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  1. Or to be more precise, Techniques say that these "New Opportunities" and so these wold ';add' 'to the table to the skill or ring in which they come from, allowing, again, the expenditure of opportunities from one ring to another at double the cost.
  2. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. But I wanted to make sure. And I missed that water/fire bit. Gotchya.
  3. OMG, I just realized. Hotaru/Hotori = Starbuck.
  4. Surprised no one has said: Last Samurai (maybe not Tom Cruises character, but the rest) 47 Ronin (again, not necessarily Keanau but the rest of the cast)
  5. Can multiple Kata's be used in the same action? I figure that most that have activation based on making an Attack, that they cannot, because there are some very specific things that those require: Martial Art [Melee] or Fitness (Void) or what not. But there are others, such as the Striking as [Element] kata that their activation is "spend opportunity and get X" They do not require a roll in and of themselves, but are more like "hey, you have this kata so these are other uses for opps you can do" For instance, could a bushi use Iaijutsu: Rising Cut, could he also use Striking as Fire as well? And if you had the opps left, could you use Striking as Water as well? I guess one could argue that, with the Strikign as [Element] Kata, and other kata that are 'based' on one of the elements, you would have to be in the stance that coresponds, but thematically, mixing and matching what one learns in a marital art, is how you make that art your own.
  6. First, I want to say that I just got the Beta today, only just learned about it. I have breezed over it, kinda like what I am seeing. It still kinda has earlier edition feel with the new dice, at least to me. I have been trying to figure out the format for the task checks in the sample adventure as opposed to that given in the rest of the book. The rest of the book gives you something like: TN 2 Aesthetics (Water) check Where A Ronin's Path is often something like: TN 2 Aesthetics (Water 1, Fire 3) check I think I am missing something. What do the numbers after a ring represent? Are they the minimum ring you must have to attempt it or something?
  7. Several abilities or attacks allow you to substitute your Weapon or Ballistic Skill Bonus for degrees of success on an attack, or instance, the Warrior's Expert at Violence or when a target is helpless. Do you use the modified BS or WS for the degrees, or just your base. That is, if I made an attack that was at +30 to my BS of 40, would the degrees of success be 7 or would it be 4?
  8. The Enclosed vehicle trait says crew and passengers cannot be specifically targeted by those outside the vehicle unless there is a particularly good reason. Eye of Vengeance allows a character to add his degrees of success to the penetration for a hit. Armor for a vehicle acts as normal armor, there is no 'scaling' so, would you all allow someone to shoot someone inside an Enclosed vehicle using Eye of Vengeance, rather than having to damage the vehicle and hope that they can deal enough damage to allow them to damage crew?
  9. Well, I have been delving though all the books, it just doesnt seem to exist. I dunno about using Darkholder, as that is more like "i was born on a black market/criminal organization/off the books deep in the dark of the Void" origin. But I guess any origin could work, or even Mind Wiped, since I read somewhere that if they are turned into a sanctioned Psycher of any kind, their experiences on the Black Ships are wiped (well it said only thier bad memories, but, I dobt they have any GOOD ones). Maybe Voidborn, but with something about dealing with distractiosn? Due to the fact that they have to deal with the contant mental numbing anti-psyker white noise and the actual cacphony of noise that is projected into the holds.
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew if theere was/is a "born on a black ship" home world written up in any of the DH books. I know you could use Voidborn, but I was wondering if anyone recalled a specialized one.
  11. Do remember though, there are different Resistances based on the content of Iron specifically. Something containing a little iron has a lower check than a toally iron object. So Steel, Titanium Steel, and alloys of Iron and other metals and materials, even white and black steel, would offer the lower check,, where as the brittle breakable iron sword or iron fence post you rip off out of the ground and smack the darkling aroudn with, woudl offer the higher
  12. Also, are creature powers implemented? You have essential abilities, but i coldn't find anything for creature powers. I might have missed them as I was playing with it while very tired! Also, wondering how easy or hard would it be to implement the Core Exxet natural bonus and natueral abilities. Just curious, as in the end, one has to copy the info on the generator to a sheet anyway, and we can implement those changes at that time.
  13. May I suggest a method to go backwards? If someone forogt something in a previous step, it appears, at the moment, you have to start all over.
  14. There is the Runes, which you 'throw' to get a certain effect for a week. They provide 10 effects, 5 of which are benifical and 5 that are not. On a side note, i would suggest that rather than the normal deck, since it seems a rather improtant factor of the Anima univers, I would go Tarot Deck of Many Things, just as a suggestion .
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