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  1. Speculation - New Product Type

    I'm pretty sure @CSerpent meant instead of the novellas. Which, speaking for myself, would be a vast improvement. Although I think it would be silly to make these scenarios completely unplayable by other gators, as proposed by OP. Instead, just seed them with some specific interactions for the featured gator (similar to the way Lola begins Curtain Call backstage, but with more or more impactful examples).
  2. Suggestion is broken?

    This is really the main point some keep ignoring. Level 4 cards are powerful, generally class-locked effects. Up to 3 dodges and an indefinite once per turn giant evade (which, remember, does not by itself actually take anything off the board), really isn't unreasonable. There are level 0 cards that give you +1 to an ability on as many tests as you can muster actions, and give other benefits besides. A card that gives a +3 or +4 to a single test in a turn, even when it's out of uses, is petty on-curve at 4xp. Except for the fact that it's spell-traited, I might even suggest it isn't good enough (but spell gives it a lot of powerful interactions). Something else to consider: It's a rogue card granting evade bonuses. To some degree, it's a hat on a hat. It would be much more remarkable in, say, seeker.
  3. Novella Speculation

    I'm not talking about Norman. I'm referring to Marie.
  4. Novella Speculation

    Sure, some speculation is fun. As long as it's treated as speculation, and not fact. Otherwise, you wind up with people asking for feedback on decks for investigators where half the cards might not even be legal, because we haven't even seen the back of the card!
  5. Novella Speculation

    That would be making the problem worse, not better.
  6. Novella Speculation

    It's worth bearing in mind that we already got a mystic in a book previous to this set of five. We know of 6 books. I also think that, as the investigator pool grows, it will be less and less important to have an even mix of classes. Both because we'll have gators like Norman who access classes in significantly different ways from what's been the norm so far, and because a 3/1/2/2/2 mix looks a lot more weird than a 6/4/5/5/5 mix. Mainly, I'm just being skeptical, and wasn't sure if I'd missed an announcement!
  7. Novella Speculation

    Is an even class mix confirmed? I don't think they've even hinted at the future novellas (outside the title leak).
  8. Novella Speculation

    The novella investigator cards are identical to their deluxe box releases except for their art. Only the two replacement cards are different.
  9. Suggestion is broken?

    The secondary ability to cancel attacks can't be used if you have no charges.
  10. Suggestion is broken?

    Fof 4 xp it should be crazy good. I could see it being an intentional omission.
  11. La era olvidada

    He ultimately did get an official investigator sheet for Arkham, although a promotional one. At this point, though, they're out of pre-existing gators in Eldritch and Elder Sign, so I would expect to a similar gator mix as they each get new boxes. It's either that or separate new ones for each line.
  12. The Next LCG

    Somewhere in the wilds of the internet, an FFG employee commented on how they looked at getting Jyhad/Vampire a while ago, but it didn't make financial sense for them. It was a while ago, though, and things may have changed.
  13. They're right on the website:
  14. Mostly hard, occasionally expert. Expert loses a lot of its charm when you're playing alone.
  15. I'm sure they take it very seriously. It makes them a lot of money. Everyone I've talked or listened to that's involved with narrative design of the various Arkham Files games are quite well-informed on the mythos. Narrowing it to focus on the work of Lovecraft to the exclusion of others, I think, rather misses the point of the mythos. They also did AtMoM first for Eldrith Horror (well, first among the big boxes), so I think they'll do what inspires them, between the two. Although it may be a while before we see either one, really. Night of the Zealot owes more to Clark Ashton Smith, and Carcosa obviously draws more on Chambers than Lovecraft (thus the trip to Paris). I expect we'll see Shub and Cthulhu soon, but more because we already have them as "agents of" in the core box than any other reason.