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  1. I've played a few games of Civilization with the WaW expansion and a few questions have come up. First we ran into issues with the order in which actions are resolved at the Start of Turn phase, specifically: 1. When using the expansionism social policy on a start of turn where you're planning on building a city, do you use expansionism's ability first to collect the trade and then found the city or do you found the city first then collect the trade from expansionism? 2. Similarly with Pacifism when you have the Hanging Gardens and you currently have no scouts on the map, can you build a scout with the Hanging Gardens first and then use Pacifism's ability to collect trade or do you do it the other way around, Pacifism first and then the Hanging Gardens? 3. Fundamentalism, Feudalism, and Democracy all have abilities which are used at the start of turn, can you use the ability and then change to another government or do you have to change without using the old government's ability? Second, is a question about one of the city states. It's the one that looks like an Asian building which has a circle with a question mark in it. Does this mean the player can use his capital to harvest any market resource from this city state as long as he is in control of it? Finally I was wondering since the square a scout is sitting on is considered to be in the outskirts of a city, can you built a figure there like you would in the outskirts around the city token?
  2. Hi, I've got some questions about three of the great people cards in the Civ expansion: 1. Marie Curie - her card says "You may discard this card when you would spend a uranium to spend a different resource instead". Is this saying you can spend a uranium as any resource or that you can spend any resource as a uranium? Or does it mean something else altogether? 2. Leonidas - It says "Each time you start a battle…" so does this mean he stays on the table and you get the +8 combat bonus every time you fight a battle or is this a one time use? Seems like if it's used every time, it gives you a huge bonus, especially when you consider you also get the great general token which gives you a +4 combat bonus which would give you a +12 bonus when the two are combined. 3. Archimedes - It says he can be used any time but also says you gain 3 culture each time you research a tech that no other player knows or is researching that turn. So is this a one time use or does he stay on the table and to be used repeatedly? Thanks.
  3. I haven't seen this addressed anywhere and was wondering if the number of question mark resources pictured on the tech cards means anything? for example on the Philosophy card it shows 2 resource tokens and on the Pottery card it shows 3 resource tokens. Does this mean I need that many resources tokens of any kind before using that ability? Another question just came to mind, if I do have to use multiple resource tokens to use the tech abilities, do they have to be different resources or can the all be the same kind, such as 3 iron tokens as opposed to 1 iron, 1 wheat, and 1 silk?
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