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  1. The card text reads as follows: "Play at the start of the battle phase. Choose a shielded space containing at least 1 of your units. Place a destroyed shield token on the space (it is no longer shielded from the bombardment) You may not play this card during the first round of the game. Removie this card from the game after use." I think that answers all questions...
  2. I imagine the belgians did it somewhat like this: www.baha.be/Webpages/Navigator/Photos/MilltaryPics/ww1_precurseurs/friedrichshafen_g_iii.htm
  3. And more info is out credits to Andrea and BGG: www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/42924
  4. Check out: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/38343 . It has some info and pictures of the game!
  5. 1. I would like to see more (different) troopers. 2. More epic gameplay, with more troopers and heroes, bigger maps. (would really love to become this more like a mini game tho the map system can still be there) 3. More frequent releases and support from FFG (translation of bonus tokens, fluff text, timedifference between french and american releases reduced)
  6. Hmm it seems like I will make him my special lil project. Now to find a good miniature to look alike and mash up a lil. Made a really sloppy colouring of the pic in question already tho:
  7. Theoraticly it could be done, and the new Novgorod map has 4 entry points! I would limit the factions to only 2 heroes to make sure the map isn't too cluttered. Have never done it myself tho, biggest problem I see is when 2 gang up against 1.
  8. Andrea has been posting rumors about releasing a 4th boxed set with bombers from ww1. I know that the people at FFG and Nexus probably are more busy with the HUGE succes of the miniature series. But I'm really interested when I can expect it... Hope Andrea still frequents these parts........
  9. Why not go with a matriarchy soldier based on this picture? http://www.tannhauser-thegame.com/databank/Image/image%20de%20la%20semaine/033b.jpg Due to his gas mask he only gets a -1 penalty for smoke grenades. He has a flamethrower that doesn't fire more than 3 squares far and does 1 automatic wound. When killed his Gas Tank explodes leaving one debris token and giving 1 automatic wound to anyone that is adjacent to him. That would be a lil bit of my input. But ofc you are welcome to make your own stuff.
  10. Now I'm really REALLY hoping that FFG will bring these miniature packs faster. Lets say it sucks that you know that the figure packs are released 1 year ago but you're waiting for an english translation. Ofc I know some time goes into translating, redesign and getting it all shipped to FFG. But I had no clue why it had to cost more than 1 year.
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