM:ing i would definetly say that planet specific equipment is NOT available on other planets, or AT MOST its available but very rare and the cost is greatly inflated (depending on what item it is). Therefore i dont really care if a player is whining that he wants to buy a specific gun that is only produced on Fenksworld while his PC is on Sepheris Secundus. The gun is just not available at the current location, either pick something that you can buy on the current world or go unarmed (or at least with the guns that you carry with you from planet to planet that is). Lars said: ]I think the folks at FFG need to realize that they actually have to do world and sector building including some ideas about the economics, sociology, politics, transportation, communication, and much more, instead of just writing down skills and items. As much as I like reading about those topics too, I must admit that trying to write in such a speciifc way that you seem to want would take years and years, and it would fill several phonebooks worth of pages and once that is done, FFG would have probably only covered one hive city, maybe to at the most. Economics, sociology and politics in the Imperium of Man is so differing from world to world (and sometimes even from hive city to hive city) that its imposible to create a catalouge that covers it all in such detail. Therefore the only functional way as I see it is to write books with a pretty broad perspective with minor detailwork, and let individual game masters fill out the gaps with their imagination. And i think that creators of DH think the same way. I have read my fair share of Warhammer 40.000 litterature (rulebooks for the table-top game, and Black Library novels). I have also scoured wikipedia and other WH40K-specific wikis. And the only grand impression i got is that the Warhammer 40.000 universe is an enormous sci-fi/sci-fantasy setting with lots of room for individual imagination. It has to be, because it would be nigh impossible to cover every detail, even of such a small corner of the galaxy like the Calixis Sector. However, I hope some of my answers could help you out a little, but I must ask you: why not just invent stuff yourself? : / (that is of course a general question to all who demands the same kind of answers to similar questions) EDIT: uhm seems like i dont really grasp the quote function on this forum. All of my quotes are meant to be from Serbitar...
  5. Uhm, isnt a Forge world born Guardsman, more or less a Skitarii hypaspist?
  6. Varnias Tybalt


    Letrii said: I thought Eisenhorn's pilot was specified as having a MIU? Indeed. Betancore AND his daughter had MIU implants. However pilots are not realy ordinary citizens in the Imperium, they are usually connected to the Imperial Navy in some way, or a Guild or House of some sort. Although pilots are not masters themselves but a very fancy version of a servant (driver for the wealthy), they are not as common as the trudging and poor masses.
  7. Necrozius said: If you're an atheist, then you believe that there IS NO higher concept of right and wrong. But obviously, in a fantasy setting like 40K, there definitely ARE gods that watch over humanity and take an interest in the major players on the stage. Wouldn't that be more of a nihilist than an atheist? I mean, there are plenty of atheists who have a conviction of a higher concept of right and wrong (although not a divine concept, since atheist deny the existence of divinie beings). Whereas a nihilist is completely at ease with the fact that morals are just human concepts without any inherent worth (I consider myself a nihilist btw). And while we are on the topic, I would say that I would be even more convinced that my nihilism is correct if i lived in a fantasy world where gods really existed. Simply because NO ONE could reasonably say that one god is right and another god is wrong. The gods themselves would be as arbitrary and worthless as the real world morality is. (I thought i should mention that although I am aware of the physical and universal worthlessness of morality, I do have my own moral code which I follow. I just don't kid myself into thinking that the way i feel about different topics is the "right" way, or that other people who disagree with my morals are "wrong") Necrozius said: People keep on saying: "well, those redemptionists do all kinds of horrible things! Why don't THEY all have tentacles?" Not all mutations are obvious. Some just warp the mind. I believe that those ******* redemptionists, just like the sociopathic commissar, typically meet a gruesome end in some fashion. Only after they've served their purpose, though: by causing all sorts of pain and death. Khorne likes murder, in ANY shape or form. I think the same way. Not all mutations are obvious (and can even be considered "mutations" at all). I like the "warped mind" concept alot more than evilness and sprouting tentacles. I do think i have to come up with some house rules for this, more in line with RPGs like Kult or Noir. Sure physical mutations are cool, but more if they are used as cimactic events, rather than permanent features of a character. That they can outwardly appear as normal people, but their minds are so corrupt, and their inner darkness so overwhelming that they start to physically change in certain situations (like combat for example).
  8. Serialkilla said: If immoral acts will give you corruption this would pretty much turn every Redemptionist, slaver and Interrogator of the =][= (to name a few) into mewling spawns of chaos within a year. And the huge question must remain... who decides what the moral norm is? The current planets culture? The characters own moral codes? Can you gain corruption points for one thing on one planet and not on the other ? I really think it is a roleplaying question. the immorality of any act can only be measured by the character in question. Some people (at least normal people) feel that they have done something wrong if they **** another human being, others feel totally indifferent (psycopaths for example). Thats why I always think its important to more or less establish how the player character reason about different topics (and of course, how mentally sane the character is). A bastard child of a serf who was conceived due to his mother being raped by a psychotic aristocrat dilletante, would propably feel very bad if he raped another woman (having spent his first years with a **** victim propably leave its emotional scars). But lets say that the player character is the psychotic aristocrat dilletante instead, he not only has one but TWO reasons for excusing ****. One because serfs are basically insects in his eyes, and he has been brought up not to treat them with standard human dignity, and two he is a psychopath (if you are totally devoid of empathy, its hard to see why its bad to force yourself sexually onto another person). Basically, actions that go against the PCs own convictions (wether they are grounded in past experiences, upbringing, mental stability or religious convictions) should grant corruption points. Quite simply, actions that break a characters own moral code. (and it is every sadistic game masters obligation to push PCs into situations where they have to commit to such actions >) AND of course, overt corrupted actions (like human sacrifice blatanty in the name of Khorne) should also grant corruption points.
  9. Necrozius said: Graspar said: I don't think the idea was that **** is condoned by the imperial creed but that **** is an immoral act not related to the warp, hence not something that would give you mutating corruption points. ...But it might get the attention of the Ruinous Powers. Precisely, therefore I would definetly dish out corruption points for ****. It doesent matter if you **** someone for just for the ****, or if you use **** as means of torture to gain information about heretics (in order to wipe them out in the name of the Emperor). It gains you the attention of the ruinous powers nontheless (propably Slaanesh), and therefore it shuld give an amount of corruption points. I mean, Chaos is not unkown for using subtle trickery to snare its followers. The corrupt dont always know they are slipping further and further into corruption and madness for their transgressions. So even if they think they are doing "the right thing", or if their background and upbringing sees the immoral acts (such as ****) as "acceptable", they still play the violin of Chaos. Of course, more overt acts (such as a human sacrifice blatantly in the name of Khorne) should reward a higher amount of corruption points than more "petty" immoral acts, but **** and torture (no matter in who's name or what cause it is done) should provide a small amount of corruption points (maybe just one or two). Remember: there is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt. > But thats just my two gelts...
  10. aethel said: Mastigos said: Haarlocks Legacy boxed set would be great thing if it would be published. All three parts of campaign, handouts and something special like in all CE's Not to mention a shrewd business move, since then us fanatics out here would buy it twice. (As of right now, the only book I don't own a minimum of two copies of is Disciples. And give that time.) Is there a "Fanatics Anonymous" therapy group I could visit somewhere? Im contemplating of getting another copy of every book i've got so far (mostly because the covers of the books i already have are getting a "rugged look", because of the weekly transporting to gaming sessions). However my gimp... *cough* sorry, obviously i meant my WALLET, is still recovering from the last fit of gelt burning I have every month. So I ask you, fellow Dark Heresy players. Is it "normal" to want to purchase aditional copies of books you already own (just for showcasing in the bookshelf, with clean, crisp hardcovers with no dents or scratches whatsoever)? Or do I need to visit a "Fanatics Anonymous" therapy group? : / On topic: Collectors editions are always nice. However "limited editions" in only 200 copies of ANYTHING is NOT COOL! (yes, I am extremely bitter because I didn't get a hold of the BI limited edition of Dark Heresy core rule book with fake leather covers and gilded pages *grmbl grmbl*) Don't pull a similar stunt, please!
  11. Ouch. My wallet is whimpering already ("Please master, I recognize that look in your eyes when you read about this stuff. Im begging you master, DON'T buy these books. You know you cant afford it! I CANT TAKE THIS SORT OF PUNISHMENT ANYMORE!")... Anyhow, although I will probably buy Ascention, I have to say that our group have already worked out an interesting way to "go Inquisitor". We have decided that when our PCs reach 15.000 experience points (which is pretty soon, I might ad), they will storywise be promoted to Interrogators. And yes, they've definety earned it. You dont just take on an incarnate C'Tan along with several Necron minions and survive to tell about it, and then NOT get promoted somehow. Long story. A veeery long, epic and fate point burning story. I warn you: don't go to Klybo. Here be Necrons! (at least when the insidious Varnias Tybalt is acting Game Master >XD) Then, when we resume playing, we will let the game time lag on for about half a century, and then we take up the mantle of our "new" acolytes (namely acolytes to our former acolytes who are now Inquisitors instead). That way, we can all try out different career paths (since everyone needs to create about 3-4 new PCs, one for each promoted Inquisitor), and we don´t have to put our old PCs "to rest" for being "to epicly powerful", since they can either act as NPCs or a PC but with a "leader role" for the current adventure/scenario. I dont know yet how Ascention will handle this sort of transition, so Im a little curious if FFG have thought in the same patterns or if they will have completely different solutions. Anyway, in the name of the Emperor, I will have to get all of these upcoming books. However im still waiting for Creatures Anathema to be released. The bulk freighter must have been caught in an unexpected warp storm or something...
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