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  1. Oh, God no. Story assets are often overpowered for their cost to begin with. No need to make them even better by taking away a disadvantage.
  2. Well, UU can be pretty easy if you eat it on Blood on the Altar, but I agree. My first guess from the OP is some rules and interactions were missed.
  3. Well, generally speaking, you're instructed to "draw" the enemy for effects like this, but yes, if that's not the case (or it has spawn), another gator could choose to engage instead of you.
  4. The test is part of the cost of movement per Arcane Barrier, so the enemy would spawn on the location you're attempting to leave, but before you've actually left. So whether you succeed or fail, it'll be in your threat area.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing the Shub-Niggurath box (if it follows Carcosa) explore damage in the way Carcosa purports to explore horror.
  6. Ew. 8 scenarios is quite long enough for me, thanks.
  7. Nope. I suspect the additional trauma imposed by campaign resolutions is in part to put a damper on the variant of continuing with your investigator in a new campaign.
  8. Yeah, Red-Gloved Man is good for Yorick, but certainly not a problem. Yorick doesn't have easy access to additional actions, and the fact that you have to kill an enemy to proc his ability means you have two actions left to take advantage of him, for 2 resources and tying up your ally slot. Hardly game-breaking.
  9. MSRP is $40 in the US. More than $40 is a markup due to scarcity. The reprint should drop the price back down at most sellers.
  10. I would say there are some deeper thematic connections in the rest of the King in Yellow that also tie to Bierce's works. It's more to do with literary devices, theme and tone than it is obvious plot elements, though. It's unclear how much inspiration will be drawn from that material, though. We'll see! I'm really hoping the cycle leans heavily on the idea of an unreliable narrator, for one.
  11. It would be very strange not to test a new cycle's cards with older cycles' scenarios, especially early in a game's life when there aren't five or six cycles worth of scenarios to grind. We can otherwise guess that there's certainly a mix of playtest methods, at least internally, much like the core box was tested with just the starters and with constructed decks. I'm sure new cycles are tested with a mix of decks built from core and that cycle only, as well as from a pool of all cards. Really, the most important thing to balance is player cards against one another, as scenario difficulty is adjustable, and campaigns are flexible enough to allow for more and less difficult scenarios. The other thing to test would be if any cards outright break scenarios -- not just making them easier, but making them trivial via some shortcut. I think it's pretty unlikely that playtesting doesn't look across all player cards for this.
  12. Well, the Necronomicon is in Daisy's threat area because of its Revelation effect (Samedi merely goes into play), but that doesn't change the fact that Daisy owns and controls it. "Cannot leave play," is certainly the deciding factor, though, you're absolutely right.
  13. You can't choose to discard weaknesses specifically from hand.
  14. It'll hit FFG's "upcoming" page about two weeks before it drops:
  15. I don't see what part of that isn't covered by what I said. Clan loyalty is rewarded, but players who don't care can easily ignore it.