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  1. Yeah I might add this as well. It seems like such a thematic common sense rule I was very surprised to see it not in the rulebook. I would love to hear an official comment on this so to speak. Was this a purposeful change or simply an accidental omission? Aside from that I really like the changes in the new edition. Some really clever solutions to issues with the second edition
  2. I was thinking the location matched better for Leeds or York.
  3. You may not have 5 cards in your hand to start with so you may not need to discard 3 cards to get down to the hand limit . Thus the reason for "up to 3 encounter cards". The card would have been better worded if it had simply said you must then discard down to the 5 card hand limit.
  4. You are correct. It's an error in the reference. We know this because Van Helsing's special ability is that on a trade action he can trade event cards instead of item cards. Thus it is logical hunters can't trade event cards on a normal trade action.
  5. One of the rules in the second edition (also the first if memory serves me) was hunters could not backtrack at sea. Thematically the notion was that the hunter was on a ship and could not for example move from Dublin, out into the Irish Sea and then return to Dublin. The hunter would have to in this case make port in Liverpool and then back out to the Irish Sea to once again land in Dublin. In the new edition there is to my surprise no mention of this longtime rule. Thus it would seem hunters can in the new edition leave a port city and then on their next turn return to the very same port they just left. Is this an omission or a purposeful change in the rule? It's a rule that for me makes so much sense that it seems odd if it were purposely removed from the new edition.
  6. Tried two B&Ns with no luck. At least I know they're coming one way or another before Christmas.
  7. I didn't know Barner & Noble carried them. Will be driving past one of their big stores here tomorrow and will give them a look. Thanks.
  8. I just want to get one more X-wing and Tie Fighter and then I'll be happy....and two more Y-wings.
  9. Kind of in the same boat. Decided to get into the game, bought a few starter sets and a couple of other pieces. Took a break, coma back and the first set is impossible to find so I'm kind of short in terms of x-wings and tie fighters from what I want to be able to field. Hopefully we'll have them soon.
  10. Aedon said: Problem is I can't find any info on them beyond the quick blurb on sites selling them... so it's kind of hard to even have a clue of what might be in them heh I'm rather new to the game as well and I too have noticed the deck descriptions on the FF website about the expansions are not as helpful as they could be. It would be nice if they were a bit more descriptive about they type of cards in the decks. Mind you, this is true of a lot of boardgame publishers. GMT makes fantastic wargames but you read about them on their website and it's 90% talking about the historical conflict the game is about and 10% about the actual game.
  11. Is there a copy anywhere of a printer friendly version of the FAQ for COC LCG? The one currently posted has so much background art that it's going to really use a ton of color ink. I tried printing it in greyscale and it's so muddled that it's hard to read if your eyes are over 40 like mine are. A printer friendly version (just the text no background) would be much appreciated.
  12. Arvidos said: Anyway, I expect Android to be much the same: Big and awesome, but unavoidably with at least one frustrating design flaws to be overcomed. And lo and behold! Both here and on BoardGameGeek I have found some complaints on how Dark Cards are just way too mean, and can smash down a player completely, rather randomly without much possibility to defend oneself. The dark cards are not at all random and the stronger cards can easily be avoided. Most of the stronger cards have a triggering effect with the more serious cards specific to a character doing something or going somewhere he/she shouldn't. For example Louis risks more serious dark cards on himself if he enters seedy locations. The proper course then of course is to not enter seedy locations. Problem is people don't read the strategy cards that come with the game and just run around without taking into consideration of who their character is and that going to location xxxx could result in serious results. So it's not a design flaw but simply people using poor strategy that causes them to be hit with these nastier dark cards. You don't want to get hit with them? Then read the strategy card that tells you what areas to avoid and avoid them. But don't call the game flawed because you made a poor descision and suffered the consequences of it.
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