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  1. If the rules don't dictate otherwise, consistency is king. Eleanor being able to use her ability to cancel a treachery effect is consistent. Switching off one card type during setup is not. This is even more true with the rule revision on surge and doomed in that they activate during setup, whereas in the RAW, they didn't.
  2. The numbers are all relative to each other anyway - it's not like there's some Platonic quest out there against which all other quests are measured. As long as 1 is easier than 4 is easier than 7, we're good. My experience playing mostly solo and two player is that these numbers are pretty representative. As expansions come out, it's just a matter of pegging where on that scale each new quest falls. If it's tougher than the intro quest but easier than journey down the anduin, f'rex, it's just a matter of figuring out whether it's closer to one or the other to peg it at 2 or 3. As the card pool expands, the quest numbers can easily stay the same, because the raw difficulty doesn't actually matter - a difficulty 1 quest is still the "easiest" regardless of just how easy that is. If anything, as card pool grows for player decks and (theoretically) makes the game easier, we'll probably just see the ceiling on quest difficulty go up as tougher and tougher quests are designed. My guess on Hunt for Gollum is that it'll be on the low side, maybe even a 2. It's the beginning of a new cycle after all. It wouldn't surprise me if we jump around a bit during the cycle though. The trolls will probably be tougher, so probably a 6 or even higher, but then we might come back down for the 3rd pack to something in the middle range. So, for example, difficulties might look like: 2,6,3,5,4,8 (or something). More variety than a purely linear progression of difficulty.
  3. inle_badger said: SoB doesn't have land based encounter rolls!? I could believe they might not want to include all those overland tiles again, but how are Lieutenants fought? On the high seas, of course, with a buckle and swash! Arrr!
  4. I really like this card, for a couple reasons. Giving up your move to use it means you have to plan ahead to get the best result, by quite a bit in a 5 or 6 player game. Furthermore, if you have tactics (or have drawn tactics cards), it also means that other players are going to look at you a bit suspiciously if you, say, move to the Admiral's Quarters, or any one of a number of locations that could be helpful, but could also be part of an action, reveal strategy to put colonial ships or characters in danger (Communications, Command, several Pegasus locations), etc. This is one more tool, but also one more reason to doubt what would otherwise be a relatively benign move. Further, since we're getting new leadership cards, that deck is going to be dilluted, which means XO's won't be as reliably drawn. These should help offset that.
  5. I assume that there are multiple copies of some of the cards, based on these numbers.
  6. Nice and brief. Complexity should be in the strategy, not the rules, and that seems to be the case with the rules. Now we just have to see if the cards fulfill their end of the deal!
  7. Bleached Lizard said: When the fleet arrives at NC (I'm guessing after distance 6 or 7), Actually, I'd lay good odds that it'll be the new distance 8 effect. Instead of needing to make one more jump for the humans to win, you survive the New Caprica board. I further suspect that instead of a distance 4 sleeper phase, we might get an objective card where the Pegasus shows up at distance 4 and the fleet arrives at New Caprica at distance 8.
  8. Dark Young said: #1 is correct. What Dam said regarding Ravager from the Deep is an accurate example of how it would work otherwise. Ravager is a different situation, though, IMHO, as its effect hits everything at a story *after* it commits. Here's my thing: you're saying that if my opponent is the active player and commits a one skill and two skill guy to a story, then I commit the Freelance Agent, Freelance Agent gets +4 skulls. He's got good skill for cost *and* a strong ability. That seems a little much. Are you sure he doesn't only get the benefit when he's already committed and another player *then* commits low skill guys? Because if he works on previously committed guys retroactively, he seems like he's costed *way* low.
  9. From the neutral character, Freelance Agent: "While Freelance Agent is committed to a story, it gains for each character with lower skill committed by opponents." So, I figure this can be read one of two ways: 1) The entire time (while) FA is committed to a story, it gains the bonus for each character with lower skill committed by opponents, regardless of when they were committed. So, let's say the FA is defending, and the active player has already comitted Paul Lemond. As soon as the FA commits, he gains the bonus, because Paul Lemond is also committed. -or- 2) "While" refers to the effect's trigger, rather than the duration of the bonus. In this case, the Freelance Agent would *not* get the bonus in the situation above, because the Freelance Agent must already be committed when Paul Lemond commits in order to benefit from the bonus. Which is correct?
  10. Per the subject line...I'm thinking about buying in to Cthulhu, and I'm wondering if any folks in the Buffalo area play?
  11. This might be your plan already, but I would really recommend starting with the core game only and adding the expansions as you go. Even the base game is a lot to keep track of for a new player.
  12. In may, according to this: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=1&efcid=2&efidt=66031
  13. Sands introduced "Prophecy," if I'm not mistaken.
  14. BD Flory

    Doom Track

    I actually find the Doom Track rules as they stand are very workable. The trick is, however, to play with them in mind. First, and most obviously, since the doom track advances with each discarded card, you need to make sure you get the most bang for your buck out of your challenges. Advance to Yellow and Purple challenges as fast as possible. This means taking chances. At the same time, don't be afraid to run away. Since you're taking bigger risks earlier in the game in order to cope with the doom track, you need to be prepared to flee if a challenge proves too tough. Keep in mind also that flight from a challenge doesn't cause the challenge to be discarded, and therefore doesn't advance the doom track. Feel like the clock is running a little bit fast this game? Need to catch up after a knock out? Run away from challenges that discard themselves and grant a fixed gold reward in favor of those that read "take this card." Hand in hand with that: don't activate encounter abilities that require you to discard the card. Sure, maybe you don't make that Diplomacy check without the +2, or you won't get to Frostgate until your next turn. My wife and I routinely play with the doom track option as it appears in the rules. Occasionally, Margath wins. Usually, though, one of us can take him.
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