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  1. I'll just be playing with my wife. I figure we could enjoy the game with 2000 cards for now, and in the future, add to our collection through LCG sales or ebay sales of LCG. The things that cannot be duplicated in LCG, what are those things exactly and why do you think LCG versions of them will not come out? We could always get one of each LCG pack, but the problem is that the 10 cardsx3 is great, but the 10 x1 cards may be great and force us to spend even more money... Do you find this to be the case- that the 10 single cards are often good enough to need multiple of the same packs? Do you happen to know if the 10x1 cards in the packs are former rares? Including shipping, the 2200 cards would be 130 for me to purchase... They are normal rarity distribution... Still undecided on whether this makes more sense than getting 1 of each LCG pack at $7 each which would give me 720 LCG cards with 3x 180 cards and 1x180 distribution,
  2. I have the core set of LCG and was wondering whether getting CCG version cards in bulk cheaply would be worth it or do the new living card packs offer much better cards that take more advantage of the LCG format? I know the card borders are different, but getting say, 2000 cards for 100 bucks or so would be cheaper than 100 for 500 or so LCG cards. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  3. Great, thanks for the responses and resources!
  4. Played the core set twice now and a bunch of questions popped up. 1. To use a response on a character card, do you need to kneel if it doesn't specify to kneel? 2. Is there a limit to how many attachments a character could have? 3. Can you use character abilities in "any phase" even if you are already kneeled(if ability does not specify needing kneeling)? 4. For any phase abilities, could you use them after defenders are declared? 5. Is it just me or are many of the plot cards in the core set worthless or just plain bad for you? For example, one Targaryn(sp?) plot card had the opponent killing one of your character cards.. when I get more expansions, are there alternative plot cards that are less painful? Also, Lannister seems especially weak compared to the 2 other core house sets... Thanks!
  5. Does the game use different cards for the 2 sides or are some cards able to be used by either side? Trying to decide if the core game could be used for 2 players or if we'd both need a copy. For example, L5R uses personality cards for the factions, but shares the rest of the card pool for playing...
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