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  1. Will there be an Invocation event kit this year? It has usually been announced by now. James
  2. Alas was trying to order from the sight and couldn’t find an option to ship to the US
  3. Still trying to find a reasonably priced copy of both tile and figure packs. Anyone have any leads? In the US here btw.
  4. Does anyone know if they will be doing anything with these for 2nd edition?
  5. I would love to know the state of both games!
  6. Does anyone know if there are plans currently for a new expansion? I know the Daniella Card was released at Arkham Nights, but we haven’t had word on a new expansion since Omens of the Pharaohs was released last feb.
  7. If you still need a set, I have a full set here in the US.
  8. I would find it intriguing if the Tarot was expanded to a full deck, and printed, that would be useable in game, as well as an actual tarot.
  9. Have done a couple of full blown repaints, as well as some "remarkings" using Dom's Decals
  10. Out of curiousity, where did you get your SRAM models?
  11. The Sundance Kid said: yup, the next thing on Nexus' list should be damage and movement deck blisters. Charge a few bucks for each. I would buy buy 1-2 of every movement deck and a copy or 2 of damage, that or/and maybe some special card sleeves for the cards (that fit them), Nexus should make them or contact ultra-pro. I agree about damage decks in boosters, i think everyone would buy them. Not so sure about extra manuever decks as they come with the miniatures, which is the easiest way to get them, and i am sure there will be at least 3 minis for every manuever deck soon. As for ultra-pro, perhaps, why not Dragon Sheilds, since that is FFG's own brand of card protectors. Jim
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