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  1. Thank you everyone for the advice. I'm an older player who stopped playing around 2011 or so, but stuck to only a few of the clans. My primary being Phoenix as I've always enjoyed the mystic and elemental magic aspect of the fiction and characters. Three core sets themselves seem a little daunting for a full pay set of cards, though- I had presumed the core box would be enough for two players to face each other at the least, so this will be a little more complex then I had anticipated. I know of only one person who currently plays, but I could likely start up a new group fairly easily.
  2. I'm an old player sort of looking at these new cards after nearly a decade and wondering how overwhelming a purchase it would be to start playing again. I can see there are several "Cycles", but what cards are legal for tournament play and what cards are not? How overwhelming is it to just start playing and attending Kotei's again?
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