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  1. Can attributes drop below the starting value in this game? i.e. to 1? I could've sworn I read that they could not in the rules, but I may be thinking of Talisman.
  2. Does Termie armor have the same subsystems as power armor? When you get a suit of termie armor do only 3 of the subsystems work?
  3. Kerrik said: Planning is small-time. If I play a berzerker, my inspiration will be Kharn. If he dies... Eh. So you would kill the other PC's?
  4. I'm curious. How would you roleplay Barbaroth other than running around screaming about blood and skulls?
  5. Nina isn't saying much for such a social butterfly. Oh well. More!
  6. Just wondering if they did one for RT like they did for Dark Heresy?
  7. Gregorius21778 said: ...or it is just one of the minor mistakes that happen if somebody tries to write something quickly =0) Which is what I believe it is. That's what I figured. I thought about it, and maybe the Carrion Queen lets them back through?
  8. Does FFG plan to errata books beyond the core book and the Inquistor's Handbook?
  9. It mentions the Carrion Queen sending hunters to the lower decks for food and prisoners. But how do they get back to the upper deck if they can't go through the sanctum gate?
  10. If Kharn hadn't split the Legion someone else would have. The World Eaters were ready to break apart. They just needed one final push. Either that or Khorne has a special place in his heart for Team Killers.
  11. Unfortunately they can no longer create new Rubric marines. Though I believe there is an old piece of fluff that suggests the spirits of Rubric marines can be re-bound if their armor is destroyed in battle.
  12. Actually they are bring Zoats and Fimir back for the Storm of Magic WFB expansion. And I recall a later story about how the Inquisition wiped out a supposed Tzeentch cult calling themselves the Sensei, that makes me laugh.
  13. I'd love to see stats for the CSM characters. Then I can run a fight between Lucius and Kharn.
  14. So the power armor doesn't actually add +20% to Strength, giving them a Strength in the 60's?
  15. I've noticed that the chaos marines in Broken Chains have a SB of 10, and a base Strength in the mid 40's. Is this including the bonus strength from power armor? I can't imagine that a marines Strength is 27 without their armor.
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