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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure it will be, or you'll be on 2nd edition or some such. I hope there's never a time when my daughter is too old to spend time with her Dad, but I guess I'm overly optimistic...
  2. No def 2/3 seasons I'm not sure where I got up too. It did get better that's for sure but it was really skin crawly in places but each to there own, for me it was Star Wars the family Sitcom but at the end of the day I have no mind to what people prefer and it had some good things as well as the irritating. As for the Prequal trilogy, I said episode 2/3 specifically not episode one (which is beyond awful - it doesn't make sense, has nothing going for it at all), and generally episode 2 ignoring anything when skywalker is ******* cause that's just annoying. It was more because of how over rated episode VII was, everyone was like its fantastic and it really wasn't. Count Duku is vastly better as a villian than than Kylo Ren, he is solid and the Emperor well he's the Emperor so you can't have issue with him. Yet again I don't really care enough for any of this to matter, I can watch my way though stuff and be entertained and that's where it ends for me, though I've got friends who are far more into the lore than myself who'd be tearing at there hair over my opinions.
  3. My daughter is only 3 but I've got a life times worth of games to play with her when she's a little bit older. Prior to lockdown I'd started a weekly mansions of madness game with my partner of 15 years, so I've finally cracked getting her to play games with me so I hope to expand the range of games over time and introduce my daughter as early as possible. I'm having to order Jabba, bespoke and the Rebels expansion, some of the blisters seem really hard to track down at the moment, capatain Tarro for example I can't find anywhere in Europe in English. So I'll get what I can order the rest and try to get the expansion packs as quick as I can. I am very much a star wars casual however, I've watched all the movies, rogue one, solo, I was surprised by the clone wars series, I actually enjoyed it quite alot and am watching it again at the moment, Rebels well I've watch the first 3 seasons I think but if I hadn't watched though Clone Wars first I wouldn't have got past the first episode, not great but I'll try to watch series 4 at some point. Oh I really enjoyed the mandalorian as well, that was very enjoyable. However I'm strictly a star wars casual, I have no major emotial attachment to the lore and as such don't mind the prequals, I actually prefered episode 2/3 to VII & VIII, VII especially but its because it was so well recieved and I don't know why, its partly because I don't think Kylo Ren is a good Villian, he just looks like a soppy university student, he's not believable as being scary at all and that really ruins the movies for me, awfully cast IMO, and what's that stupid light sabre about.. lol. Anyway I think being somewhat casual will really allow me to enjoy this game more than a hardline fan could, because I'm not overly wishful or hating on anything even rebels which was a bit silly, the silly art girl and the kid with the catapult it just felt weak, but it was the whole art style as well, the Clone Wars was pretty dark and you finally get some character development and slow corruption of Skywalker, you can see he's different from other jedi and slowly becomes more apparent, though it does make the Jedi order seem somewhat moronic being unable to see what's right in front of them. Anyway reading on the forums I see there's hope for some new product, which means reprints of old product should be more likely so hopefully I'll be able to get the complete set eventually, its shocking how fast you can spend money on this I've got about £650 of things in my basket across a couple of websites...
  4. Planning a giant splurge this month, I'm going to try to get as much as I physically can so all expansions (though some I'll have to order), and as many ally/villian packs as I can. Not sure why but games like this always drag me right in and by the by its about time I had some star wars painted up on my mini shelves.
  5. So does that mean that they actually have stock and its still in production? Not to worry I imagine Disney happened lisence wise but is there a way to know if its still being printed?
  6. What I'm looking to play 1 verses many and using the app solo/co-op. I didn't know skirmish was a thing so its something I hadn't considered but would look into. Seems Jabbas realm is the most recomended but also is out of stock in the UK from what I can tell but I'll keep my eyes open. I will see what I can get, is this being reprinted at all, looking at the FFG website its impossible to tell and everything is out of stock making me wonder if its still viable to get into Imperial Assault right now.
  7. I'm sure you'll see a ton of these thread but as someone with all of Descent 1st and 2nd edition is it worth me picking up imperial assualt, I'm a go big or go home kinda person so if its worth getting what expansions are must have and what villian/ally packs are must have. Likely I'll pick up all the expansions eventually if I invest and I'll prob kick in around £300 to begin with so what's good what's not and is it really worth it?
  8. I really love the Tainted Cards, I feel they bring that 1e feeling to descent 2e, and make the options of styles of play and what OL cards are relevant far more diverse. The I'm thinking about moving them over to other campaigns with the 1xp bonus for heroes as a balancer... I really wish they'd made them portable in there core concept as a optional addition.
  9. I'd be beyond happy if its Descent 2e version of road to legend, I realise the big campaigns are like marmite but for me its what 2e is missing, a more freeform campaign style I just hope they keep it hybrid.
  10. I got all the expansions via gameslore last year, if they don't have them in stock maybe shoot them a email to see if they can get it from there supplier, if not you might need to order from overseas and pay taxes, but its well worth a email first. I think there's a number of Lieutenant packs that have been unavailable since I picked it up, the Dragon, the Big Spider and I can't find Splig now either, but the main expansions have been kicking around.. Also you won't be able to get the conversion kit as far as I know, I've never seen it in stock, luckily I brought a brand new copy of 1st edition plus expansions and it was included.
  11. I'm looking forwards to it and in the Dark you also wrote, my partner is really into the whole genre though shes not a gamer, literally dipped her toe in for the first time last week when we got half way though the first standard scenario, before we had to collect our daughter from nursery, looking forwards to finishing it next week and will see how she feels, she def likes it thus far however but understanding actions and abilities is taking her attention more than what's going on at the moment, but the reason I chose MoM beyond the theme was because its very simple so I'm sure she'll have the mechanics in the background in no time at all.
  12. Wow that was fast, my copies of both turned up today... I ordered on Sunday that's crazy.. Now I just need FFG to read my ticket about not having the conversion kit so I can actually use them...
  13. Its pretty easy to run, just download the Exe. install, then with steam open run the import and then add all the products you have like you would with the app.. When you chose a scenario simply download and play... I've not played any scenarios using it but I took a look and imported all the relevant data across. It doesnt use tiles from the Serpent expansion yet, but I'm sure that's in progress but otherwise, everything is there and it even has an option for the conversion kit.
  14. I personally can't wait to try those scenarios out, need to work though the standard ones first.. I imagine the customs scenarios will be a little more like marmite and overall more specific in contents where as the FFG ones will be trying to target as wide an audience as possible, as such I'll be working my way though `lots of those scenarios to find those that are specific to my taste (I'll provide feedback as well). Just need more time to play games, its hard with a 3 year old.
  15. Yeah I saw it still stated it contained the conversion kit on the website, I'm hoping they just send out the missing bits, its been a long time since I've had a missing item issue with FFG but last time they got me the stuff pretty quick, this time however they've not even read my support ticket yet.
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