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  1. Here is everything I've learned by going through the process myself. You need to email: customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com Requesting a replacement AGOT version 2 board due to miscut / misalignment issues. With the following information (as required by FFG support); Name: xxx Shipping Address: xxx Phone Number: xxx Email: xxx Replacement boards should ship in January maybe - with a followup email from FFG presumably when they do.
  2. Numerous reports of warped / misaligning / mis-cut game boards in the first print run have prompted a welcome quick reply from Christian Petersen to replace your mis-cut boards .
  3. here's a 4 player review to answer some of your questions
  4. battles of westeros doesnt have all the factions and i doubt it ever would so i dont see this ever working, as nice an idea as it is for those with an abundance of leisure time.
  5. Assuming we get no clarifying response, and that all generally agree that flags compulsorily force retreats (with no attackers choice but checking of course for stalwart), in terms of elegant houserules I agree with michael above. the most elegant solution is to somehow make an actual retreat cause a morale of 1 ( the equivalent of a green unit being eliminated !) no matter how many squares it retreats (?). I would however argue that you can partially achieve this result if you force retreated units to turn their flags because when you rally them with a flag order token you must "decrease your Morale by one" (pg 12). this simultaneously potentially inflicts some morale penalty for rallying units from retreats if they want to swing back into the fray AND lessens the often stated annoying scenario of watching a defending unit retreat only to turn around and attack you in the same round at no real penalty other than a change in position. And they may simply not be able to move again till the next round at all if they dont have a flag token. So retreats become subtly more significant both in terms of morale and board position without having to factor in more complicated damage scenarios. So to clarify the retreat house rule could be this; add a bullet item to the end of the bullet list in page 22 RETREATING as follows; After resolving all other retreat effects, if the retreating unit has not been eliminated it must turn its flag. Next time i play we may trial this. but this doesnt really resolve other related but unresolved retreat issues relating to retreating paths being blocked and whether to remove engagement tokens from units counterattacked and being forced to retreat but being blocked etc. still some more thinking to do with that one.
  6. yes indeed its a good strategy but arguable too easy to implement in BoW through retreating at no cost whatsoever. If you wanted to hit and run while engaged you'd have to spend an action AND suffer a parting blow AND spend a flag token to reactivate the unit AND reorder it somehow (theres the cost for intentional hit and run). If flags WERE turned after retreat, you could still use a flag counter to reactivate the unit to attack again. That is still hit and run - just a little more (realistically) costly to pull off.
  7. I still await an 'official' response. how unlikely that is, is kinda my point / problem.
  8. various issues were raised. numerous people sought clarification on poor / vague rules wording. rules should be clear without needing to understand a systems 'heritage'. other related questions about retreating have also gone unanswered. an official response is both warranted and good business sense. it is also a simple courtesy which can help resolve problems or the perception of problems - the solution to which may indeed be houserules.
  9. I've been an active participant in these BoW forums for 3 months since I preordered and handed over money to buy this generally great game. But your support is terrible! Maybe because there are too many people in Marketing and Games design and not enough people helping to clarify legitimate questions people have about the Rules we all paid good money to use? For example, the Problems with the routing /fleeing mechanic thread has just had its 3 month birthday - nearly 30 posts and over 800 views - its the most active BoW thread by a long shot. Many of us have spent OUR time trying to resolve the fundamental issue in question ourselves and time and time again we beg for an clarification or FAQ to help resolve the problems in YOUR rules. To my knowledge there has been no hint of such an effort (forgive me if I've missed anything). I imagine this isn't the only example. the support page has almost nothing on it - its a dismal burnt out Wildling hut. Official Rulings and Clarifications is is a long frozen over Nights Watch camp with no additions for 2 months. In terms of support we are lost waaaaay North of the Wall. I hope i speak for many when i say this is not acceptable - surely I'm not the only customer of yours annoyed by this lack of follow through. if there is a better way we should raise rules questions i cant find it - this seems to be the only avenue. C'mon guys - you are so close to being a truly great games company - why leave yourselves open to criticism on such a fundamental aspect of your business? so here's my advice for what its worth; Keep your customers happy and loyal and they'll keep coming back for more. And in my experience, pitifully lonely cries for help fall on deaf ears North of the Wall. So come on everybody - help keep this thread alive with your comments. Wildlings!!! we can take this Wall if we shout loud enough!
  10. This is just ridiculous - 3 months of forum posts and I honestly cant believe it hasn't yet been resolved by FFG. I agree with Eldils excellent summary above. "determine" = 'calculate according to the rules' ie if you roll a flag, a retreat is forced according to the retreat rules (really page 22) there is only the slightest whiff of a hopeful interpretation that this means attacker chooses whether to force the retreats of flags they roll, although i wish it did too. Only an official clarification on the various issues raised above will satisfy the many participants of this post and enlighten its hundreds of readers (CUSTOMERS!) The retreat mechanic is just a fundamental problem in the game. At the risk of being accused a Troll rather than a justifiably frustrated customer im going to raise this non response as a forum post of its own. Does anyone know a better way to get an answer? perhaps an email to forum@fantasyflightgames.com ?
  11. yeah that would make retreating sting / matter a little more for sure.
  12. And most certainly kind of silly. its all part of the the Problems with the routing/fleeing mechanic. making retreated units turn their flag is pretty much the one suggestion most people agree with in that thread (including badalchemist and I ).
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