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  1. So what's the point in Sig.Wargear (Master) with bonuses applying in the case of armour? We have rules specifically written for a setting that do not fit with setting... I am wondering what they had in mind at the moment at FFG...
  2. Hi Actually, is it possible to requisition exceptionnal/mastercrafted power armour, or any armour as a matter of fact, using signature wargear as, with some exceptions (diagnosticator helmet...), most of the armours don't have a requisition cost? How do you handle that issue? Grimtooth
  3. Hereticool said: ... I suppose the biggest advantage is my wife plays, and she is more of an addict than I am. So we play usually Tues and Thursday nights and then Sat. and/or Sun... Why you lucky bastard you are! Do you realise you found a pearl!!! My GF plays DH (I'm GM) with me and our friends once a week but argue when I go to play another game once every 2 weeks. The emperor sure shine on your soul!!! Back to the topic. I agree with most of what you say regarding Ascencion. The problem or more specifically the question to me remain as how to make a whole of the 2 games (DH & RT). It was still possible before Ascension. The variations between different power levels makes it a nightmare if you want to be fair with everone... Grimtooth
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