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  1. I surely do like the templates You have used ;).
  2. Hey, Indeed the NDAs were involved, so I doubt that you will hear anything from the playtesters. Playtesters always worked on one expansion at a time, so even if they heard and/or had knowledge about the upcoming stuff, they didn't work on it until FFG decided to release it. Also, everything the playtesters have worked on been already released by FFG, so sorry to disappoint you, but there isn't anything to share.
  3. Maybe a nod to Don Rosa's "Return to Xanadu" and Return to Border (where Border is the name of all three Regions). Original Return to Xanadu was a sequel to Carl Barks' "Tralla La" where Tralla La was a name of a realm in Xanadu's Region.
  4. Yes, You should stop overthinking things :P. The Return doesn't sound good, because the are two physical Realms + Hastur (oops, I mean the Realm that should not be called), though I understand You rather meant a different return to different things. If I can sugest something, I rather would suggest The Restless Realms or The Unsettled Realms as a nod to the fact that You're adding stuff to the expansions that until now were completed.
  5. Nice idea. Perhaps you could make them random turns too. So, not all of them are 3 turns, but some are just 1 turn, and some are 4 turns instead.
  6. For me it looks more like an action icon, and that's why I like it.
  7. That compass icon actually looks pretty neat.
  8. Current high bidder on the English edition, woohoo! However, the shipping is confusing. It says "Possible shipping abroad. Cost according to the rates of Polish Post." then it says "Shipping abroad: no"? Am I screwed being in the USA? I think, nope. Since I'm the translator of the Polish version, and my friend put in on auction, I'm pretty sure he sends stuff outside the Poland. It might be that the auction itself (by default) set it to "no", but he will send it anyway.
  9. This is why You should change it to "pizza" .
  10. Is this IN-val-id or in-VAL-id Region? Two very different things. In(-side) Valid Region . But since it might cause different meanings, maybe it really should be changed to Imaginary Region? Pretty cool name if You ask me . The backs looks pretty nice!
  11. So, when encountered, put two counters on the trail, and whoever drew it removes a counter each time they have a turn, after which the trail gets discarded (shuffled)? That could work, but then you have the upkeep to worry about. Yeah, pretty much like that. There is a small upkeep indeed, but only when someone actually is encountering the card, so it's not a big deal.
  12. I would avoid adding a lodestone. One of the reasons we go to the Lost Realms is to get the Forge cards. We don't want a lodestone to F. us, so we won't have anymore a free room for that Forge card. So while adding a diamond might be good, I would also add a three bags of gold card, because they're uber rare. I think the Trails could stay on the board, but only for a limited amount of time. I think each time they should be used 2 times before disappearing in the Border deck. We have just 2 spaces, so they should not stay forever, and also characters usually have fate and the enemies in the Lost Realms aren't dreaful, so most of times they would encounter the Trail anyway (unless they're super unlucky), so the Trail would go to the Broder deck anyway. So, unless it will stay on the board for the second use, having it stay on the board until encountered won't really change much. And I'm all for adding extra effects to the Forge cards.
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