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  1. CEREBRUM Uses contingency card in lost encounters You have the power of contingency. When you are the main player in an encounter you automatically use this power to choose a second card from your hand and play it face down as your contingency card. If your total score after cards are revealed is lower than your opponent or if you played a negotiate against an attack card you automaticaly play your contingency card instead. Recalculate the outcome of the encounter and return your first card to your hand. The contingency card is discarded and the encounter proceeds as normal. If you have no card that can be used as a contingency card this power has no effect. The contingency card can not be affected by powers affecting your chosen encounter card such as the powers of the mind and sorcerer. History: The Cerebrum are true masters when dealing with neural nets and organic matrixes and focus all their efforts into creating the ultimate organic calculator capable of predicting all possible outcomes of everything within the universe. With the limitless possibilities of the cosmos the Cerebrum have learned that sound backup plans in case a situation turns for the worse is the only logical way to victory. Wild Flare: If you are an ally you may switch side after all offers to ally have been accepted or declined. Super Flare: You may choose wether to use your contingency card or not regardless of the initial outcome of the encounter. Author: Andreas Lidström My first go. I think that it is hard comming up with flares, som anny suggestions about modifications is appreciated This race should be Yellow, I think...
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