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  1. The card reads: "While The Eaves of Mirkwood........encounter card effects cannot be canceled" Do this include "Shadow card" effects? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, On page 13-14 in the Card Reference under Red Cards-War Machines it says on page 14, 2nd part, " If a battle line containing a war machine routs or is defeated in a successful attack, the machine is not discarded and is captured by the enemy" Does it means a complete machine or just part of it? If it means complete does it mean it must be complete with its crew or just the machine "parts"? I.o.w Must the War-Machine be totally comleted incl its crew for a "must take" situation? One other question, same page. Later in the text it says that you must make place for the machine in your Battle-Lines for the machine by discarding cards. Later it says "any card that cannot be placed are discarded" How is this possible if you must make place for them? Please help! Regards, Michael
  3. Hi! Just read the FAQ and have one question. When the Reaper moves from the Chamber he can move to "any" space.....Is this really true? If the Reaper moves to a space with a Character does the Reaper encounter the Character on that space? or does the Reaper ends his movement without an encounter? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your answer. Anybody else with some ideas of how to play these cards? How do you play? So, if one character (with 3 spells) has the Genie (with 3 spells) and the Spel Ring (with one spell)......how many spells can that character cast during his turn? Character with Ring: cast 3 spells Genie: cast 3 spells. 6 spells in one turn or 7? Is this realy OK.......
  5. Hi ! Could someone tell me the official rulings about the Genie and Spell Ring. How do you count the number of spells you can cast? How do you count how many spells you can have? If I ditch the Genie/Spell Ring, what to do with the spells/spell that is "attached" to him/it? What happens if the Genie is taken by another Character or lost? What happens if the Spell Ring is stolen from You? What happens with the spells/spell? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi! Thank´s for your help Nemomon. Michael
  7. Hi ! This may look as a lot of questions but I will try to keep it short...............I have gone through the cards and some combinations of cards is for me little hard to understand....may be it´s just me......... 1. Amulet of Speed. How to play if I roll 2 dice for movement? 2. Lone Dwarf. The card says "...how he reacts to you....."(???) is it me or the Lone Dwarf who moves? Who loses gold me or him? Difficult this "how he reacts to you" part 3. Giant Beetle. Draw Follower at random....how about Hag and Poltergeist? (and other Followers that you "must" keep) 4. Spirit of Vengeance. This in combination with a Follower that you "must" keep. How to handle? 5. Hunchback. How to play if I roll 2 dice for movement? 6. Spell Ring. Can I take the Spell Ring if my craft do not allowes me to have any spells? or not enough craft for one more spell? 7. Twist of Fate. How to play if I roll 2 dice for movement? 8. Torch and Twist of Fate combination. How to play? 9. Dungeon Keeper. If I have Hag or Poltergeist or any other Follower that i "must" keep? How to play? 10. Same as above (9) but with Vampire Prince. How to play? 11. Clockwork Owl in combination with Riding Horse. How to play? 12. Weighted Dice. How to play if I roll 2 dice for movement? 13. Game Board question. The Cell area. Is it possible to discard/leave Hag,Poltergeist or any "must" keep Follower? If there allready are Followers in the Cell do I have to get rid of one myself? or do I only have to lose a Follower if the are not any Followers in the Cell when I get there? or is it allwas lose one and get another (if there are any)? 14. Battle Hulk. Is it always OK to evade him if you do not want to fight him? I know this is alot of questions but I need your help and hopefully the answers can help others............... Thank´s Michael
  8. Wow!! That was a fantastic clarification!! Thank´s
  9. Hi! I have put together some questions for the Dungeon expansion that I think and hope that you can help me with. 1. Are Mules and Horse and Cart allowed in the Dungeon? 2. Can I move with the help of the Flying Carpet or Riding Horse in the Dungeon? 3. Do Blizzard effect the Dungeon? 4. How about Evil Darkness? 5. Can I use the spell Barrier in the Dungeon? 6. Can I use the spell Teleport in the Dungeon? Thank´s for your help. Michael
  10. Hi ! This is how we play it..... If the Troll rolls a "6" on any die/dice for his movement then he can Regenerate. Ex 6+2 is OK for Regenerate. (on two dice) The same for the Reaper. If a player rolls a "1" on any die/dice for his movement the Reaper is activated and moves. Ex 3+1 is OK. (on two dice) I think that rolls a " 6" or a " 1" is the number "1" or "6" on any die/dice and not the sum of many dice. It may be right it may be wrong.............
  11. Hi, Two questions about the use of Fate Tokens. 1. Can I use Fate Tokens to re-roll the dice on "Dice with death" in the inner region? 2. Can I use Fate Tokens to re-roll the dice for the result in p.3 ("Dice with me") on the Grim Reaper card? Thanks´
  12. About Riding Horse and Reaper movement I play it like this; If any of the dice is a "1" the Reaper moves. The rules says " Death does not move until a player rolls a "1" for his move" I think a "1" is the number one on any dice and not the sum of one or more dice. If this was the case I think the rules would say something like this " Death does not move until a player rolls one for his move. Just a thought, Michael
  13. Hi, I have one question about the Aventure Card "Alchemist". Lets´ say that my Character have 4 objects and no Mule. He also has the "Alchemsit". The Character lands on a Draw Card space and draws 2 cards, 2 new objects. Can he turn these 2 new objects in to gold even if he allready have his max. of 4 objects? Thanks´
  14. Thanks´ for your answers. Just a minor correction/clarification. Just to clarify my first question. I mean on my own turn when I have to roll for how many steps the Reaper must move. Question two.....if I am the chosen character for the Reaper it is I who roll the die for its effect (from the rulesheet) Thanks
  15. Hi! If I roll for ex. 5 on the die the Reaper must move 5 steps on the bord. Can I pay one Fate token to reroll this die ? (for how many steps the Reaper moves) If I get chosen as the target of the Reaper can I pay one Fate token to reroll the Reaper effect die roll ? Thanks´
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