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  1. ItsUncertainWho said: If you are in melee with someone and shoot a different target, ignoring who you are engaged with, I would give them a free attack and maybe a bonus to hit. Ignoring someone who is in combat with you, no matter how "insignificant" is a mistake. That's something I can live with. If you don't boher to keep up with someone in a melee fight with you then they should have an easy time hitting you because you're no even focusing on your enemy at melee range but someone far away which you're trying to shoot.
  2. BaronIveagh said: Were you using Servitor's version or the one's from Unearthed Arcana? Servitor's stats can be really nasty. 5 of them in DH led to TPK from the same group that survived me throwing 12 genestealers at them. Or where the other, unnamed, weapons a plasma cannon and a vortex grenade? LOL I don't remember exactly which stats I used. Being a big Necron buff myself, I wanted to portray them as accurately as possible, so I dug up like three or four different fan-made versions of Necron stats from the internet and used them as a guideline together with my Necron codex to make up some stats which I was satisfied with. But suffice to say that they were scary enough. Our characters were able to keep their nerve up against the warriors and the flayed ones... But when the Pariahs came out to play, the PC's just ran away.
  3. Leopold Cygnus said: I find this very appropriate since Storm Bolters weigh 40lbs and must have quite the kick. I don't. Mainly because the canon disagree with it. Though I would agree that you can't use a stormbolter as a pistol (like Space Marine terminators do) unless you are inhumanly strong. But as a basic weapon I see no problem with it. Plenty of "normal" humans do it in the canon fluff anyway...
  4. Sister Cat said: However, realistically speaking, I would think shooting anything else when you've got an opponent in your face trying to rip your heart out, is at best, unwise. Though you have to admit that there are situations when you might not even care if you have an opponent in your face. Consider this, im wearing a set of mkIV power armour and I am armed with a heavy bolter and im in a fight with my fellow acolytes against a bunch of tattered cultists. One of the crazed cultists charge me and try to stab me with... A knife (not a mono or power knife, but just a knife), while my frieds are busy trying shoot down that greater daemon the cultists just summoned. Would you tell me that I simply can't shoot at the greater daemon with my heavy bolter, without suffering a bunch of penalties just because one measly, wetched little human is "technically" in close combat with me, but wouldn't pose as a viable threat to me at all? That would seem a little unreasonable don't you agree?
  5. Hodgepodge said: Obviously, if he prefers Moritat to not be able to benefit from the Blood Edge trait with power weapons, he's in the perfect position to issue erratta to that effect. That doesn't change the fact that doing so would require altering the currently published material. You can't really claim that he's "altering currently published material" either, because The Bloody Edge trait isn't something that has existed for years within 40K canon at all, it is a game mechanical invention of BI and FFG which they decide which types of characters will benefit from under which circumstances. Death Cultist assassins hasn't always possessed the bloody edge trait, it hasn't even been described in any GW production (unless the Inquisitor game has it, im not really sure because im not overly familiar with that game or it's rules), hence Ross Watson and the other guys and gals at FFG are perfectly within their rights to force Moritat Reapers to not benefit from the bloody edge trait with power weapons if they want it, and without creating an inconsistency. It's their invention after all. Here's the way I see it: Moritat Reapers can use power swords without having to take the WP test to actually be able to wield them, BUT hey may not benefit from having the tearing quality simply because the power sword is edged, because it isn't the edge of the power sword that's doing the damage but the power field around it. And if someone wish to complan that it makes the moritats "too useless" as swordfighters if they can't benefit from the extra tearing bonus to power blades then I'll have to say that I don't agree with the position that moritat's has to be elite sword fighters. Angharad and Arianhod of Carthae in the Eisenhorn and Ravenor books are from a culture that breeds superior sword fighters, the moritat are more like a cult of assassins specializing in bloodletting. Granted they are very good at bloodletting, and their system of faith make them prefer bladed and serrated weapons that can cut and slice and thus spill as much blood as possible, but that doesn't by default make them "elite swordfighters". They could just as well be a bunch of serial killers who know exactly which bloodvessels to cut in order to spill the most amount of blood possible. That's why they get Tearing with most bladed weapons, not because they possess ninja-esque 1337-skillz with swords. And it still doesn't make the powersword "useless" for moritat reapers either, even if they can't benefit from tearing. It is ulimately one of the few bladed, melee weapons that actually provide a decent Pen value unlike most other bladed weapons, making it extremely useful against heavily armourerd targets, even without the tearing quality.
  6. Gregorius21778 said: Correct...but since the Drusians are one of the earliest imperial cults whom got sanctioned by the Ministorum in the Calixis Sector I would doubt that developing a hatred against them would be of much good (that´s like living in the state of the pope in italy while hating catholics!) ... Meaning, you hate pretty much everyone so much that you'll get boosts to weapon skill regardless of whom you're fighting with. Win/win situation. After all, it's not always that Inquisitorial agemnts has to fights the enemies of mankind, but they are also expected to have to take down other armed factions as well. Some of them being the "good and holy" members of the Imperium themselves. It's dirty work, but sometimes someone pretty much has to do it.
  7. Graver said: For that matter, why do we have a "storm" quality and a "twin linked" quality, both of which function completely different, when a storm bolter is a pair of twin-linked bolters? Because in the table top wargame, storm bolters and twin-linked bolters are two very different things. One is mounted on loyalist space marine rhinos and the other is only mounted on traitor marine rhinos.
  8. St. Jimmy said: No, they're a standard special weapon choice too. Several imperial infantry units can take one. Terminators have them as standard, and some of the most elite ones use them like a pistol. Also, both Witch Hunter and Daemon Hunter Inquisitors may use Storm Bolters even if they aren't wearing power armour or other strength enhancing gear in the table top battle game and they are just humans most of the time and not even as strong as astartes are.
  9. Idaan said: A set of cathedral organs as wide as the central nave of the ship (so about 300 meters) to be played by the Captain during space battles. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor is bound to scare away any possible boarders or just strike them down with sheer awesomeness. Provided that they have means to send the music through vox transmissions, or the boarders are already on board the vessel in question. Soundwaves don't travel through the void after all. Which is partly why Joss Whedon's Firefly is such an awesome sci-fi series, since you don't hear any sound at all when you see footage from "outside" the space faring vessels, regardless of how much they are shooting at eachother or gunning their engines. But hey, I guess that if you're gonna invest in a big cathedral organ, you'll also hook it up to some serious vox transmitters, blasting the sound out over several different channels, so that no matter if enemy vessels try to switch frequencies they will still hear the infernal playing of the organ.
  10. LuciusT said: Let's face it, most non-human races in rpgs are essentially humans with exaggerated personality traits and an odd physical appearance. Yup. On a personal note though, I have to say that I really hate that in RPG's. Which is why elves and orks (and their sci-fi derivatives) in my games can't really be considered as "races" but rather their own species. Elves are way cooler if they look and seem truly alien, rather than when they are basically humans but with prettier looks and pointy ears. Which in turn explains why I hate elves in most fantasy settings, but find them to be very interesting in WH40K. Because in 40K, they aren't "basically humans but with pointy ears" they are really alien. They even look alien in some of the artwork which I really like. They have inhumanly elongated heads and faces, their eyes are slanted in the extreme and oddly coloured, their ways of thinking and reasoning are often completely incomperhensible to human minds, all of them are basically psykers and so on. That's my kind of elf. Mainly because I'd never try to roleplay one as a player character, because it would just be way too hard to portray such an alien species. The more strange and inhuman they are, the better I like them. The humanesque kinds that even possess the ability to interbreed with humans can burn on a stake for all I care. One of the suckier ideas of fantasy fiction in my not so humble opinion...
  11. Purge the Unclean contains stats for some Dark Eldar and Dark Eldar weaponry among other things. Tattered Fates contains a good deal of info on the pleasure world Quaddis as well as a special elite advance (although the elite advance is only eligible for player characters who have completed the scenario). So while not sourcebooks in their own right, they do contain info that you won't find in other sourcebooks.
  12. Cryxx said: it's about roleplaying and yes the weapons your character carry does affect this, why should an adept carry some specialized custom pistol? adepts aren't about weapons and combat, they're about knowledge and learning... But what if the player wants to play an adept who has got a special quirky fondness for specialized custom pistols? Perhaps this is an adept who is tired of being an adept (god knows that pretty much all of them are certainly close to becoming burnt out by their mind-numbing work)? Or perhaps going to the shooting range is how this particular adept blows of steam (which is certainly built up every day by such a boring line of work he/she's got). Perhaps the adept is a very paranoid adept who wants to be able to defend him-/herself and being a bit high brow and nerdy as they tend to be, this particular adept might have looked up the most "suitable" weapon to keep for self defense and that's what this customized pistol is built for. The character classes in Dark Heresy are already extremely shoehorned as they are. Blaming and trying to prohibit players from making choices that aren't already dictated by the career paths in question will certainly not promote more roleplaying from the players side. If the player has a vision of an adept who's got a morbid and abnormal fascination with guns, then I say fine, let the player play such an adept. But I want some sort of in-game motivation for why the adept in question is so obsessed with guns. If the player can come up with that, then I don't have any problem with the adept being a hobby gun nut as well and I don't see any reason for why it would be inappropriate as a role to play. Adepts are people, and people aren't all alike just because the have the same line of work...
  13. N0-1_H3r3 said: As for the Adepta Sororitas... yeah, you just try bossing around the Abbess Sanctorum of the Adepta Sororitas. That is, the supreme commander of all the Adepta Sororitas, and a High Lord of Terra in her own right. And that's before you consider the Prioresses (of which there are two, one on Terra and the other on Ophelia VII, each commanding half the Orders of Sororitas in the Imperium), the Canonesses Superior in charge of individual Orders who command thousands of individuals Sisters. In many of those cases, you'd dealing with individuals capable of wielding equal or greater military might to any one Space Marine Chapter, amongst other things. Also, aren't the Adepta Sororitas devoted to the ACTUAL Emperor? I mean, yes the Adeptus Terra and most factions within the Ministorum would likely recognize the legality of certain warrants and "Inquisitorial permission slips" that declare the bearer to have "the authority of the emperor himself" or "speak with the voice of the Emperor himself" etc. etc. And also the Administratum would certainly recognize this (Emperor knows they are hardworking enough to actually indulge in even more bureauocracy than usual). However, who says that the Adepta Sororitas actually recognize warrants and "permission slips" like these? They are supposed to be battle nuns devoted to the "actual" Emperor, ("Daughters of the Emperor" and all that). Would they recognize each single Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and Rogue Trader as "their father" just because he's holding a piece of metal or has a paper saying that he speaks with the voice and authority of their father? Personally, I doubt it. Granted it wouldn't be very likely that lowly or even important members of the Adepta Sororitas to flat out ignore someone bearing the authority comparable to the Emperor himself (unless that person has clearly proven him-/herself to be a heretic of course), but I'd say that the Sororitas would have more or less the same relationship towards Inquisitors and Rogue Traders as the Adeptus Astartes would (although the Sisters of Battle are more heavily affiliated with the Ordo Hereticus). Meaning, you (the Rogue Trader) don't order high members of the AS around and make demands to get troops from them. They "grant" you these things if you make a good enough case or seem worthy (pious) enough in their eyes. Or they might lend you troops if you agree to help them ferry Sisters of Battle and Pauper Warriors across the voids to fight certain holy wars. They are the Daughters of the Emperor after all, not "the daughters of Inquisitorial pendants" or "the daughters of Administratum permission slips". Just some thoughts...
  14. AkumaKorgar said: I can't think of many other things that make sense. If it heated things up and that's why it cut through armor, why doesn't the power sword melt? Because the energy field is projected to "coil" around the blade rather than actually coming into contact with the blade. Also if they have the technology available to make directed energy coil around a blade of a sword, then chances are that the energy projector is actually able to direct the energy in a specific direction (i.e "away" from the edge of the blade), and thus the energy in question will only affect and shear through things that area micro millimeters in front of the blades edge rather than affecting the blade itself. Technobabble extravaganza!
  15. Graver said: Power Fist: "...tear open even the heaviest armour and burst flesh into a shower of blood and tissue." You know, I've been thinking about the power fist myself. Due to the description of certain effects they cause, im sort of leaning towards making the damage from power fists into Explosive damage rather than impact (which my group use now). It would certainly fit the picture, and it would make the power fist sort of stand out a little (being pretty much the ONLY melee weapon which doesn't cause energy, Impact or rending damage but actually cause explosive damage which is usually reserved for ranged weapons like bolters, missile launchers, grenade launchers etc.) Power weapons are classed as E damage because it is an energy field which dose the damage and, if something were to come along that was weak against E damage or could only be damaged at all by E damage, it's good to know exactly which weapons would hurt it. The problem here is a lot of folks are slaving themselves to tables consisting of four very limited "damage types" each with a very limited selection of special effects, not the damage type of power weapons. Graver said: there's a good chance the bullet will some how tear the head clean off and send it flying off somewhere. Oh my god, why does that remind me terribly much about the latest Rambo movie (the fourth one)? I remember that scene where the guy with the Barret .50 rifle snipes one of the enemy soldiers and hit the soldier in the head. But rather than making the head explode or the bullet just going straight through it actually tears the entire head off and it lands several feet behind the beheaded corpse. I'll admit that it looked cool as hell (im a big fan of gratuitous violence and gore), but when I saw that I just burst out in laughter. (yes, it is perfectly acceptable to laugh when witnessing a beheading, im perfectly sane ). I mean... It was cool... But it also looked so incredibly stupid. Sure you need a serious suspension of disbelief when watching any Rambo movie, but at that moment I could just feel the suspension crack of the unrealistic overload. On a serious note though, I think you could tear someones head off with solid projectile weapons as long as you have either a really high rate of fire and the bullet impacts actually "chew" through the neck of the victim. Or if you have some sort of high calibre weapon but with relatively slow moving bullets that aren't full metal jacketed and they hit the spine ijn a peculiar angle to actually bounce around inside the neck several times and thus severing sinew and muscle to actually lop off the head (though it would be highly unlikely that the head is severed clean off, but i would rather dangle in a few threads of muscle and sinew from the shoulders).
  16. Agmar_Strick said: Well, if you wanted to be Correct I guess you could say that. Hehe, nah. Im just trying to extrapolate some thought about the subject, in order to help the OP. As I said in an earlier post, our group have completely changed the damage for power weapons to fit better with what they do (Rending damage for power swords, impact damage for power fists etc.). Not really because we actually thought about wounds being cauterized or paying much attention to the heat a powerfield would generate, but rather to fit the critical damage effects better (after all, the power sword is supposed to sever heads and limbs, not setting them on fire). But for this thread, I've just tried to stick with the rules as written and the "official explanations".
  17. Sister Callidia said: Anyone done the work of converting Necrons to the RT system yet? Uhm, you mean the Necron units or.. *gulp* Necron starships? Speaking as someone who play with a Necron fleet in Battlefleet Gothic, I will wholeheartedly say that I would NOT want to encounter ANY Necron vessels in Rogue Trader. I've seen what sick things they can pull off and how much punishment they can take without even flinching (my Scythe class cruiser once took the full bombardment of both two Tau cruisers and a few Imperial cruisers at once for several turns and barely got scratched by the experience, and we're not just talking lance shots here, but torpedos, bombers and even the odd shot from a Nova cannon). I've proposed a standing order to my group that if we ever encounter an unknown vessel in the void and it has little pyramids on the hull, we should just turn back and run 'til our engines glow white.
  18. Sister Callidia said: That said, I agree that being a mutant should be a negative quality. You are hated, prosecuted, ridiculed and on lot of places you face the threat of being lynched. Not to mention the fact that you might have to constantly prove your worth to the fellow PC's and try to show them that not all prejudice regarding mutants are true. Normally the PC's will almost by default have reasons to work with eachother and be more or less loyal towards eachother, but with a mutant in the bunch (heck even a sanctioned psyker like an Astropath) would stir this dynamic up quite a lot. The Rogue Trader might see some use for the mutant, but what about the others? Are they ever really going to "accept" the mutant or is it always going to be a kind of uncomfortable tolerance of it? Will the mutant rise above the rest and gain acceptance or will it, due to all the prejudice towards mutants, just fulfil each assumption becase he or she just doesn't have the strength or even will to try to redeem him/herself in the eyes of the other PC's? There are a lot of interesting avenues to explore with a mutant character, all of them which are going to be some kind of struggle. The character is going to have a hard time as it is, which is why I don't tend to agree with GM's who wish to overrule and limit the choices of mutations more than the RAW already does.
  19. N0-1_H3r3 said: As for the rarity of plasma fuel flasks... am I the only one who comes to the conclusion that it's the containers that are rare, rather than the ammo? The fuel for a Plasma Weapon is afterall hydrogen, the single most abundant element in the universe. That's why I refered to the flasks rather than just saying "plasma ammo".
  20. Graver said: Actually, if you really want to go by the RAW with the Dive Behind Cover action, you couldn't be charged by the fella you were in melee with since you can dive up to 2m away and in order to charge someone, they must be at least 4m away from you (never mind those pesky obstacles you dove behind and how they might react with a charging individual). Likewise, since the Dive Behind Cover is a reaction of the Dodge verity, there would be no fallow-up free attack from your attacker. That only happens if you Flee (which is defined as only happening when you preform one of the three fallowing actions: Disengage, Move , or Run) without preforming the disengage action. This is a great and easy way to get out of a melee you don't want to be in, or at least force your opponent to one half action attack since they'll have to chase you down while keeping your full action freed up for things like full auto blasts. BTW, not only do i now feel dirty for having put forth the argument above, but I really don't like the Dive Behind Cover action for the reason put forth above and for other reasons. It was pretty much a crap idea to include in the rules, much like half the extraneous unneeded additions found in the IH. There might be a good reason why some of the additional skill actions found in IH also found their way into RT but not the Dive Behind Cover thing... Edit: An addendum to my above statement regarding Charging: if the attacker has a whip and was standing at least 2m away while using it on you, then I guess he could, by the RAW and not considering placement of obstacles dove behind, charge you. I don't mind the Dive Behind Cover shenanigan in this particular scenario, mainly because being prone on the ground when people are running around in melee range is still not very beneficial. When people are swinging swords at you, you want to be standing up not lying on the ground for an easy stab. Dive Behind Cover is for firefights when a lot of lead is flying through the air, not close combat...
  21. Polaria said: While I do love VTs "Spoon Example", I'd like to point out that it only works if a) The spoonwielding thug actually *is* capable of killing someone with a spoon in considerably short time or b) No-one calls the bluff... Because, otherwise c) The chainsword guy calls the bluff, cleaves the spoonman in half and wonders where the world is going to... But then again, you wouldn't threaten someone with a spoon unless you were **** sure that you could take the person out swiftly and painfully with the spoon in question now would you? Hence, it isn't really a "bluff" but rather a "dare". In the term: Would you dare to assume that im bluffing when I threaten to kill you with a spoon before you can even bring your silly chainsword to bear? Polaria said: The lesson #1 in intimidation is that implied threat of violence works most of the time better than actual violence. The lesson #2 is that for those times it doesn't you'd better **** well be prepared to back your implications. Symbols of status (like a boltgun) that imply you have the backing of some powerfull organization are many times pretty usefull. If you think of it, the Inquisitors Rosette is just such a piece... Think of an Inquisitor High Lord who would have nothing else (no armor, no weapons, no retinue, no psychic powers... nothing) than the Rosette. The simple implication of "This Is A Man To Be Feared" just by showing the Rosette would work pretty well 99% of the time in Imperial Space and it might work even better than full retinue in some cases. It wouldn't stop him from getting killed, dismembered and eaten when faced with Ork Warlord in full gear. Im not sure the rosette would work very well for a naked and unarmed man 99 % of the time. Inquisitors keep retinues and weapons for reason. The reason being that you have to be clearly able to enforce your authority that the rosette grants, otherwise the rosette will just be a useless piece of metal... Unless of course, the Inquisitor is such a badass that he/she could actually kill a better armed opponent by burying the rosette itself in the temple or the eye of that opponent... Ouch!
  22. Dyckman86 said: Yes it is still reviled, because your PC is doing a little thing called "lying to the DM". Sorry no argument is going to get around you want a mutation to double your Str Bonus in a game where that can add silly amounts of damage. Want a compelling roleplay mutation? Pick something less mechanically far and away superior. Power gaming = Not accepted, I don't mean taking the most advantageous things for a character build because hey, no one wants to play an ineffective character, but if you're going to try and pitch a mutation for "roleplay purposes" do not, ever, try to start or finish with one to double a Str Bonus. I've been DMing way too long to fall for anything like that. Then im sorry for you, because obviously you've been playing with munchkins for far too long who are only interested in playing high powered versions of themselves. The group dynamic is by far a lot more enjoyable if the players think of trying to invent cool characters (and by "cool" I don't mean "awesome killing machines", but rather "compelling and interesting characters who may or may not be extremely good at what they do or have certain supernatural powers and/or disabilities") and also to collectively create a cool story together with the GM. That's what roleplaying is all about in my book. Im sorry if you have yet to have the pleasure of playing with such a group of players, but perhaps you can persuade your current players to think more of story and character rather than putting all emphasis on making their PC's become as "effective" as possible? There are methods to make them see things that way. One being to force the players to GM once in a while instead of hogging that seat for yourself. THat way they will all understand what is and what isn't for the greater good of the game and the story, and if they decide to create mutants with double strength (which they can do according to the Origin Path by picking the Tainted - Mutant option in Lure of the Void and paying 200 xp and then take the Hideous Strength mutation rather than rolling on the mutations table and thus get the Unnatural Strength trait) you can be confident in the knowledge that they have good reasons for doing so instead of purely power gaming, munchkin reasons. And if you ask them why, they'll be able to explain it to you and provide good motivations for why they want to play such a character. Oh also, don't assume that your players are lying to you even if it's just regarding a game. You don't keep friends by constantly assuming that they are trying to decieve you and calling them on whatever suspicions you have.
  23. Lucius Valerius said: If you are running your campaign in the timeline suggested in the main book you don't have to worry, the necrons are still a couple hundread years away from start awakening. Or the Necrons are still a couple of hundred years from being officially reported as a new sighted enemy of the Imperium of man. Even if no battlefleet or army has yet heard of them it doesn't mean that some obscure Rogue Trader or expedition party hasn't encountered them well before the official events. In fact, this could have occured many times but there simply were no survivors to tell the tale. And even if a party of player characters were to run into a bunch of necrons and report their findings, the official authorities might simply believe that the Rogue Trader and his PC's are telling tall tales and leave the PC's warnings at that.
  24. Darth Smeg said: Could you use a Dodge to "Dive behind Cover" as defined in the IH? Would this put you out of Melee? Would they still get a free swing at you? I'd say that you can do that. But it would be a rather useless tactic, because in my interpretation the "Dive behind cover" action in IH pretty much entails that you throw yourself desperatly behind cover and thus you would be prone on the ground afterwards. Also you can't "dive" very far from your starting position, which means that you'll easily be charged next turn by the one you were fighting with, and let's just say that it isn't very fun to be charged if you're prone on the ground...
  25. BaronIveagh said: Necrons are up there with Greater Daemons in things that a Rogue Trader would have little chance against (unless shelling it from orbit). They are, after all, unkillable metal monstrosities who can one shot a space marine. Me and my group managed to "kill" a bunch of necrons even in Dark Heresy, and they had nast stats and traits that suited them perfectly. Of course we were well armed at the time (Assault Cannon, Power Fist, these were a few of the weapons we used). Necrons aren't on par with Greater Daemons, the C'Tan might be, but not the units in the Necron army per se. However, they are still dangerous as hell and shouldn't be underestimated. And also there's no "killing" them, only damaging them so bad that they can't self repair and thus phase out (WITH their Gauss weapons, no one is supposed to be able to "loot" dead necrons)
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