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  1. Sho' nuff, heavy boots would be cool. Are there any other GM's who can read over the "homebrew" idea my friend has? He wants to use them, no one else has objected and I just don't know - we're all fairly new to the game. My friend who wants these changes IS a powergamer, but he claims he wants to do this because brawl weapons currently suck in game, and this would make them more comparable to the melee weapons. What do you guys think?
  2. Friend wants to use brawl and complains that in the core rules they are way too weak and there are only 2 options, PLUS brawl weapons have at max 1 hard point. He asked if we could homebrew it and use these: Brawl weapons kinda suck in the EotE core book. There are only two, even though it mentions two more in the text for the skill: Vibrofists and Weighted Gloves . I'm fine with brass knucks for now, but I would really like to know what stats for these other items. If we are homebrewing it, here are my suggestions: For Vibrofist we can just take Vibroknife stats and make it crit 3 rather than crit 2, and only 1 hardpoint, like Shock Gloves. 300 credits for a two hand set, again like Shock Gloves. For Weighted Gloves, how about we just take Brass Knucks and add two hardpoints (So that you can purchase Weighed Head attachment for them. Read it, it fits.). As a downside, make them an option only as part of an armor with 3 or more encumbrance rating (Armored Clothing, Laminate, and Heavy Battle Armor). Continuing he says: Brawl weapons are the weakest weapons in the game. My homebrew stats would effectively give you a base attack that will deal less damage than the weakest melee weapon (Vibroknife), or adding hardpoint upgrade-ability to the least damaging weapon in the game (Brass Knuckles). The main advantage that they have is that any Brawl weapon adds stats on top of the base unarmed attack that anyone can do (Brawn damage, Disorient 1, Knockdown), rather than replacing them. This differs from melee damage weapons which still use Brawn as base damage, but don't have any inherent qualities. Brawl's secondary advantage is that you will always have the base attack, even if completely disarmed, which will be the same as any other characters but with upgraded dice. Everyone's base Brawl attack: Br+0 damage, Crit 5, Disorient 1, Knockdown. My current attack with Brass Knuckles: 3 Damage, Engaged range, Crit 4, Disorient 3, Knockdown. Purposed Vibrofist: 4 damage, Engaged range, Crit 3, Disorient 1, Knockdown, Pierce 1, Vicious 1, 1 Hardpoint (Only upgrade available is Superior which would add 1 inherent advantage to the attack and +1 damage for 5k credits). Purposed Weighted Gloves: 3 Damage, Engaged range, Crit 4, Disorient 3, Knockdown, 2 Hardpoints (Superior or Weighted Head options. Weighted Head attachment could facilitate Mod for Concussive 1 which could Stagger) And the description of weighted head: "Weighted Head: Weapons designed to bludgeon foes to unconsciousness or death often benefit from extra weight added to the striking surface. This can be accomplished by using heavier materials in the construction or adding metal bands or studs to the business end. Reinforced "knuckles" can be added to some Brawling weapons for similar effect. This attachment can only be added to Melee and Brawl weapons. Modification options: Weapon quality (Concussive +1). Hardpoints 2." *** Does this seem fair? It seems it turns brawl weapons into "lockdown" weapons but I dunno. Opinions for experienced players?
  3. Ooo yeah. I could hard-limit the healing value (GM call) unless they have the proper credits worth of material. Good call.
  4. extra success = more ship repaired. plus there are talents like solid repairs that add extra amount repaired Ok, so a ship repair is like repairing a robot but you can only do it ONE time per space encounter. I don't get it though because it says that repairs take time and money and you have to pay 500 credits PER hull Trauma... ... but if you can heal once a battle and heal multiple hull trauma each battle enounter... there might be no reason to spend any money. Anyone else, isn't this true?
  5. Ok, seperate question but still related to starships (and my team lol) So it says that you can repair starship strain 1 time per character per turn to reduce strain by 1. It says you can attempt to reduce ship damage ONE TIME per encounter.... but it doesn't say if you only repair 1 point or more. Anyone?
  6. I'm going to allow the pilot to make opposed piloting checks though... if the Wayfarer pilot beats the 'faster target' then he'll be able to swing his ship in the right direction to allow the gunner to fire his forward mounted quad-laser. The players will have to time things correctly because if they don't chose Initiative slots next to each other and the NPC has a chance they can try to do an opposed pilot test to move out of the way. btw, i haven't gotten to that part of the book yet (I don't think), if I add a new weapon/turret, etc. a mechanic (player OR NPC) has to install it, if they mess up their mechanics check then that weapon can no longer be added, or modded, etc, correct? Or can you keep trying till you get your roll (which would be weird)?
  7. Nope! Gain the advantage allows you to ignore evasive maneuvers and pick the defensive arc you want your hits to land. That's all. It does not say where you are in relation to the target. So even if the TIE gain the advantage, the Wayfarer pilot can still swing around and engage them. He won't be "Gaining the advantage" and get the associated bonuses, but he can still shoot at them. Ah, awesome. Thanks that makes sense and can make combat work better-er
  8. They're actually a rock band running away from a criminal organization, the Empire, and some bounty hunters on Coruscant. They gotta get some gigs (legal and illegal) to pay off their debt Their ship is filled with band equipment, roadies and a few fans.
  9. So... a Wayfarer is Silhouette 5. This means the pilot can't use ANY Maneuvers listed in the Core book since they are ALL for Silhouette 4 and under. In addition, under Actions such as "Gain the Advantage" it says that if a pilot gains the advantage they can move wherever they want to fire from and they stay there until the target pilot's turn, when he/she can attempt to gain the advantage on THEM. So.... How the heck does this work if the target is a Wayfarer and Gain the Advantage only works for silhouette 4 and under?!? From what it sounds like, I could sic 2 fighters on the party, have them both "gain the advantage" and if successful they would be behind the Wayfarer. The Wayfarer also has ONE quad-laser facing forward... so that means it can't defend itself, it can't gain the advantage, it can't do ANYTHING other then get shot from behind. How is this a) cinematic or b) fair to the PCs?
  10. Last_Crusader said: More skill cards. We always felt that two actions per skill deck wasn't enough variety. And some of those are limited use (viper cards, repair cards, etc.). Also in larger games it is possible to hoard a color or two .. we actually have had colors run out as people had full hands of cards. I agree! I love this game but I was shocked to find that the skill decks only had a couple of actions in them. After playing Arkham and having 100's of different cards in every deck, it was very odd to see 5 decks, each with the same skills. I would drawn a hand and stare at the same pics (other then the skill level) lol - need more different skills.
  11. spirit_machine said: I'm afraid that this might be a one and done style of game. If anything, they will probably make up a whole new game that plays out more like RISK and whatnot. I don't know how this style of play can be used later in the series timeline when most of the cylon models are known. One main thing to bring up - this isn't the TV show, it's a boardgame, and in that "mindset" ANYONE can be a Cylon. It doesn't matter that in the *show* you know who are and aren't Cylons, as a boardgame, each game is different and that includes the Cylons.
  12. I love driving people nuts, and an army of Elder Things seems like a nice backup Anyone have any suggestion for deck construction? I currently only have 1 Core Set and 1 set of each of the Asylum Packs (the first 4). I might get a second Core Set because I want a second "Thing from the Stars" to concentrate on the "driving everyone nuts" emphasis of my deck, and some more Elder Things (I'll be happy with 2 if I can't afford 3). In considering cards, what do I need to concentrate on to minimize the impact of enemy characters who have Willpower?
  13. Let me ask an easier question... is she any good as a character/card? I don't see the point of having 2 or 3 copies of her in my deck just so I can bring her back if she goes batspit crazy.
  14. It's kind of weird, I think I'm one of the only people who finds the rules for Arkham easy! Once you sit down, read through them and get a game down, it's easy as pie, expansions included! It just requires bookkeeping of sorts (what effects are in, well, effect, if some action triggers the special ability of GOO/Guardian/Herald, etc.). Oh, and hi everyone Nice to meet so many fellow Arkhamites!
  15. Gatha said: I'd rather see separate factions than a hodgepodge. For example, Cthulhu could be king w/ dagon or hydra as queen with starspawn knights, deep one rooks and and innsmouth-look or cultist pawns while Nyarlothotep could have the dark pharoh/god of the bloody tongue as the queen, the black man as bishop, the bloated woman as the rook, and so on. After all, who wants to play as a faction they dislike? And let's not forget the people who are very particular about how the mythos is used. That's a great idea too, having different sets with each faction I'd like that too if they could manage that! But if they could only make ONE set you have to think, consider, and commit to certain pieces to fit 6 sculpts per side.
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