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  1. 1.) For the Uthuk card "Chaos Lord," it states "When Played: Destroy or wound 1 participating unit (friendly or opposing)" Does this mean I could use him in a battle against the boss of the scenario Resurgence of the Dragonlords, which is considered an "Enemy," to automatically kill him and win the game? (My guess is there is a distinction between Unit and Enemy) 2.) When your home realm is attacked by an Instant (again like in Resurgence of the Dragonlords), you use the 5 cards in your hand to defend against the attack right? So if you are being attacked with 10, and you have 3 units that total a strength of 8 in your hand, that means that you assign 2 damage to your home realm? What then happens to those units that defended? Are they all wounded/destroyed, or they just get discarded? 3.) I've been playing solitaire only so far, and the only time I have had any units "wounded" is when I do it to myself with Flesh Ripper in order to give Berserker +2 strength. In other combat, are units only wounded when a card specifically uses the term wounded? Also, with "destroyed," are cards only destroyed if a card specifically states so (or when destroyed by the attrition die) 4.) The Uthuk card "Warlock Chieftain" states "End of Combat: Place 1 friendly unit, including this card, on top of your deck (instead of discarding or destroying it)." Since it says "end of combat" is combat considered defending against an instant, purchasing a stronghold, and basically using strength in any way? And for it's special, are you placing 2 cards total back on your draw pile, or just 1 card which can include the Warlock Chieftain himself? These are questions I had posted in the Rules forum on BoardGameGeek, but thought it would be helpful for you to know these questions are being asked. Thanks!
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