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  1. Some other Tie generics got named too, Chemise Noir from black Sqn and Chemise Royale in his red interceptor.
  2. One of my academy pilots got a rep for taking out my friends Wedge on numerous occasions. To honour him I named him Chemise-Rouge. I made up a card for him, still have it, and numerous others from his academy class including such potential aces as: Camisa Roja, Rote Hemd etc etc.at last count there were 12 of them from the Galaxy famous class of the red shirt.
  3. I am a little underwhelmed with Wave 8 and the new starter TBH. I may get a new starter once the film comes out and if I like it as at the moment none of it resonates. I am concerned that the films may reimagine all the old ships and we will almost be encouraged to rebuy all the ships we already have. As stated above i'd rather have new ships. I realise that the TIE/Fo is clever in that it looks like the original and has newer tech added but the Interceptor was an improved TIE and where has that gone in the last 30 years?. I may of course change my mind once the films are out and we get to see everything on the big screen. I was in Toys R us today and a young lad was looking at the new star wars lego and was obviously a big fan. He was looking at Poe's Black and Orange X wing and asked his Dad who Poe was. I thought 'exactly'.
  4. Cdr Vimes

    Old X?

    Will the remaining SKUs just be the T70 and TIE/FO expansions?
  5. I don't think this will be popular amongst the 3x3', 100pt tournament diehards but for casual games at home try whatever you like. In my group we tried something like this to simulate fighter escorts, it worked and was great fun. Other things we have tried is the side losing initiative sets up near the middle of the board with the attacking side coming on from a random edge. However this works out we switch roles and repeat just to see the outcome. In reality the opposing sides don't always line up facing each other and the side that gets the drop on another will start with a great advantage. All great fun but I emphasise probably would not work for a competition.
  6. Military helo pilot, and yes it can K turn.
  7. Grimmy, true but then there should only be one.
  8. Tried this a few times. Multiple B's for the Rebel Scum and TIE swarms seemed to be the best. Good fun though especially when we upped it to 200pts aside. Our format for a while now has been 200pts a side but 4 players. You are allowed 1 unique pilot and upgrade an then it must be generics. Again great fun.
  9. Defo, only have 2 and like to fly them in a 3-ship with Vader. I will be getting just 1 punisher and get that to lead my bomb squad. Cant wait to take those badboys in an epic game.
  10. No impact but that's only because no one has bought it yet. We havn't played XWing for 2 months though. 20mm Vietnam is our current thing. We play many games but interest in xwing fell off when S & V dropped as the whole group was meh for that faction. We will have a resurgence when the raider drops as the group has 2 on order between us but the era of us playing it every week for months has definitely gone.
  11. Straight away. Don't think I've flown the same list twice, intentionally anyway, always tinkering.
  12. Hmm thought about doing one of my TIEs white even before I saw this. Not a negative though, I fancy doing one similar to the shuttle. Was going to use it for Howlrunner.
  13. I'm with Gadge especially wrt the forums. My gaming circle consists of 9. Seven of us own ships with 4 of us being the most passionate. I am the only one that frequents the boards. We play XXXpt battles where so far that point range is anywhere between 075 to 600.
  14. One little thing we tried in th opening moves of epic was to place 1 movement dial for a formation of same type ships. Only works of course if they are doing the same move at the same PS but just shortens plan an placement a little. Also make someone the whipper in. He/She calls the rounds and talks in slightly louder voice to gently remind all players to get a move on and place their dials, calls each PS etc etc. Not earth shattering but might move the epic game on a bit quicker.
  15. ...and all this brings me back to and makes me think that do all ships need to be balanced. If fat turrets, BBB whatever and TIE swarms are the best in a 100 pt death match so be it. Does the x wing need to be improved to balance up and make it competitive in the 100pt death match? In my small opinion no. In the fluff star wars universe perhaps x wings are cheaper to build, easier to maintain hence if you had a choice you'd take B wings every day but Admiral Akbar didn't have the choice and fielded what he had. To me that is what the game is about. Field what you want and don't be upset that a bomber is not as good in a dogfight as a dedicated fighter, it shouldn't be. Max the point efficiency for a 100 pt competitive match, of course, you want to win and try every trick to keep competitive. I often fly my in efficient lists in a 97, 105, 155 or whatever point game because on the day that fitted what I wanted to fly or the scenario fluff we gave our little battle. I follow the math a little but only use it briefly in my head so when I look at my opponents set up in our little shindigs I think: 1. Nailed this one I should easily win, 2. This will be close or 3. I am gonna get wiped. Any which way it will be fun and probably go against the form due to bad dice, inept dial choice or down right stupidity on my part. Hmm bit of a rant, sorry all. Bad day and several beers.
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