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  1. This. It also has the advantage of showing off those sweet card backs.
  2. It would have to be a pretty small box not to be able to hold Zealot + Zealot redux, even sleeved. I currently have Zealot + Rougarou + Carnevale, all sleeved, in one of their old OP LotR boxes, which are on the small side. What I hope for, though, is that it's a big enough box to hold an 8 scenario campaign + redux cards (sleeved), so the box can be a standard size if they do develop additional redux products with their own boxes for other campaigns. The extra space for Zealot could be used for standalone scenarios, decks, overflow player cards, tokens, or whatever. It might be a vain hope (especially considering we don't even know if there are plans for any such product), but nonetheless...
  3. Fairly certain that, like nightmare mode for LotR, these are alternate versions of the three existing scenarios, not new scenarios intended to be played after the core campaign is complete.
  4. He seems more like a guardian with rogue access to me, possibly through illicit.
  5. Honestly, even unrestricted level 0 access would be extremely powerful. I doubt we'll ever see it.
  6. Yeah, that sounds like a pretty big error! It is true that you clear all doom from the board when the agenda advances, which is a commonly overlooked rule. So they might have been saying that, and either they misspoke or OP misunderstood.
  7. I pretty much play on as high a difficulty as the people I'm playing with are willing to attempt, but I don't push it too hard -- I want everyone to have fun! So it tends to land at hard/expert, and occasionally standard with new players.
  8. These cards don't change the fundamental nature of the skill test, they just modify the skill being tested. You can still only commit intellect cards for an intellect test, combat cards for a combat test, etc. If the card you commit happens to also have an agility icon, the icon is wasted. Only "appropriate" icons grant a skill bonus, which is defined as skill icons matching the type of skill test.
  9. Oversight, I'm sure. They don't generate a new FAQ document each time they publish, just update the old one. The last version was published in 2017.
  10. Yes, that's what I meant. re: Rougarou's specific requirement appearing on the text of the card. You don't have to read a card aloud unless it tells you to, and we already have examples where some do. I'd be very surprised if we don't get more cards that have this kind of effect over the rest of Carcosa. The card text imposes the requirement, which imposes a requirement where there is generally none.
  11. Hard to say. It makes sense for FFG's various digital projects to be consolidated, but at the same time, board games with integrated apps like MoM might be easier to manage if app development is kept in-house. FFG Digital is (I believe) based out of Madison, WI, not Roseville (where FFG is based).
  12. There is no rule that requires cards to be read aloud. I have no doubt, however, that specific card text will require it going forward, such as when Curse of the Rougarou asks the lead investigator to read certain text aloud.
  13. We already know of five titles thanks to a leak from a Russian (?) distributor. Roland (The Dirge of Reason) is known thanks to some of his cards included in Jenny's book in error. The other two are To Fight the Black Wind and The Deep Gate. Someone else put forward a solid argument that Black Wind is Akachi, and my half-assed guess is that The Deep Gate is Silas Marsh.
  14. IT's the Daisy from the Invocation event. Just alt-art.
  15. I rarely play solo. Probably 50% 2p, 50% 3 and 4p, give or take. It's true that action efficiency matters less as you add players, but it matters more again as you increase difficulty, due to the inevitable waste of failed actions. I play almost exclusively on hard/expert, unless I'm teaching the game to someone new.
  16. I do like Rite of Seeking on him because of the way Deduction and other skill cards disrupt his game flow by blocking the top of his deck. Upgraded Rite also buffs his Willpower slightly higher than his intellect. He can also use Blood Pact to boost it, but can't do the same to Intellect with Higher Ed (because he can't have it). I probably wouldn't take it blind, but if I have the xp to spend before going into Essex County and Blood on the Altar, it's a decent pick.
  17. The combo is okay, but action intensive. It gets better in multiplayer (since it burns relatively fewer of your collective actions). Scrying's also good on its own -- it lets you set the card you play at a discount, the card you draw during upkeep, and set the card you play next turn at a discount.
  18. Originally printed in the Path to Carcosa campaign guide, in case there's any doubt as to officialprovenance.
  19. I have zero issue with more lore. If the interest in fiction is there, and if FFG can produce it at sufficient quality to be sustainable on its own merits, great. That isn't what they're doing.
  20. That's only one possible solution (and I agree, not a particularly great one). Just off the top of my head, they could do a boxed standalone campaign, with 15 cards (give or take) dedicated to replacement cards for investigators who have appeared in the core and deluxe boxes we already have. At the Mountains of Madness campaign in a box with 5 replacement investigator sets? Sure, sign me up. Do one of these periodically, in parallel with the deluxe/cycle releases, like LotR does saga boxes, and voila -- 5 or so replacement investigator sets twice a year (ish) about the same rate at which these seem to be coming out. Even at a slightly higher price point than the current deluxe boxes (I think?) these would weigh in at roughly the cost of two novellas for 5 investigator replacements plus scenarios, and at roughly the same rate of release per investigator. That people keep saying, "Oh, we could never have these cards except if they came with the novella," is a failure of imagination. Wait, you're using, "They can sell us substandard products that wouldn't support themselves in the marketplace unless they leverage these promo cards to drive sales to people who wouldn't buy the fiction," as a point in favor? That's not a good thing -- that's exactly the kind of marketing I don't want to see FFG pursue.
  21. Norman's an astronomer. If there's one Old One "the stars are right" is associated with, it would be Cthulhu. There are certainly other investigators who would fit. Let's amend my statement to, "knowing that Norman is on the way, he's more appropriate to Cthulhu than Shub," which are what I expect the next two boxes to be.
  22. Yes, thus, "we thought that with Marie, too." My money had been on Norman in a Cthulhu box, with a suspicion that Cthulhu would be the last of the four old ones featured in core to get his own box. But we'll see. That being said, while I'm invested in Arkham, if Norman is pushed off indefinitely like Marie, I'm pretty much out on picking up any future LCGs FFG puts out. The lack of this kind of release is what attracted me to LCGs over CCGs in the first place.
  23. Notice that his cards are replacements just like Jenny's. He just happens to be dropping before his associated box rather than after. It's probably safe to assume he's in the next deluxe (though we thought that with Marie, too...).
  24. I'm not sure if this is exactly what FrodoBaggins2 was referring to, but you are correct -- effects that "play" cards, such as Calling in Favors and Ever Vigilant, are still restricted by Lola's text. Effects that "put into play" cards (such as Sleight of Hand) are not restricted by her text (except, of course, for being in the appropriate class to play the initial effect itself, such as rogue for Sleight).
  25. It's long-established practice with LotR to use Fellowship events as an avenue for early release of content that's made more generally available later (Arkham does it, too, although thus far limited to cons with Labyrinths). I'm disappointed that didn't turn out to be the case here. Missed opportunity. I wouldn't be surprised if FFG had intended for this to be a Labyrinths event, and something got messed up in the logistics such that Labyrinths wouldn't be available in time.
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