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  1. Hey, everyone!Another update for the Arkham Horror LCG stats sheet is live. Lots of tweaks to various formulae and presentation (and many more ongoing and planned), but the major change this time around is an overhauled form for reporting your results.The original form was getting bloated with too many scenario specific questions and extraneous detail. No longer will you have to scroll past pages of questions on The Dunwich Legacy when playing Path to Carcosa (or vice versa!). The new form is much more user-friendly.Data from older reports are still accessible in the spreadsheets in the "Reports" tab, and will continue to be applied to all calculations, but any new results will be collected from the new form and reported in the "Reports 2.0" tab.Arkham Horror LCG Statistics: Submit a GameSee current reports here.See archived reports here.As always, thanks for all of the game reports! The formulae are only as good as the data. Note that the original form is no longer collecting results, but for those who have it bookmarked, it will remain live, and now presents a direct link to the new form.Knowledge is power. Fear it!
  2. "If" (the objective) happens before "after," and isn't voluntary. It's essentially a lasting effect that completes as soon as you meet the conditions, whether you like it or not. As such, the act advances and the scenario ends before you can activate any "after" triggers, so you can't collect the clue. A similar question arose re: Evidence/Roland versus defeating the Ghoul Priest in The Gathering.
  3. You always shuffle your deck after a full (as in, not limited by number of cards) deck search,
  4. Yep, Locked Door is one per, but to address the general question, there is no limit on attachements except as indicated by the cards.
  5. An agenda returns it to play. That said, no, you don't get the VP if he's in play. It doesn't matter how many times you kill him. He has to be in the VP display when the game ends for you to get credit.
  6. Well, sure. Those other groups don't seem terribly relevant to a discussion of FFG's distribution model, though.
  7. Because the product is a card game. Its essential function and sine qua non is gameplay. Madness, I know. Aside from that, there are many, many ways such cards could be done that wouldn't have required the purchase of a $15 book for 4 cards. 1) A code distributed with the fiction pdf. Even if you have to knock the price up a buck or two, it's a substantially better deal. If the market will bear the hardcover, you can even offer that as well. 2) A pack of alt sig cards (with alt arts even!) for all the investigators at once. 53 cards, all-in, for the existing investigators to date. Throw in 6 role cards for Lola, and you've got 59 cards, just 1 shy of a standard mythos pack. Maybe leave out a neutral role for Lola and do alt-art Yog and Hastur to make it an even 60 if that's necessary for some printer break. Print it as the 6th (or 1st, whatever) pack of a cycle, if you need to, and vary campaign length a little. Sell it for $15 -- the same price as the book -- and you get fifteen times the game content. Do it again in a few cycles, or rely on a deeper existing card pool to allow you to include alternatives in the same deluxe box in which gators are introduced going forward. 3) Include alternative sig cards in a self-contained campaign deluxe, parallel to the main line, a la the Saga boxes for LotR. 5 (or 6) gators in each box until caught up. Groups that share encounter cards can also share investigator cards, since no one can play the same investigator at the same time. That's just low-hanging fruit. The whole, "this is the only way we could've gotten these cards!" is a non-starter. This is how FFG chose to do it. Not how they had to do it.
  8. Here's an experiment for you. Next time you disagree with someone's complaint about something -- movie tickets cost too much, their favorite item isn't in stock at wherever, take your pick -- in real life and face to face, tell them how their issue is only subjective, or how it's only a problem for them. See how that conversation goes. Yes, it's subjective. Everyone knows this. Don't be that guy. Some people have the luxury of not caring about the additional expense, or compensating easily. Some people have very good reason to care. Personally, I can afford it, even if I think the price for a couple of cards and some game company published fiction is a bit exorbitant. Others may not have that luxury. Still others (as I believe has been mentioned in this thread) pay a high price for shipping and/or distribution in other territories that's more easily absorbed when many cards are purchased in a single package. You could also use an expansion for another game. You could enjoy traveling to a con. The only difference is the price, and whether you're interested in the specific product or service with which the cards are being offered. Just because FFG isn't calling it a promo card doesn't make it not a promo. This sort of promotion is exactly the kind of thing companies used to promote fiction lines and so on in the heyday of ccgs, up to and including Wizards of the Coast with magic. Just because the name has been changed to something more marketable doesn't make it essentially different. Also, the book is readily available for $4 as an ebook for people who don't care about the cards. People who want only the cards have no ability to cover the cost of the cards (even a reasonable retail cost) to order them without the book. So your sympathy is misplaced -- people who only want to read the story have exactly that option. People who only want the cards do not have the option to purchase them from FFG, and may or may not be able to get them from the secondary market (especially since, as noted, people who only want to buy the story can do so).
  9. They exactly expand the cardpool. This is literally their purpose. And every set of cards subsequently released in this fashion expands the card pool further, just as any player card released does. That that they do not expand it greatly, I do not debate, but the effect will accumulate as more books are released. More and more investigators will have builds only available to those who have purchased these books. We've seen Roland's replacements now, as well, and I think there's an easy argument to be made that simply adding them to Roland's extant signature cards (as is your option, per the replacement rules) is a strict improvement on Roland, as both of his replacement sig cards add clues to his location. This both makes cover up easier to resolve and improves the utility of his signature firearm. Or you can simply make the swap and remove one of the most complained about weaknesses in the game from your deck. I'm not going to post them here, as they're no officially spoiled, but you can find them over on in the Hour of the Huntress thread. You can make a similar argument for Jenny, though it's somewhat weaker. Trading away her guns to avoid the possibility of mental trauma from Izzie is a nice option; or you can invest in her asset to open a wide variety of deckbuilding options no normally available due to xp limitations. Compared to other cards available in the game, it is also a relatively expensive and relatively exclusive option on a per card basis, in the sense of tangible goods, given the cost and that we don't yet know how or if these books will be distributed, or how deep the stock is or the how extensive the reprint plan. You claimed complaints here were only a subjective problem, unless a certain circumstance were met. That was the alternative you proposed that met that bar. Which again, is only a difference of degree, not kind -- in either case, they would be player cards that expand the card pool to varying degrees, and are available only through means other than products for the game line itself. Whether it is an investigator, replacement signature cards, or the most generic of neutral cards that could go in any deck. Or 10, or 20 of such cards, these are things that are no different from this release except by dint of how many cards are being released and at what price point. In any case, one could say the same if FFG were to release, say, an Arkham Nights exclusive investigator. Or an Essen exclusive deluxe expansion called The Essen Horror, or whatever. It is still merely a difference in kind. It that in that case, the price point is the cost of travel and attendance plus product. I don't think anyone would be shocked if people were to complain about such a release. This too, would be a subjective issue. That doesn't somehow mean complaints about the choice of distribution method are invalid. It's just that different people draw the line at different places. On the other hand, if there were no mechanically distinct promos, this wouldn't be an issue at all, in terms of gameplay. Everyone could easily get -- and be confident they could easily get -- all options available for the game. Which is, for many, exactly the appeal and promise of the LCG format. Oh, and I'm reminded of the other issues with such promo cards: They tend to bring out the ugliest in discussions on all sides of the issue. As we've seen here.
  10. The irony was intentional. You seem to have missed the point, which was this: Complaints about people complaining are themselves nothing but complaints. So, why bother? If you're happy with it, or it doesn't bother you, just go buy the book (or don't, whatever suits you). If you want to talk about it, by all means, talk about it. It's not the end of the world if someone doesn't like something. Or is it?
  11. At 120 unique cards, it probably would have been more like two deluxes for $30 each, which is more in line with expansion price points and card counts. Which is still better than $90, of course, even if the card count would be slightly lower to be in line with deluxe boxes for FFG's other LCGs. There's even a ready theme split, with keeper/seeker.
  12. Depends on what you mean by "enough." The expansions give you two copies of each card, which is the number you can legally play in a single deck. If you're supporting more than one deck out of a collection, you'll want to play investigators of different classes (including secondaries), and may occasionally need to discuss who gets to play which cards for some neutrals or investigators who can dabble in many classes, but it shouldn't be too much of an obstacle. If you want each player to be unrestricted in their deck choices (except by the rules), then no. A single copy of each expansion isn't enough for that. Each player would need their own copy.
  13. This is also a subjective problem. The difference is just a matter of degree, not kind. And just to be clear, you do know that these cards are exclusive to the novella and will never appear in normal packs, right? Speaking for myself, I bought the book. As I've said elsewhere, I would have happily done so if it were just alt-art cards (assuming the alt-art were on par with that Jenny alt-art, which is great). The money isn't really an issue for me, and whether or not I want the book is immaterial. What's distasteful is the policy shift. I don't even think it's a slippery slope as such, so much as I question, "what does this mean about FFG policy re: promo cards?" Promo cards popping up in other Arkham Files products? Cross-promotions with other companies? Con exclusives? To date, we could be pretty sure such things weren't on the table. FFG's other co-op LCG has never done exclusive promos in 10 years, but for alt-art, and it's been a long time since a competitive LCG did. Part of the draw of the format is the lack of chase cards. That's no longer the case. That's what I find distasteful. I'm happy for FFG to keep making cards. I'll be more and more annoyed the more difficult FFG makes them to get, even if it isn't particularly difficult for me, personally.
  14. That doesn't have anything to do with the point of my post, which was this: If you don't care to discuss it, no one is obliging you to do so. Instead, I see you've decided to join the the thread entirely for the purpose of petty name-calling. So, once again:
  15. Equally, if you like it, buy the book and carry on.
  16. Any collection of internet posters anywhere are the "vocal minority" when it comes to FFG's customer base.
  17. Yup. I would have happily paid $15 for (quality) alt arts of Jenny's suite of cards. One of the virtues of LCGs and FFG's handling of LCG promos is that they have, at least in recent history, offered only alternate art promos and preview cards rather than mechanically unique and exclusive promos. All of the cards in the game, for gameplay purposes, have been available through products for the game itself. This is pretty distasteful.
  18. It definitely is. It's one of the more naked cut and paste jobs from other LCG rulebooks, and could have used a bit more adjustment for Arkham specifically.
  19. Well, I can't imagine FFG is doing 6 pack in 6 weeks then leaving the release channel dry for 4-6 months until whatever the next cycle is was going to start normally. It's probably safe to assume other stuff will be pushed up to fill the gap. Any way you slice it, it is a higher cost over time for some period of time. For some, that's negligible. For others, not so much. *shrug*
  20. It also isn't a unique card. Given that it explicitly uses the "Limit" templating, that's probably the safer rule to look to. Also:
  21. The monthly packs in a cycle get printed and shipped together, generally. Logistiically costly, but not an impossible change to make as late as summer. FFG also develops their products a couple years out, so the course correct could have been, say, 1 year ago, after they were committed to individual packs by print orders and warehousing commitments and so on.
  22. Seems like a late course-correct. Weekly release creates a lot of logistical headaches and a higher cost (to everyone from FFG to players and all points in between) versus releasing a deluxe or two (one seeker box, one keeper box, perhaps) early. Just an annoyance for me, though, not a deal breaker.
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