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  1. 1. Golem - high health, good damage dealer. 2. Kobold - high numbers of figures makes them very annoying for heroes. 3. Medusa - immobilize is useful and poison too (plus who doesn't love a good Medusa). 4. Chaos Beast - the morph ability is awesome, i like picking out the most OP hero for this one... 5. Hellhound - mainly like the master version because of fire breath. 6. Harpy - fly ability is good plus they deal some decent damage. 7. Bone Horror - just started playing this one and so far it really has been hard on the heroes. Lithesome makes it a good second rank monster. 8.Manticore - Ravage is a great ability (two attack actions) plus they look cool... 9. Demon Lord - also just started using this one, sorcery ability is good plus he has good defense, just wish he could fly. And my favorite monster of all time!!! 10. Skeleton Archer - this was the monster that started it all for me way back in the day, the very first creature I faced in D&D and i was hooked from that moment on. I will always give these guys a spot on the team, no matter what. My son also likes using the following: - Wraith (he likes to doom the heroes) -Wendigo (two attack actions) -Elemental (likes the choices of elements) -Beastman ((ravage - again, two attack actions) -Hybrid Sentinel (because they are OP) -Lava Beetle (he likes the blast ability) - Bane Spider (because its spiders, duh)
  2. Has anyone else noticed that the models from the Mist of Bilehall lieutenant packs seem out of scale? The sculpting is top notch but they look like giants on the board next to other plastic figures like the heroes and other lieutenants.
  3. How do we play an Epic match using the new Call to Arms cards? If you truly want a Dwarven or Goblin only army you only have 4 cards to choose from each set, A B or C. Epic rules allow for a fifth card so how can we still have an all one race type army? If you mix the three sets together you may not have enough figures to go around.
  4. Hello, Just wanted to make an obvious observation. The manual for Bearded Brave says it comes with 3 Arbalestiers units and 2 Bolt Thrower units but really there's only 2 Arbalestiers units since the third unit has to be split up to man the Bolt Throwers. Am I right or did I get shorted 4 more crossbow figures? Some of the Call to Arms cards will not work together because of this unless the core set crossbowmen are to be crew only. Bear Riders are ehh, Dwarves don't ride anything but that's just my opinion... As far as Code of Chivalry goes I'm let down that we didn't get more Halberdiers and got tons more Arbalestiers but oh well. Not sue how I feel about the new rules for Arbalestiers either being able to move and shoot, will have to play a few more times to see. I really don't like the models for the new Long Sword mounted Knights, poorly done and I think I'll use them for Green Banner Cavalry since they remind me of the Green Infantry. On a positive note I really love the model for the Foot Knights, outstanding IMO, and I like the rule change to the Lancer Knights, seems to make more since giving them a more offensive capability when ordered to charge given they have lances and all... Overall I really love this game and sincerely hope FFG continues to produce more expansions. Thoughts anyone?
  5. While playing a "Grand" Epic Battlelore match (6'x4' battlefield / 32+ units each) with five other gamers, a member of the opposing team had an idea about combat. It changes the basic premise of the game so the Battlelore junkie in me was against it but the intrepid gamer in me kind of liked the idea. This is what he proposed: Use the command cards to move units only! Once a unit is in contact with an enemy unit battle occurs as normal except that at the begining of the other sides turn combat continues without a command card; then when your turn rolls around again combat happens again and etc... This is assuming the units survive or are not driven back. There will always be combat as long as units are in contact with each other. If multiple units are in contact player picks which unit to attack. Command cards are needed to withdraw (unless flags are rolled). The exception would be ranged weapons which could attack with command cards. Tactic cards would be used as they are. I think this would make for a much faster game, especially when you play to twelve flags (like we do) or some other victory goal like a piece of real estate. I haven't actually tried this way yet but plan to in the near future. What are your thoughts on this idea? Malachi
  6. I don't even bother to use the green banners for goblin infantry. I've made all mine blue banner infantry. Sometimes I make the lizard cavalry blue too. When an all goblin army goes up against any other army they almost always loose so I've changed their banners, especially the cavalry.
  7. I play with two base games and only use one deck for all games. The other one and dice are still sealed for future replacements. I use one deck to represent a days worth of battle. Once the deck is gone, players add up flags captured and which ever side has the most flags wins. I guess with a deck for each side you know you'll get that mounted charge eventually.
  8. Can Halberdiers hit a mounted knight with a Sword on Shield roll or can the mounted knight ignore it with the lance? Maybe the mounted knight ignores only ONE sword on shield instead of Two (which is typical vs a foot unit) against halberdier units?
  9. Hello All, I finally broke down and got Call to Arms (I know, I know, way behind the eight ball) but don't see how to use them with Epic rules. I bought two base sets a long time ago and got the rules for Epic from DOW's website and they don't mention Call to Arms at all. I've heard the Epic expansion rules talk about call to arms but I don't want to get a third board. Can anyone tell me how Call to Arms works with Epic? Thanks
  10. This may have already been discussed so sorry if its a repeat. Can someone tell me about these abilities? The cattle riders are a pretty weak unit and having a special ability like "bull rush" sounds cool. I love my Goblin Slingers and would like to give them a boost too, though they do quite well on the killing fields. Thanks for any input.
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