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  1. Not sure if this forum is still up running since Descent SE is up. Nonetheless I ask. We are playing rtl and approaching the avatar keep. We are wondering if the lieutenants will reinforce the avatarkeep if they are 1 trail away from the keep, the same way a lieutenant would reinforce a normal dungeon?
  2. From RTL: Shadowy Copse: Deep Shadows -Figures cannot trace line of sight further than 3 spaces away. Soar: (shortened): Any figure with Soar is considered to be flying above the ground, and the range both to and from it is increased by four spaces. Last game we had a conflict regarding these two combos. OL figured he could hold a razorwing out of reach by not swooping down on the heroes. Heroes managed to clear all other monsters, but since the razorwing didnt swoop down they couldnt end the outdoor encounter, apart from fleeing(heroes didnt have blast/breathweapons). The entire event resulted in a heated debate where heroes didnt want to give in, all just guarding around the razorwing, while the OL kept his stance. Blood has been spilt, bones have been broken, teeth have been lost, and we figure we all need to look for a solution on the O mighty forum. Does anyone have a solution to our problem? Or is it just plain simple: this is a battle the OL cant lose if he just doesnt swoop down? In the start of the event the OL suggested to let the razorwing be "out of reach" untill all other monsters were dead, but it seemed strange and the suggestion was voted down.
  3. gran_orco said: Moneseki said: 1. We are wondering if the Animate Weapons attack can be taunted(atm ruled as no). 2. Also, if a hero affected by Animate Weapons has a blast weapon, will the blast affect nearby heros? If yes, a nearby hero is dodging, will the dodge only work for the dodging hero, or will it the entire blast be dodged? In advance thanks for input. If I undersand yuor question, I think that you can use feat cards. (Taunt=avoid?) Yes. The entire blast is dodged. We dont have the expansion with feats. I was more thinking of the skill Taunt. Animate Weapons says every hero in the dungeon must make one attack that only affects himself. Since the attack can only affect himself, it seems like it cant be taunted(thereby affecting another figure). Yet, if the hero has a blastweapon, the attack would affect other heroes within the blast, meaning the Animate Weaponcard is not entirely fulfilled.
  4. 1. We are wondering if the Animate Weapons attack can be taunted(atm ruled as no). 2. Also, if a hero affected by Animate Weapons has a blast weapon, will the blast affect nearby heros? If yes, a nearby hero is dodging, will the dodge only work for the dodging hero, or will it the entire blast be dodged? In advance thanks for input.
  5. We have an encounter with a soaring manticore(named). OL wants to move the monster to a space where another manticore is, attack from the same space and then move away. Is this a legal move? Normaly any figure cannot attack from the space when there is another figure, but OL thinks this is legal since the monster is soaring/flying. Inputs are welcome.
  6. 1: Thanks all. Kalev, thanks for pointing out it goes both ways. Pit-LOS isnt very logical to us(you`re in a pit, you only see adjacent. 10 spaces away from you a monster see you without a problem. Anyone able to explain how that is logical?). Last session we argued over this question. All meaning hero cant see the enemy, but 2 think the monster can see the hero furthest away since he is in a pit, while 1 think it cant due to the hero in front of the first hero. 2: So Tahlia gets movement points instead of ehhh "move"???? That makes her pretty much more powerful than we have played her the 3 months shes been in play. Here she`s only been allowed to move up to three spaces, no movement actions permitted. In addition, another question that came to my mind...... Crystal of Tival reads : "Discard after equipping at the start of your turn to recover 6 wounds and restore your fatigue to its maximum value." Does this mean if you equip it you NEED to discard it? If so the hero has to put it in the backpack and avoid using a "other"-slot until its time to use it. Thanks for all cents.
  7. 1: Illustation: XXM where X means pit with hero, M means monster. Does the monster have line of sight to the hero furthest away?(monster is btw webbed and cant move). Our group think the hero furthest away from the monster cant see the monster, anyone disagree on that? 2: "When Tahlia discards a Guard order to make an interrupt attack, she may move a number of spaces equal to her speed before or after attacking." In our group she is allowed to move up to 3(her speed, unless swifted) spaces. Can she do anything else(spend fatigue to open doors, chests, other)? If she moves 2 spaces, then falls into a pit, can she then pay 1 fatigue + her last "move" to move out of it, leading to moving the 3 spaces?
  8. Some time ago our group debated this, and decided to allow the monkey to glyph back to town(not consider it movement action). As a result the trapcard has been less used. It cost too much to play compared to the expected gain. Taking out a hero for 2 turns is nice, but it has been too easy for the monkey to escape as we have played it(personal consideration). Guess we`ll reconsider our houserule due to the information Corbon has provided, thanks.
  9. Also, there's a fidgety bit in the rules that you may want to know for Wind Pact. Because of the setup order, Wind Pact is useless when the first level of a dungeon is revealed. At that point the overlord hasn't drawn any cards yet, so he has no hand to look at. Ouch, pretty much gimping Wind Pact. Thanks for pointing it out James.
  10. Mr. Alric moves towards Greyhaven, where the heroes are. He decides not to attack. When the heroes start, they decide to attack him(and manage to chase him off). Can the heroes now move one(or two if they have staff of the wild) trail(s)? Being brainwashed with INRI and also working nightshift I am not sure how to analyze this information: From Rtl page 10. "If the heroes end their movement in the same area as a lieutenant, they may (but do not have to) attack that lieutenant (see “Encounters Involving Lieutenants” on page 16). From FAQ 1,3. "Q: Must a lieutenant or the hero party end their movement on the same location to attack eachother? A: No." From RtL-book it seems like the heroes need to end their move to attack a ltnt, yet I cant think of any situation where the FAQ-reply then would be needed. Anyone able to sort this out for me? Also a shortie: Location(rlt): Corrupted Forest -> "Dark Taint: Heroes suffer 2 wounds (ignoring armor) each time they place an order." This means you put on guard, aim or rest => order is lost due to damage(unless you can cancel that damage). Hence the only order working(unless able to cancel the 2 wounds) would be dodge. Is this the correct way to understand the description of the location?
  11. We just finished our second campaign, Sorcerer King as OL Avatar. We used the card as it is written(I cant recall reading the information Corbon refers to, and cant find it when searching for it), meaning skills/abilites/items giving surges arent rolled = NOT canceled. The "Soul Ward" protects somewhat, but not much when the heroes comes with gold gear. In our Avatarfight the Avatar was dead at turn 3 or 4(after avatar was revealed), and he had inflicted exactly 0 points of damage to the heroes.
  12. Steve-O said: Parathion said: More precisely, a monster´s attack must hit a hero to generate threat, according to the FAQ, so the whole point is moot. Good to know. Our group has never been the sort to try and twist the rules for something like this anyway, so you're quite right I was inferring that monsters could attack other monsters. The entire debate is purely theoretical for us because none of us, as OL, would seriously try to attack another monster (or empty space) - that would ruin the fun. Likewise our heroes don't generally waste time attacking other heroes for any reason, even if they can. The only time one hero has ever hit another in our games was to wake them up during an outdoor ambush encounter in RtL. You mean your heroes dont attack each other with knockbackweapons/skills to give extra move to one or two of them? In our last campaign Trenloe the "Slow" had "Knight", "Waterpact" and shopstaff, meaning he quite often awoke the heroes in amushencounters and positioned them, and also in dungeons he could help another hero moving up to 9 spaces. *Aragorn + Gimli + Helms Deep*. None of us(to my knowledge) consider it cheating, unrealistic, unfair etc. We`ve just added AoD to our RtL campaign, and heroes are looking forward to get knockbackweapons.
  13. Steve-O said: Remember the OL has the option of spending two surges to GAIN 1 threat on ANY monster attack he makes, but he can't attack empty spaces to gain threat for the same reason. We`ve never practiced this for a monster attacking another monster(effectivly meaning OL will not gain curses if he uses a monster to attack another monster). The reason for this is purely because we never read the text regarding OL monster attacks properly. Nor have we allowed the heroes to use staff of knowledge to attack another hero to drain curses from the OL(houserule). How is this first part working(monster attacking monster for curse-regen) out for other groups? We just ended our second RtL campaign and this news could lead to easier curses for the OL in our campaign starting next week.
  14. I cant recall I have read this, but I guess there are some guidlines so please forgive me for asking... During the heroes turn, a hero kills one of the unactivated heroes. Will the killed hero be able to activate during that turn, now being with full health and full fatigue?
  15. found it, works wonders. Gaming session saved, millions of thanks from Norway.
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