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  1. Actually not quite correct. You play the banner of a different faction & that lets you use their non loyal cards provided you use at least 12 of them. Confused the hell out of me.
  2. While it is a dumb combo - using 3-5 resources & 1-2 cards to get one you can use Villya in the refresh phase after Elrond refreshes before he disappears.
  3. I saw that. I was trying to be supportive but not doing a very good job. I like one "deck to rule them all" as I tend to play in bursts & want to run through several scenarios rather than rerunning one over & over. If there is someone around to make interesting & novel & at least somewhat effective decks for me that are tailored to the missions in hand then that's good for me! I am looking forward to your Love of Tales deck * *IMO it might be passable if 2-3 people all play some sort of Love of Tales decks then the resource income is multiplied much faster. It's pretty Heath Robinson** though & probably too slow for serious play. ** Rube Goldberg to Americans
  4. Yeah how dare you try to make something of a bunch of coaster level cards! It snowed here yesterday - quite unexpected. There true but not quite as unhelpful as the quoted post. I would be interested in hearing just what quests you can win with this - some of the Dwarrowdelf ones I expect - probably not the Watcher as the enemies are very low threat but the 3 long questy ones, maybe even the one with the elder things? As I am a "deck for all seasons" sort of guy this is not my cup of tea but it's nice to see
  5. My version of Thalin & co was a bit different - for a start it did not have Thalin I used Bifur & I Narvi's Belt for some Tactics & Spirit cards (2 more or less unnecessary Will of the West & 3 Erebor Battlemaster). The lower starting threat gives it more time to develop before hitting the Trolls & then very high attack characters in the Battlemasters to finish Tom quickly. I guess this fits your single high attack character pattern though. For leadership style can you not take down Tom in 2 turns with Sneak Attack Gandalf, Attack with Gandalf, Gandalf? Then swarm the other trolls.
  6. I have beaten the quest using dwarfs with no spirit or burning brands. You need to play around Sleeping Sentry but using a swarm of dwarfs buffed by the super OP Dain you can quest effectively while you only risk losing a few allies. Fat dwarf heroes can tank some damage & untapping a bit with Cram or lure of Moria which helps. When I did figure out how to play this deck against it I got a huge sense of satisfaction but it was very frustrating & it can still all go down to a badly timed (ie early) Sentry/ (late) Orc Ambush. I do think it is a pretty terrible quest as you do not get any sense of increasing tension or anything like that you just get the dread of a badly timed "you lose" card.
  7. karagh said: "Usefull" cards are those that won't win you a game, but will help you control the Encounter deck (hard-soft counters), help you setting up your strategy (songs, card draw) or are cards always playable regardles of your deck (cheap eagles, signals). Examples: Unexpected Courage, Steward of Gondor, Feint, Arwen, Warden of Healing, Daeron's Runes… "Power" cards are those that can change the tide of the game (Taking Initiative, Hail of Stones, A Very Good Tale) but require specific conditions to do so, and those that are part of a deck engine (Zigil Minil, Legacy of Durin). It is a strange taxonomy that does not include Unexpected Courage, Steward of Gondor or Feint amongst power cards. The core set has a lot of very strong cards that are very straightforward like A Test of Will, Hasty Stroke or Feint. It is hard to improve upon these as they are unconditionally good. Burning Brand is a good example of an alternative to Hasty Stroke as it is a different sphere & card type & has different restrictions - it is reusable but only works on attackers hitting the carrier. On the other hand Quick Strike & Behind Strong Walls are pretty much inferior versions of Feint. You would want to include 3 Feints before you added in these cards without a cunning combo based plan. While is a good way of expending the card pool to make cards that must be built around rather than ones that are just overtly powerful but the presence of super strong cards in the core set does squash the design space. Anyway along with all these really good cards there are a lot that are poor or just not useful - allies with bad stats & abilities that are not useful or super situational events or ones that are overcosted (Loriens wealth & Gandalfs Search & the healing one ). These cards are just not useful & so there will inevitably be improvements in later sets if the job they do is deemed worth doing - card draw & healing in this case. Some allies will be better than what has gone before - Erebor Battlemaster is a bit of a ridiculous outlier in terms of numbers in any deck he will be in. But even if the numbers are just shuffled round some will appear more useful - West Road Traveller is 2 Willpower for 2 but only has 1 hp is that better than 1 Willpower & 2 hp? Well sometimes it is but occasionally not - if there is a lot of ally hate. So I think I too see three groups of cards in expansions (well 4) Egregiously powerful cards - cards that are just better than the baseline that has been established possibly too much so. Glorfindel with Light of Vlainor, Erebor Battlemaster etc. Uniqueness is a "cost" that can balance some of the more powerful cards down but there comes a point (er will probably come a point) where there are enough uniques to fill all of your character slots. (this is a symptom of Legend of the 5 Rings cycles. Patch cards that cover an ability that was not very useful before (or an ally slot) & so are more powerful than before but thats comparing with somwhet underpowered stuff EGs are Warden of Healing, Daeron's Runes (Well thats more the previous category). Tactics Bofur for willpower. Rivendell Blade - a better weapon. I would include songs here as they "patch" multishpere decks "Key word" cards. I distinguish these from theme as with theme I think people play them because they want a deck with a rich flavour whereas for my keywords I want powerful effects /combos/synergies with the cards I play. The only ones that really work now are dwarfs & to a lesser extent eagles though there is the odd benefit elsewhere (if you have Rivendell Blades to give to Legolas you might include some other elves to get any spares etc). Here you might get cards identical other than keyword (or with very minor abilities like the West Road Traveller) More bad cards - some new cards are equally weak as what is already there & has no obvious ability to be combined with other cards to make it better. Secrecy has this (Resourceful is still playable ish, most of the others are not sufficient compensation for the penalty of playing them & compete with the strong vanilla cards like A Test of Will ). Anyway in summary the cards do not always get better but the ones that get used do. There are good & bad reasons why this happens but some power creep is inevitable & even desirable. FFG have a challenge balancing this against the difficulty of existing & new quests. Hopefully they will do it by broadening the scope of what is playable & doing it in different ways - an elf synergy deck that is the same as a dwarf synergy deck would be dull. This would be more intersting than unchecked power creep.
  8. 51 - I can never shift that last card. I tried using 50 card packs of funky sleeves but they splt then you get more & have spares. Playing less is easy mode but it's a solo game so knock yourself out.
  9. CJMatos said: Legolas : The unique card (not hero, not character but card) capable of dealing with locations (plus 9 threat and 3 attack are the best stats for me in tactics) And what about Northern Tracker and Lorien Guide, just for character cards in the Core? Ancestral Knowledge (KD), Asfaloth (FoS), Ravenhill Scout (TRG) (indirectly), Ride to Ruin (THoEM), Strengh of Will (Core), The Riddermark's Finest (THoEM) Not tactics cards. I am not sure it helps enough as tactics is really bad at questing but on form Legolas is gives pseudo action efficiency as he get 2 points of questing on top of attacking & can att those points even if you are gummed up struggling to oivercome the threat in staging. Or he can just watch as more & more locations pile up…
  10. It's rare in a game like this to have strong consensus on power level but in LotR I have seen no dissent that Dain & Glorfindel are the best two heroes. Dain's buff on top of the other dwarf synergies makes them capable of bulldozing most quests. Glorfindel has excellent stats that with Light of Valinor as a cheap Unexpected Courage that lets him quest & attack every turn (or defend if he is desparate). Since he has only 5 starting threat you get the benefits of 2 high value heroes for the cost of one of them. These seem to be pretty much crutches for all of the top tier lists. So what are the best decks people use without using either of these heroes? Either suggest a solo deck or use a pair of decks (or more) that can work together.
  11. benhanses said: But Eowyn is going to be my first major split from where your comments lead. I will admit to being like every other fresh player when I started… I ran her in EVERY deck, she's just too easy to put in there for questing. But after that, her abilities are just….. absent. About the only thing that can be said for her is that she can burn unwanted cards out of your hand. Let's think about that statement… If you have that many cards to just burn for willpower, you may need to retool your deck. While she clearly has the best willpower for heroes, this game now has TOO many options for generating willpower in other ways to hamstring your fellowship by relying on a hero that can only do ONE thing. Success in this game has proven to be solidly tied to "action potential" - gaining extra questing, defending, attacking, text abilities, etc from your heros. Glorfindel, Aragorn, Boromir are example of these built in. And you can use them in multiple phases successfully because of their abilities AND stats. Let's say we ready Eowyn once she quests. Then what? Is she really the hero yo plan on defending or attacking with?? Now with that all being said, she does add extra value in multiplayer BECAUSE of her "card burn". Even though I poo-pooed it a moment ago, there is a difference between using her in solo games, where she is very limited in what a solo player can do with her, as opposed to in a multiplayer game where she can "quest tank" in the place of two different heros. The ability for, say, three people to potentially push her willpoer to a value of 7, for example, means that another player has the potential for saving one of their heros from needing to quest. That's about the only way that she can generate extra "action potential". So even though I have tried to break my friends that I play with from their Eowyn addictions, I really don't mind when they plunk her down in a game (one less hero slot they might use to conflict with any of my chosen heros as well…. lol). Interesting analysis of Eowyn. I see your point but even at her super focused state I think she is very strong even in solo play. She quests as well as 11/2 other heros so she gets that pseudo action advantage & 11/2 heroes is conservative as she can be boosted & has quite low threat for her 4 points so to get the same willpower you need about double her threat (Glorfindel & Dain boosted dwarfs excepted as they are an issu in themselves) Why she is so much better than Beregond especially solo is that you need to quest pretty much every turn to keep you threat low even if you do not want to progress the quest. Attacking & defending are activities you only need to do when a monster appears. This will not be every turn in solo play & even in multi you can make a deck that rarely has to actually attack the enemies - just fend off the odd one. This gives her much more versatility than Boromir - even though he can attack repeatedly for loads afer defending 4 times if all you have are locations then he is a 1 point quester who gives no action advantage. It's a subtle strength of Beravor that she has something to do if her solid atack will power & questing are not needed, assumiong you do not just go for her more overt strength & draw cards in planning. Occasionally 4 points of questing can be a problem if you really do not want to progress a quest stage but it is an abundance of riches you can live with.
  12. No. It is in the faq that because he is neutral he is not of any sphere & an ineligible target. Sounds fishy reasoning for te effect they want but stil you can't do it
  13. They all belong to several & the game so far does quite a good job there. Dwarfs - All rounders. I like the strong Lore/Leadership take the game has even though LoTR has combat as the focus (Gimli). I think the Hobbit dwarfs are less fightery (it's 30 years since I read it). I remember the Silmarillion ones being craftsmen & miners Elves - All Rounders. Noldor are probably more Spirit/Leadershp & Silvan lore with both doing some Tactics - Feonor (sp?) & sons Rohan - weak lore. So far the game has made them too much Spirit & not enough of Tactics & Leadership. Hobbitses - Nazguhl chow - my favorite par of the Decipher game was feeding hobbits to Nazghul. They are pretty weak overall but have everything a bit & spirit most, lore hardly at all. (Merry maybe tactics, Sam leadership) Gondor - not sure. Compared to elves & dwarfs weak lore so relatively strong tactics & leadership as Spirit seems to be for Rohan. Dale, Beronings - no idea
  14. Cutievalkyrie said: 1. Go to the exit directly and if its a trap, you loose(>50%) 2. Use the old tool to dig out the exit 2. Is this a trick Question? With all the readying good decks pack you should be able to bust through in 2 turns (or one - Dain, Cram, Lure of Moria, Erebor Record Keeper was my last go)
  15. I think you are pretty much right. Glorfindel is pretty overpowered - has to be to outshine Eowyn. & is the best hero in the game. For Lore Bifur is is also very good & Ori with dwarfs. I am not sure about Elrond as his ability is slowish & he has huge threat. I feel he is better in multiplayer than solo. Tactics as a good number of decent heroes without any feeling dominant like Dain/Glrofindel. Hama is good too as well as the two you mentioned. I am not impressed by Beregond.
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