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  1. So, I am thinking of buying a 2nd Core...... I have Black Riders on the way to me. I am thinking if I had a 2nd Core, I could be playing Mirkwood and Black Riders at the same time, swapping back and fourth and not have to tear apart decks....... I guess I could use two spheres for each project....... hmmmmmmm
  2. I am torn.....Part of me wants to open all 6 Mirkwood packs at once and use those cards for the Mirkwood run of adventures. Part me me wants to just open them one at a time.
  3. WOO HOO! After about 25 tries (tword the end I knew if I had a chance pretty after about 5 draws), I finally beat Anduin with Leadership/Tactics. A Sneak Attack/Gandalf combo on initial draw got me off to a great start against the Hill Troll. A run of Treachery cards and little or no monsters allowed me to place lots of progress token in the mid game. I was worried at end game when another Hill Troll reared his ugly head. But Thalin gave his life defending Aragorn who was able to kill off the Hill Troll and bring victory. ahhhhhhh I feel better now. I doubt I will try Dol Guldur as from what I read it is hard out of the box. I think I will break the seal on the 6 Mirkwood packs, check out the cards and tackle that run of quests.
  4. What do you sleep with these cards under your pillow Been checking out some of your videos. Impressive stuff. Though I have a ton of the releases, I have not cracked any other open as I want to keep the cards available somewhat within reason. IOW I am just using core, and once I move on to Mirkwood, I will use the cards from those 6 releases.
  5. Thanks for all the advise! Great community.
  6. I am trying to use Leadership/Tactics. But it might be time to swallow my pride and do the Lore thing. I am getting frustrated...... At least I know now pretty quickly if I even have a chance.
  7. I am using Aragorn, Theodred and Thalin. So starting threat 29. So pretty high, but not certain how much lower I can get it. I quest fine. Its damaging the Troll. I have come cannon fodder to sacrifice to the Hill Troll. I drew an early Gandalf last game, but rest of hand was high cost allies (do not even have that many) which meant I still could not hold off the hordes.
  8. From what I have read, I will wait until I have more cards. I plan on adding new cards a "block" at a time. I do not think that will break things (for example I will add all the Mirkwood cards when I start the Mirkwood quests).
  9. Oh I will not give up, it must happen now I have been trying not to read threads on specific quests. I'd like to beat them on my own (more or less, some advise is usually welcome). Though I will read threads on deck construction.
  10. Lore: Let the Troll attack a cheap ally (Henamath, Miner, Hammersmith, Gleowine) and next round attach a forest snare to him. Tactic: Defend first attack with Gimli (risky) and if Gimli does not die - attach Dwarven Axes to Gimli & Legolas, Feint the Troll next time an attack him with Gimli and Legolas Leadership. Tricky .. Sneak attack Gandalf one or two times (or play him) before the troll attacks .. defend with Aragorn or Gandalf and attack back. Spriit: Avoid beeing engaged from the Troll .. but nothing will kill the troll. Prefer a mix from two spheres .. perhaps tactics/leadership (Aragorn, Gimli, Theodred) so you are able to sneak attack Gandalf and ready fully loaded Gimli by common cause if needed Been using Leadership/Tactics with Aragorn, Theodred and Thalin. I have three Dwarven axes in there so, that has been the only way I can damage the troll, 1 damage at a time (except for the very occasional Quick Strike and Gandalf). I stayed away from Gimli, as I did not want to take the Threat hit. But I am re-thinking that now....... OK, enough whining that thing must die
  11. Got three of them in the deck too. I have seen that four times total (in 20 games) as well. mathematically, very odd... I thought with 3 gandalf, 3 quick strike and 3 sneak attack, I'd be able to take that SOB out at least once
  12. man screw that frickin' Hill Troll. Gotta be honest, this is getting frustrating. 20 games in and I cannot beat Anduin quest. Nothing beats the Hill Troll. 10 games with leadership/spirit and 10 games with leadership/tactic and I cannot beat the Hill troll and that alone is stopping me. At times I have had over 20 progress tokens on the first stage to no avail. Does not help that card draws has seen me see Gandalf a total of 3 times in 20 games (before all heroes die). I have been fighting doing Lore just to get that one dang card to stop the Hill Troll from killing everyone....... just seems like one should be able to beat the quest with more than one strategy...... GRRRRRRRR WTF
  13. I have been tossing around the idea of a 2nd Core. Once Black Riders is back in print, I will want to start the Saga campaign. I will not want to keep re-building decks as I switch between the two style (Questing and Campaigning).
  14. ah you did dampen my experience You are right, Aragorn was still alive (one HP left). My bad...... I was caught up in the narrative of Aragorn allowing For Gondor to be played and Guardian of the Citadel dying saving Thalin........... Though clearly I played the quest wrong. I thought the Hill Troll had to be killed by the end of the quest itself (not just part one)....... ..... Even though looking at the damned card it is even in BOLD. WTF SNIFF back to the drawing board
  15. Leadership and Tactics take out Anduin after three times....... In my best game so far, the Leadership/Tactics deck with: Aragorn/Theodred/Thalin took out Andurin quest. The Hill troll took out numerous allies and heroes. In then end Thalin with his dwarven axe, being knighted with Sterwart of Gondor earlier, draws For Gondor to do the last two damage to the Hill Troll as the Guard of the Citadel dies defending Thalin (who was one damage away from dying). Threat=45 No Gandalfs drawn. Does not get closer than that..... WOW Highlighted by the happy hour drinks had before heading to Man Cave. Now the decision: Go ahead with Dol Guldor or start with Mirkwood adventures to build up cards...... Peace Roger
  16. I also have been trying not to dig into my other cards. I want to complete at least the first two quests with core. We shall see, might cave in though and crack open the Mirkwood stuff.
  17. Thanks! I am trying not to use online resources when dealing with specific quests. I want to (at least try) and beat them myself. Though now I am really digging the forest snare idea SMILE His blog is amazing.
  18. Hi Well, a Leadership/Spirit deck I built (my first) did not fare well. Basically I took almost all of the Leadership cards in Core (along with some other core cards I picked up) and about 16 low cost Spirit cards to formulate my deck. I used Aragorn, Theodred and Eowyn as heroes. Does well placing progress tokens, but I just cannot do anything about the Hill troll. I keep hoping to get Gandalf out and a couple of times and then shuffling my deck. To no avail so far. Thinking of swapping out the Spirit cards for some tactics just to see how it goes. Getting pretty obsessed with it now
  19. thanks Nathan. You are correct, I was talking defense strength.
  20. Hi! OK dumb question that would seem to have come up before now If a card deals damage to an enemy (for instance Gandaf's ability to deal 4 damage to an enemy, or Swift Strike dealing 2), does armor reduce this damage Thanks!
  21. Is there an order that I have to deal with attackers (lowest threat first, etc), or can I deal with them in any order I wish? Or is it all simultaneous? Thanks!
  22. Is is online or stand alone. Watching one of his videos, it seems the card database is online as he "downloaded" the decks before he played. I like playing with physical components, but it would be nice to play around while watching TV and the like.
  23. OK so now that we are done with that,,,,,, Gonna beat Pasage Though Mirkwood with Spirit, did not take that long........ trouble is not a lot of ways to do damage. Will have to address that. So now gonna build a Spirit/Leadership deck and have at "Journey....." great game.
  24. ah..... OK Though in 25 years of internet usage never had someone agitated about me being polite. My usual MO is to not sign when I am agitated. But looking at the boards, not many people sign so, I'll stop. But you might want to think about using the ignore feature for me as I will probably forget from time to time
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