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  1. SomVone said: You could stack commisar with Penal legionarre, to get Jaded or fearless early on. I don't really know what fluff would be. True. Also isn't there a bakground package available for Guardsmen in Inquisitors Handbook that gives the fearless or jaded talent? (not too sure here)
  2. SJE said: Trouble is, in the wargame, Commissars are still supposed to hold the line and be scarier than than the enemy whether the Guard is fleeing because a horde of Orks just shot you or its bunch of demons who've just ripped you apart. Commissars dont ever run is the usual message of the game. (though this becomes funnier if they are leading a unit and encounter a Pariah- their leadership drops through the floor along with all the other Chapter Masters and Living Saints) Which just goes to show that the "fearless" game mechanic for WH40K is obviously tailored to fit with a large scale wargame rather than getting bogged down with in-depth details too much... Like roleplaying games are often supposed to be doing.
  3. Lexicanum is you friend : Personnel selected to become cadet Commissars are drawn from the Schola Progenium - Ecclesiarchy-run schools, where the pupils have already received a strict Imperial cult education. Cadet Commissars are given the standard arms and equipment of a Guardsman, although they retain their distinctive uniforms. These uniforms differ from those of a full Commissar by featuring blue trim and a specific Cadet emblem. Their training has no set duration and a Cadet will be graduated as soon as he is deemed worthy. Part of the training of a Cadet-Commissar emphasises learning standard infantry tactics and gaining experience in situations common to standard Imperial Guardsmen. In order to ensure this, Commissar-Generals may decide to form up the Cadets under their purview into Training Squads, 9 Cadets under the command of a specially chosen full Commissar. Commissar Training Squads are groups of Cadet-Commissars, formed up into a fighting squad and led by a full Commissar into battle. These Cadets are then trained, under battlefield conditions, in how to live, fight and even die alongside the troops they are supposed to one day inspire and discipline. They are sent into the fiercest fighting, in which they are expected to show bravery and devotion enough to earn the respect afforded to them by standard troopers. Commissar Training Squads are highly motivated and pious fighting units and an Imperial Guard force accompanied by such a squad will consider itself destined for victory. When a Commissar decides that a Cadet has failed in his duty to become a Commissar, but has not shown cowardice or insubordination, the Cadet is relieved and may be either sent to a Stormtrooper unit or become an officer in a penal battalion. Others volunteer for service in a Rogue Trader's entourage, and others may face darker destinies. Commissar-Generals are senior and highly experienced Commissars, having the additional responsibilities of assigning the Commissars under his command to regimental officers and promoting cadets to full Commissar status. Colonel-Commissar Colonel-Commissar is a rare rank of the Imperial Guard, held usually in only extraordinary cases. Though the records show the rank being held as recently as the Sabbat Worlds Crusade (Ibram Gaunt) the inherent clash between the two roles is normally seen as a threat to a regiment's discipline - Commissars maintain discipline and watch commanders, the commander leads the regiment in combat - the two roles are technically exclusive. So it seems that the Imperial Commissariat doesn't have too many ranks (though they don't really need many different ranks since they aren't supposed to be an integrated part of the Imperial Guard, following the same chain of command, but rather more like independent advisors with the authority to execute failing officers and commanders and assuming command themselves if need be). From what I understand here the ranks in the commissariat are either: Commissar Cadets, Commissar Training Squad members (probably refered to as "cadets" in the line of battle), Commissars and Commissar-General. Additionally there's also freak instances of Colonel-Commissars or other ranks (which doesn't really mean anything in Commissariat terms, it just signifies that this particular commissar has also been given a permanent rank of command in a particular regiment, a rare practice obviously frowned upon by the Commissariat and the Departemento Munitorium due to the sometimes obvious conflicts of interests and added paperwork).
  4. Can't say that I really care. Sure there's always room for BAD implementations, but in the end, both dice and cards are mostly just two different forms of random generators. The difference is that you can put more text and pictures and meanings on cards than you can on dice. But, like I said, there's always the possibility that a company does a bad implementation, regardless of which random generator they use for their game. But I can't really say that I have a particular preference for any particular random generator, only good implementations of either of the two. P.S I remember this old boardgame that had a pretty nifty random generator. I think it was a naval battle strategy game (think battleship but more advanced). The game came packaged with an electronic device with buttons and glowing lights which you pressed and adjusted to different configurations to get game relevant results from the "computer". While I do believe that the game mechanics probably could have been centred either around dice or cards or a hybrid of both, these nifty technologcal solutions that attempt to achieve an "in-game" feel really provides a nice touch, despite their gimmicky nature. Also, it wasn't a kids game or anything like that. It was intended for ages 13 and up if im not mistaken.
  5. GreyLord said: Along that lines, is it just my local shops, or is it among others...why isn't there that much buzz about this in the 40K shops? Is it because it's an FFG release and not a GW release? Pretty much, yeah. It was the same thing with Dark Heresy. It wasn't released by GW and thus was largely unheard of in the Games Workshop stores across the world (except for the RPG and Wargaming enthusiasts speaking about the game that is). Obviously the Dark Heresy has a large fanbase which consist of either current, former or potentional WH40K players as well (I'd estimate that more than 90 percent of everyone who came into contact with the 40K universe did so through the WH40K wargame, at least before Dawn of War was released). So the results were as follows: you barely heard squat of any roleplaying games about WH40K in the Games Workshop and wargaming stores, and pretty much none of these stores even put products for the game up for sale. Yet the game took the RPG market by storm, and certain supplements for it have even recieved awards. So FFG is obviously tapping into the WH40K gamer demographic already. They just do it with games and products that aren't really trying to compete with WH40K itself but rather present different formats. I mean, what would be the point of creating and launching a game that is pretty much the same thing as WH40K or rather extremely similar? Also, I still maintain my position in that your friends' reactions to the rumours of this boardgame is not very representative of 40K players in general. Sure, there are single-minded fanatics out there, but most WH40K players enjoy many types of games and have no problem trying out new formats or games tied in to the same setting. I mean, the majority of 40K players have tried out Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim, Necromunda and/or Battlefleet Gothic once or twice, and many are probably regular players of these spin-off games. FFG are just making games within the same setting but in different formats than the ones GW sells. There's no use trying to invent the wheel all over again and try to challenge the current wheel-makers on the market, if you catch my drift?
  6. Jarrion_Zukov said: That would be the idea, other wise it would be a waste of the starting ship option. It would be interesting to see a rogue trader with a profit rating of 100 at the start. This counting that he has no profit tide up in ship maintainence or othe forms of upkeep cost. in short a man that can equip the party with the best items in good number. funny but wrong Wait a minute, let me see if I get this straight: So if you have a group with several Rogue Traders and each is supposed to have his own vessel, wouldn't that sort of leave the group with nearly nothing in starting PF and probably a bunch of pretty useless ships? I mean, each ship will still cost ship points, which are deducted from the total starting PF. Affording one ship can sometimes be hard enough, but two or even three at the start? Somehow I get the feeling that the group's starting PF would be below zero in the beginning if you went that route. Or would your idea be to give each Rogue Trader his or her own starting PF? (i.e basically spoiling the PC's like hell, because the starting PF isn't the Rogue Trader's personal fortune, the starting PF is something generated by the entire group not just the Rogue Trader or Rogue Traders)
  7. GreyLord said: Yeah, those laughing were not boardgamers, but those I thought would be in the key dynamic of what FFG would be shooting for. How so? I mean, boardgames are in general a lot easier to sell than miniatures and rulebooks for wargames of the magnitude of 40K. You don't need to constantly buy new books, glue, paint, brushes, miniatures and also rely on that your friends will do the same to play a boardgame. A boardgame can be played with just one set and doesn't demand the same kind of near decade-long commitment that wargames the scale of 40K tend to require. So yeah, FFG COULD strive to create products intended for 40K gamers only, by releasing a plethora of minis and crap that has to be sold, to a customer demographic that are already extremely likely to be spending most of their dough on 40K minis and have very little room left in the budget to spend on other games... Or they could do the sensible thing and use the GW license to create games that pretty much ANYONE can get into with as little effort and demands as necessary. You feel me? So, boardgames, LCG's, and RPG's = extremely simple to get into, and if you don't feel like spending cash the equivalent of the financial debt of a small third world country to play, then you don't have to. Most of the basic sets are designed to be playable and enjoyable right out of the box. Warhammer 40.000 = Requires you to somehow get ahold of a rulebook, relevant codex books, an army of miniatures that are heavily overprized already, glue, paints, brushes and on top of that you need to make sure you have someone to play with who also feel like buying all of these things. Overall, the potential sales are much bigger for the former categories of games rather than the latter. Plus the fact that Games Workshop pretty much has a stranglehold on the tiny customer demographic that are still willing to throw away their money on GW's severely overprized (albeit pretty decent looking, but there are better minis out there) miniatures and other assorted 40K paraphernalia.
  8. GreyLord said: I don't plan on getting laughed out of my WH40K group, and the mention of card combat sort of...not only had them not willing to play, but laughing at the idea? Your friends aren't the sole representatives of GW game enthusiasts out there. Also, it is saying something about them if they laugh at a game that they, not only haven't tried yet, but hasn't even been released. I have plenty of veteran 40K gaming friends who wouldn't judge the game on beforehand. Then again they play lots of games, not just 40K and I guess they have grown enough to expand their horizons. Perhaps you should advice your friends to do the same?
  9. I think the additional degrees of success are meant to reduce the time each investigation takes and/or provide additional details and information that might not have been acquired if the success was only moderate. If you fail, you simply fail (i.e you don't learn anything, or you don't learn enough needed information). If the GM carries a meanstreak then he/she could rule that extreme amounts of degrees of faliure generates severely negative consequences for the PC's.
  10. SJE said: One thing- to meet the fluff, it might be worth considering letting Commissars take 'Fearless' a lot earlier than they get it as part of the Officer Guardsman career. Our Commissar kept failing his Fear checks vs demons (even with FP's), which kinda undermined his credibility. Depends a little on where they are in the careerpath though. A commissar between ranks 1-3 isn't likely to be anything else than a cadet during that time so it's not strange if he's a little scared of something so wholly unnatural as daemons (Most of them have Fear 3 after all)...
  11. I'd say that the Chaliced Commissariat + Schola Progenium background would do fine as a substitute for a Commissars, with some minimal rules and fluff tweaking.
  12. MILLANDSON said: We may all get into heated discussions here, but I think that's something we can all agree with. Dude, in some countries HEATED discussions are needed. Do you have any idea of how cold and how much snow there is in sweden right now?
  13. [binary Chatter] Arch-Magos Varnias Tybalt partaketh in the celebrations and wishes all servants of the Emperor and the Omnissiah alike a prosperous and heretic-burning Emperor's Ascension and xenos purging new decade. May the stars be cleansed of taint! ... Now, where's that de-greasing agent!? [/binary Chatter]
  14. Sister Callidia said: Problem is of course that with a setup like the latter, every headhit will result in a breached void suit even if the damage fails to puncture the helmet itself. Also, it looks kind of silly... I mean:
  15. MDMann said: After the Haarlock Trilogy, I wouldn't mind another campaign arc, but aimed at a different tear (sp?) of Acolytes, probably a higher or paragon tear to mesh with Ascention as the Haarlock is aimed at mid level Dark Heresy characters. That, I can get behind too. More published pre-written scenarios and campaigns are never a bad thing. It's what's kept Call of Cthulhu in the loop for decades.
  16. Bilateralrope said: Sounds like your searching for an excuse for something written by someone who didn't know what they were talking about. Uh, yes? You pretty much have to when trying to determine the exac function of inventions that doesn't exist at the moment. Most of my estimates about how a bolter functions is based on guesswork and excuses. Though for me it's enough when a theory makes sense for fictional settings. It doesn't always have to be realistic as long as the intended audience can see some degree of sense to it.
  17. Hodgepodge said: Generally, I'm not a huge fan of the race because of their being an uber-threat in a galaxy of uber-threats, though. It's a little Dragonball Z "wait, his power level...is over X! Impossible!" And their fluff doesn't actually back it very well- somehow, the combination of a race that was behind the Old Ones in technology and some beings who barely knew the material universe existed = uber tech that trounces that of two races that are over 30,000 years old? The C'Tan knew that the material universe existed. They are creatures of the materium after all and have little influece in the warp. Also, I see nothing strange about the fact that their combination with the Necrontyr gave birth to some seriously wicked technology. Think of watchmen and how the "birth" of Dr Manhattan influenced technology on earth. He was a superbeing that could see, calculate and manipulate the particles of several different dimensions. The difference between earth in watchmen and the Necrontyr was that the Necrontyr discovered SEVERAL "Dr Manhattan's" and gave them a physical form which they could use to instruct them to improve their technology beyond anyones wildest dreams. After all, if you're trying to build something that hasn't been built before, the trial and error phase tend to become really simple when you have this near omnipotent advisor nearby who can instruct you and quite possibly even synthesize rare materials that you might need (after all, the Living Metal of the Necrontyr was rather base and primitive as far as nanites go, just imagine how many uses those nanites could have once a C'Tan was housed within a Necrodermis body made up of the same nanites and have total control over their replication and manipulation of other atoms). Another vital difference between earth in Watchmen and the Necrontyr was the fact that Dr Manhattan was somewhat benelovent towards humans and life in general (although certain convincing was needed during a critical time), the C'Tan however were prretty evil and relished the opportunity to enslave the Necrontyr and destroy the Old Ones (something which they clearly succeeded in doing). I don't see any logic gap in this particular scenario. The Necrontyr and the C'Tan were a match made in heaven (or "hell" perhaps).
  18. Nghtflame7 said: I've said this one before, but we had Amanda Sharpe starting with a tommy gun. She very quickly picked up whiskey and a motorcycle. My son and I had visions of drunken sorority girls racing around Arkham on a motorcycle with automatic weapons. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Oh I get it. She has the tommy gun slung across her back, sunglasses on in the middle of the night, takes a swig of whiskey straight from the bottle and mounts the motorcycle, with her blouse "strategically unbuttoned" while the intro guitar riff to the song "Bad to the bone" is playing in the background.
  19. Avi_dreader said: Varnias Tybalt said: Avi_dreader said: Yes. We can kill Shoggoths with shotguns, but travel to the Arctic Circle for $1? Inconceivable! I just have to say that this line made me laugh. I hope you read it properly, in the voice of Vizzini ;') I probably didn't. The line was just so extremely spiked with nerd humour. I mean just imagine how a person unfamiliar with Arkham Horror and Lovecraft litterature in general would react to that line: -"First of all, what the hell is a 'shoggoth'? And second, why does he imply that they are improable to kill with shotguns?"
  20. Ripper.McGuirl said: I've read over 20 of his books and immensely enjoyed each one. That being said, films have a way of starting from a good place and mutating into a horrific mess by the time they're done. Well to be honest I was kind of sceptic towards the notion of a movie about Ultramarines. I mean, not only are they dull space marines, they are the dullest of the dull, goody two shoes ULTRA SMURFS! In all honesty, I could imagine a plethora of different protagonists belonging to A LOT more interesting factions than the GW poster boys. But if you're gonna do a 40K movie and it has to be about space marines, I can also imagine a lot more interesting chapters than the highly standardized glory hogs that is the Ultramarines. Personally, I would have like to see a movie sort of reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan or the HBO tv-series Band of Brothers, but about Gaunt's Ghosts instead of an Ultramarines movie. That being said, im still somewhat optimistic, because in my opinion, Dan Abnett is one of the few authors who managed to make astartes characters interesting (based on the Horus Heresy books I've read which he wrote). The only other author I could think of would be Graham McNeil (Fulgrim - Visions of Treachery is one of the true high marks of the Horus Heresy series in my opinion) who could certainly pull it off. So if one were to base his or her expectations on my personal judgement, I think it's saying something that despite that I find the SMurfs to be one of the most boring factions in the 40K universe, im still optimistic, mainly because of Dan Abnett.
  21. Ripper.McGuirl said: That will all very much depend on the Ultramarines movie being good! Well Dan Abnett is writing the screenplay from what I have read. That's a good sign in my opinion.
  22. Errant said: Superheated air from the shot being fired. Assume that it pushes the rifle around enough to knock the firer's aim off. Makes sense... Sort of (hard to make sense of certain sci-fi inventions). Here's a plausible theory: the focusing lens of a lasgun is probably located way "inside" of a long gun barrel in order to protect it from dirt and wearing. Which means that the beam has to travel through a long and airtight "tube" before leaving the gun, meaning that there's plenty of air and ambient moisture to flash heat inside the tube, and this might just give a "knock back" effect. How does that sound?
  23. Polaria said: Lasguns would be superaccurate on auto-fire since there is no recoil and adjusting the aim by looking at the laser bursts is easy as hell. Bolters would also fall in with the accurate auto-fire guns since they are rocket propelled and thus the recoil is small in contrast to the weapon weight. Yes, on would think that about lasguns and lasweapons in general. But some fluff sources describe the lasguns as suffering from recoil for some reason (don't ask me why, but something in the mechanism seems to kick backwards when the lasgun is fired). Also, considering the mass produced nature of lasguns, I believe that the focusing prism used in their operation isn't really built for the necessary exact standards that would be required of a laser weapon. The prism used is most likely of "acceptable" quality (hence why las weapons have a limit to their range in the profiles, a real lasergun wouldn't have much in the way of range limits since the beam moves at the speed of light and in a perfect straight line). Quite simply, las weapons don't usually have high quality parts, they have okay parts but with a really hefty but portable sci-fi powersource. But the power used seems to have focusing issues on longer ranges. As for bolters, they aren't only rocket propelled (like the real world gyrojet gun was), a bolt shell works more like a two stage rocket, where the shell is ejected from the barrel by the force of some explosive (like gunpowder) and the rocket engine kick's in during mid-flight. It has to be that way because otherwise the bolter would be useless in close quarters (rockets need momentum to actually be able to penetrate materials, and what good would a bolt shell be if it couldn't even pierce the skin of a target five to ten metres away?), and also for the reason why all pictures of bolters in action see them spitting out oversized shell casings when fired. But the bottom line is that there is some sort of conventional explosive involved in a bolters firing operation, and this explosive stage cause the infamous recoil associated with them. Just some tidbits worth mentioning.
  24. Bilateralrope said: Do those military procedures care about what happens to the bullets that don't hit the target ? Depends on the military organisation in question. But if you consider most historical warfare scenarios, where tank and artillery companies have little issue with simply crushing and destroying entire buildings, villages and small cities where they "suspect" that the enemy is located... Well I think you get my meaning. Bilateralrope said: But how does putting more bullets into the general area of the target result in less hits ? Recoil and muzzle climb, both extremely influential factors as to whether you hit your target or not when firing on full auto.
  25. I've been thinking of semi-bursts. This might sound like deliberate complication on my part (and I guess it is to a degree), but from what I know of real world military procedures, the more accurate way of placing several shots on a single target is by using semi-auto fire (or a "three round burst") rather than spitting away 10 rounds at a time. Im starting to feel inclined to change the rules so that you get +10 to hit with full auto and +20 to hit with semi auto instead of the regular setting, but not change the DoS needed to place several shots at the target. (while full auto might be harder to hit with, it usually tend to have a more numerous interval of shots landed on the target when semi-auto misses are usually just a miss). Im gonna have to think this through a bit though...
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