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  1. While it could be read that way, there is already a convention for group limits, and this formulation doesn't introduce any additional nuance to that. There's no particular reason to think FFG just arbitrarily decided to use"in play" over the RRG-established "group limit" to indicate that this is a group limit on composures. Wording for "per investigator," OTOH, isn't specified by the rules, except to state that it's per investigator unless otherwise stated. Cards override rules when there is a direct contradiction. That isn't the case here, so the limit is investigator, not group.
  2. I think Dunwich is an easier campaign to win, yes. Both because there are many more factors that go into the setup for later scenarios, including at least one point in the campaign where it gives you a boost if you do poorly, and because the design of the final scenario is somewhat less fluke-y. Devourer can be really punishing if either the ghoul priest survives or you have too many or the wrong survivors after Midnight Masks, as well as the raw luck factor of the encounter discard being reshuffled at two key moments and potentially feeding you repeats of the most punishing cards. In Dunwich, both the final scenario is less luck-based, and it has more shading in its resolution between, "You lose and everyone dies," to, "You win and everyone lives." Although if you choose to play for the draw in Devourer, getting R3 is quite easy, and even if it isn't a win, nor is it a loss.
  3. I know this is going to come as a shock, but arranging words in a different order and context actually gives them different meaning. I don't live in Europe, though, so as I said, it's not up to me to tell people it's not a problem, because I don't have that context. Just like it's not up to me to tell a Chinese person they don't get to have an issue with the Banzai chant. There's that pesky context thing again. The above chant and the motto you cite have exactly one word in common between them. I'm sure you'll complain that Banzai is also one word, but given that in the historical usage being noted, it's the only word, and the chant repeats that single word as the response in call and response, it's a very different situation. But again, if there deeper issues I don't see with the Rokugan chant in German, I'm sure someone will bring it up to FFG. Yes, you sure are. Go crazy. We're not talking about your right to hold Nazi rallies. We're talking about what FFG has chosen to do at their events, in order to be considerate. Oh noes! Being considerate gone mad! Whatever shall we do? Correct, and anyone else who cares to gets to say, "No, you're being ignorant and racist." And, well, you're being ignorant and racist. But do be sure not to take any contrived offense!
  4. Sure, but where's the cutoff? 10? 100? 1,000? At what point is it enough to decide to modify our behavior? How many people have to actually speak up at risk of being shouted down for it to count? Or FFG can just dispense with the thing. Again, recognizing that the official position is that FFG isn't doing it at FFG run events, and have presented an alternative. Which itself may or may not be an issue, I don't know how it'll play in Europe (as described above by other posters). But they read the forums, and I'm sure they don't want to evoke a Nazi rally any more than any reasonable person would. I'm sure they'll look into it, and adjust if they feel the need. For me, I'd think it's a much more tenuous connection given the chant as a whole specifically invokes a fantasy setting. I can definitely see the concern raised though, especially if the complexion of L5R's European community is primarily white -- specific words can be drowned out. Like I said, above, I'm glad it's not my call to make. And as I've said in other threads, FFG generally does try to make an effort to address these issues. Good faith counts for a lot.
  5. Sorry, you don't get to decide the standard to which I proof (or don't) internet forum posts. Like I said, pay my rate, you get a say. Outside of that, you seem to have a rather unhealthy obsession with me.
  6. Typos happen for lots of reasons that have nothing to do with proximity. What are you, five?
  7. This is exactly the point of an analogy. You can examine an issue by framing it in a different context. Although here, the comparison is less about universal acceptance, than it is about the offending party (speaking broadly and historically; no one here invaded China) trying to dictate when the offended party (again, broadly and historically) is allowed to be offended. White people don't get to decide when it's okay for African-Americans to be offended about terms rooted in oppression and slavery. Japanese people don't get to decide when it's okay for Chinese people to be offended by references to anything that happened during the Japanese invasion of China. And frankly, it doesn't matter whether it's considered hurtful to "most" Asian-Americans. Because Asian-Americans include many cultures, and what is offensive to a Chinese person may or may not be offensive to a Japanese person (or even another Chinese person) and vice versa. That doesn't make either one of them wrong. We can absolutely have a discussion whether Mr. Wong's views are representative, and of whom. Or whether it even matters. It's easy to fall into the trap of assuming that one person is representative (of any perspective), which is itself more than a little racist.
  8. Of course it would have. Because someone will whine about any change at all.
  9. Sorry, but your defensiveness is blinding you to what is a very clear analogy: A member of a group who used the phrase is claiming it is inoffensive, and even traditional, claiming their feelings on their right to use the phrase trump the feelings of someone who objects to the phrase on the grounds that it's hurtful to them.
  10. Statistically, these make it more likely she'll draw the The King in Yellow during her upkeep, not less. What she can do is make it more likely she draws it (and other weaknesses) when she's ready, during her turn, rather than trusting to chance it'll sit in her deck.
  11. No, it's that we should remove a particular battle cry from what should be a positive, welcoming event for everyone. Given how many times I've said context matters at this point, I very much doubt it's going to sink in. So I'll bow out with some final props to FFG for charting a brave course in the face of a bunch of internet whining. Enjoy the game, everybody! I've been on the fence, but I finally pulled the trigger today when I saw the core boxes were out of stock at FFG while reading this article.
  12. Oh, you mean like this? "At Kotei Series events and the Winter Court World Championship, event staff and Hatamotos will lead competitors in the Rokugan Chant. Their united voices will thunderously announce the epic battle about to take place, crafting new memories for players and observers alike. Its words will be proclaimed in the language of the hosting territory, in recognition of the diverse global communities that share in the game's history even as it continues to be written. Please join us as we craft this tradition and others together, beginning with the release of the Core Set for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, and for many years to come! For Honor! For Glory! For Rokugan!" FFG declared what it's doing at FFG's events, and high profile events over which they maintain more control. They ask -- literally using the word, "please" -- that players join them. It's almost as if -- GASP -- this is all being twisted out of proportion, and you can do whatever you like at your local store!
  13. It's like we've read a different thread. I'll let Mr. Wong answer himself: "The fact that you think you can tell me what my feelings are or aren't on a particular matter really say a lot about your lack of good faith here." He repeatedly expresses that he has some wider concerns with the line (art direction being an early mention), but also that he had no problem with Japanese people or Japanese content, and that (surprise!) context matters.
  14. Fifteen year old news articles and threads on the entertainment industry hardly reflect the state of culture today. In particular, notice that the one actual article you cited noted many more obvious issues with the show. The historical note was hardly necessary. And the one Asian person they bothered to quote said, "it wasn't funny," and "needed to be retooled," without going into detail. A retool could easily include changing the title (or it might not have, in Aki Aleong and his organization's mind, I don't know). On the other hand, people have claimed to be actually offended on this topic, and claimed to be Chinese. If you want to call one a liar, feel free to go to the Shut Up & Sit Down comments section and do so to their "face." I'm sure they're not alone, but I also won't pretend that one person speaks for an entire nation or diaspora.
  15. You'd be surprised, by the way. Just because they don't comment as a matter of policy doesn't mean they don't read.
  16. Sorry if I choose not to concede that a proper treatment for historical trauma is "a big dose of getting over it," to random internet comments.
  17. I don't have a link handy, but I'm sure if you googled it, you could find comments to that effect. A response to SU&SD's review comes to mind (which people promptly proceeded to attempt to shout down). As to your other question, I think I answered it quite succinctly.
  18. I said it wasn't convincing. I didn't say it wasn't true. Low post counts don't mean someone doesn't own a lot of FFG games. A high post count, however, means they probably do, and probably have for a long time. The latter will likely be given more consideration by FFG. I fail to see how this is in any way controversial.
  19. I'm not attacking the poster. I'm saying that a claim to be a faithful FFG purchaser who intends to boycott and cost FFG business really isn't likely to hold much weight if you've posted a grand total of 13 times on the various fora for three of FFG's biggest games, "and a lot more." Just saying they were going to buy L5R and now they're not looks a lot less ridiculous.
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