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  1. Purge the fat red Heretic. We can then please the Emperor with our most holy or hymns "Santa's Roasting on an Open Fire."
  2. Kerfuffle! It is such a fun word
  3. Velvetears said: dvang said: 4) Called action, even to the body, is a -20. (already mentioned by others) *nods* this i'm aware of heat of the moment and all that Hey I have Sharpshooter and there is no min range on that ability. (That I can find in the book, I checked.) Thus NO penalty and thus I am awesome.
  4. Velvetears said: The IG players in his early 30's now... But yes, i do use a few house rules for any game i play. 1: cinematic when it needs to be 2: as diceless as possible, more on the ROLE than the ROLL when it comes to play. Combat being on of ther major exceptions, you needs to rolls the dices.. 3: (a pretty specific change to the Jump rules as presented) Agility not Strength for jumping. May be augmented by the Athletics Skill Standing Jump Meters = to half AG score, minimum of 1 meter + half a meter per 5 AG check passed by Short Run & Jump = AG x1.5 distance in meters, minimum 2 meters, + half a meter per 5 AG check passed by Long Run & Jump = AG x2 distance in meters. minimum of 2 meters, + 1 meter per 5 AG check passed by Anything thing rolled under 10 = looks awesome, it happens regardless, and looks cool. All the rolls the character needed to make were all under 10 (about 3-4 different rolls i made her do for it mind you), and she has a good AG/Acrobatics stats to boot (42/52 respectively) Just with a successful Acrobatics check passed by 2 degrees she'd have made it, but that would have made it with a bit to spare, as it was she passed with the amount of under 10's she rolled Effect = cinematic & awesome n stuff, making 3 players punch the air and one grumble that he didnt get to shoot the bike and kill the eldar and save the world and get the girl and the loot and l33t epik skillz etc.. When it comes to the techpreist doing his thing, he often accheives similar effects with the things He can do, mind you not leaping from roof to roof, but with things only he's able to do in the group, same with the face/scum character, and same with the no longer played by a player adept of xenology.. Hmm that brought images of our Tech-Priest leaping gracefully from roof top to roof top. Well trying getting halfway and splatting into the mud when gravity begins to work on all his Augments. But if the IG had brought his Adept to the party We would of talked to the other Xeno and got info on their location instead of having him use a NPC. That said I remember him using His IG Sniper to shoot your Psyker in the shoulder when he took it apon his self to decide that all Psykers are bad regardless of Sanctioning. (We have two Groups with our Tech-Priest Running the other game so Velvetears can play his Psyker.) Ok I know my Cleric also shot him. But she knows that he can stop the bullets from her bolt pistol gun. That and She and the Psyker were trying to scare some upstart kids by proving that pulling a gun on us wouldn't work, whilst at the same time showing that they could use people like us in their gang. (We were under cover after all.)
  5. Velvetears said: The assassin made a Lot of dice rolling for skills to get across safe and land on a "small" space, all of which were passed by over 4 degrees of success (lots of 01-09 rolls for most of the night by everyone except the guardsman player.. lol) I got 04 to land on the bike
  6. Jack of Tears said: Wait, he jumped 12 meters? 39.4 feet? Considering the world record is 8.9 meters (29.4 feet). Did this guy have some unnatural bonus going on to assist him? Um... I think he meant feet, as it was described to me that I was trying to jump a street not a city block. (Or 2.)
  7. Darth Smeg said: Well, that changes things somewhat. Jumping down 5 floors is not something you do without a lot of pain (see the section on falling damage, count every floor as about 3m). Even if your superbly trained killing-machine ninja-body could take the damage, I doubt the bike could. But then, one should never let things like physics and real-life get in the way of extremely cool scenes Bombernoy said: Hurrah for catfall Oh Yes Catfall and Acrobatics are abilities that I took as soon as I could. It was only 2 floors(ish) and It did make a really great scene
  8. The buildings were about 5 floors high. So the roof would have been the 6th. We even looked up Parkor (RL Free Running.) After the the game so we could get an idea of how long it would of taken to jump that sort of distance which is less than a few seconds so I should of been able to do it in game time easy. But yes he was still arguing last night (The game session that this took place in happened almost 2 months ago now. It all started because he said he wanted to make an Ogryn for the next game and the GM said no because he didn't think it would fit in with the rest of the group. The guy then started complaining about what my character had done saying it was ok for the group to have a "Combat monster" jumping about like a Jack in a box. I was like "What? I thought we'd settled this." I think he's decided that he doesn't want to play with us any more. lol
  9. Oh I hadn't realised about the called shot thing I think our GM had either decided I was quite close so It hadn't mattered, or was upset by the Argument about my leaping onto the bike that he hadn't realised just what I'd done at that point.
  10. Jack of Tears said: Perhaps the gm is one of those that says "state your actions at the beginning of the round and no changes", that is the only reason I can imagine why the others would start firing at the bike ... especially considering the tech priest told the assassin to do just that. I told them to shoot at the bike anyway as I was tring to avoid the whole argument and said that it would all happen more or less at the same time with seconds between any actions made and I was sure I could Doge our use a fate point to stop myself from being faitly wonded by my team mates. The Tech-Priest and Guardsman was in the middle of the lobby of the building (I thought they were a few floors up but I have been told they were on the ground floor.) The Scum was on the second floor and I was on the roof. The Dark Eldar was on a two seater bike outside the window of the 4th floor of a building on the other side of the street. It was raining. (All mods were applied to my rolls.) Our Gm asked what we were doing after a brief argument about what point turns begin. The Guardsman past a perception check based on sound to hear the bike, told our Tech-Priest leader that he heard it, and set an ambush. During that conversation the Tech-Priest had said "Can you jump onto the bike and take him out?" To me and I said "I'll try." (Which now according to the guardsman was after he had already started shooting.) I use Leap up and start to run readdy for the leap once my initiative phase starts. Tech-Priest also get into a position to fire, and says "Take it out." Our Scum smashed the window that was in front of him so he would have a clear shot with his crossbow. Our guards man said that as he was in position he would of started firing before initiative was applied and that the GM was wrong to say that we get a free action to get into position but then it goes in initiative Order. The GM said that the Guardsman does not decide when initiative becomes relevant. and that our Free actions prior to going into Initiative were: Guardsman: Relays info about what he has heard on the coms and moves into position to fire. Tech-Priest: Asks "Can you jump on the Bike?" Moves into position to fire. Assassin: Starts her run ready to leap onto the bike, knife in hand. Scum: Smashes window and readies weapon to fire. Tech-Priest: "Take it out." Combat begins in order of initiative. I don't see a problem here but maybe that's because I am the Assassin...
  11. Bombernoy said: numb3rc said: The Assassin did well! Very cinematic, very cool, and all very legal by the rules. I'd say that is what a good combat scene looks like! And to any naysayers that say the assassin can't jump on the bike, the GM said that she could. Case closed. Anyways, it seems your other fellows have no idea how turn order works. Until you're up, you don't need to be stuck into any actions (outside mitigating circumstances like Deja Vu). Next time you meet your Inquisitor, the Assassin could present a very credible case that her "comrades" tried to kill her. After all, they opened fire on her after the enemy had left the fire zone. They're going to be in for some tough questions. Velvetears said: CptCaine said: zethliss said: you may only lay down one area of suppressive fire. She suppressive fired in to the eldars guts Well, that's the thing about suppressive fire: you can suppress people somewhat with it or suppress them totally and forever if you're aiming to suppress body parts instead of people . Sounds more like expressive fire to me, as in his guts were expressed all over the place. Just a little
  12. Assassin is crouched on the roof of a building. Tech-Priest and a Temp Guardsman (The player forgot his character sheet.) a few floors down. And a Scum at another window a few floors down. Guardsman spots an (Dark) Eldar Jet bike outside an open window of the building across the street. He then lets everyone in the party know. The Tech-Priest asks the Assassin "Can you jump on to the bike to take him out?" "I'm not sure I'll try." Replies the Assassin. "Ok lets take it out" says the Tech-Priest. "OK Role Initiative everyone." Says The GM. The Assassin has the highest (Even after she for got to Double her AB due to lightning Reflexes.) "What are you going to do?" Asks the GM. "I'm going to try to jump onto the back of the Jetbike (It was a two seater.) and take him out." Says the Assassin. "You can't do that!" says the Guardsman. "Why?" asks the Assassin. "Because I'm going to open fire on him." Says the Guardsman. "Well you can do that after." The Assassin says "No I'll be doing it as soon as he says fire." Comes from the Guardsman. "But I go first, I have the highest Initiative." The Assassin says. The Assassin Turn: Leap up lets her stand as a free action, A successful Acrobatics check lets her land on the back of the bike, Quick Draw gets her knife ready and a half-action sticks it in the (Dark) Eldar's neck who then looses his balance and falls. (Breaking his legs when he hits the street below.) The Guardsman fires at the bike and hits the bike, The Tech-Priest Also shoots the bike. The Scum Shoots the engine of the Jetbike with an explosive arrow. "Can I try to Doge that?" The Assassin asks. "You can try to doge through the window as its open, Make a Doge Check followed by an Acrobatics Check to see how you land if you make the Doge." says the GM. (Passed both checks with ease.) "You land in through the window as the bike explodes behind you. There is another (Dark) Eldar in front of you. He is starting the sacrifice of a naked young woman that is hanging by hooks from the ceiling. Now that everyone else had their turn it's your turn again what are you going to do?" Quick draw My auto guns, Called shot Body, Full Auto both weapons. (The Assassin has 2 recoil gloves and some handy abilities like 2 Weapon Ballistic, Ambidextrous, Sharpshooter, Lightning Attack.) She rolls 34 Her Ballistic Skill is 44 then +20 for going full auto + 10 Special Rules for Red dot on the gun + 10 for short range. She cleaves the body in two. "I didn't shoot him in the head." She calls out the window. "I need some help to get this one down she says Ripping the hooks out of the girl. (She has no medical training and poor fellowship but at least she has stoped sticking her fingers in the holes. She was told that didn't work.) The problem that we have had is that We haven't stoped arguing about weather or not the Assassin could make it onto the bike. I found some videos of Free runners and if people can do it in RL then I don't see why we wouldn't be able to do it in game. Now the guy that was the Guardsman says that she wouldn't of been able to Dodge the bullets that he was shooting at the bike and that he would have shot her. (Even though he shot the bike and she made the Doge roll to avoid being blown up by the exploding bike.)
  13. These have all made me laugh so much it's good to know we have people in our groups that can make us laugh even when our games go south.
  14. For me was when one member of our group turned round and said. "Well I didn't know we were meant to be role playing." He wanted to shoot something but my Assassin got to it first. (I got the highest initiative, so I went first.) He was not happy.
  15. Narissa

    Trix Roth...

    Sorry those links are broken here are the new ones Trix Roth: Constantine Drake: I will hopefully have more to post soon
  16. Narissa

    Trix Roth...

    Velvetears said: Blender is one of those things we were looking at, as well as some programs that allow for skins to be imported and modded tech preist will take a bit of work but then it should be really good I hope so, Looks like my spare change will be going to Daz for some new bits
  17. Narissa

    Trix Roth...

    Thanx Graver, I've only had the programs for a few days but I'm sure it can use imported stuffs. I'm still learning all the stuff that it can do, I'll keep at it. hopefully I'll be able to do some really good art soon
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    Here you go babe here is Constantine Drake for you, Hope you like him
  19. Narissa

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    Well at least My BF/DM has got my name right this time I liked making this pic (Even though it was rushed and I hope to do a better one later.) I'm hoping to use Das Studio 3 to make a pic with some more of our characters in (^.^)
  20. Velvetears said: Narissa said: My Cleric will shoot lots and hope and prey. My pet Psyker had better behave or he'll get a spanking. You might have a pet psyker but i have a tamed cleric! Yeah and the other one wants to kill you I think we will have to keep each other alive, Maybe my Cleric has a thing for Psykers with long flowing red hair, She'll have to buy a whip just for fun
  21. It was a great game Velvetears and Constantine making wibbily wobbily stuff happen made it a lot more fun and we haven't died yet. Good company, and a good GM (We are lucky as both of our GM's come up with really good stories.) All we need to do next game is regroup to make a plan of action and go take out the big bad that's caused all the Plague Zombies type things. My Cleric will shoot lots and hope and prey. My pet Psyker had better behave or he'll get a spanking.
  22. Cifer said: In Scourge the Heretic, Carolus telekinetically flings a shuttle - should we now implement the new power "fling starships" in Dark Heresy? I would think that "Flinging Starships" would require a great deal from the Psykers and would most definatly require a role. The bigger the task the more stress and energy required.
  23. As they have said in earlier news RT will be compatible with DH. With that in mind the new rules can be implemented into DH games at the GM's discretion. Not all rules work for everyone but for some it will make the games more interesting, That being said I don't think our Psykers will waist there powers trying to open that pesky jam jar with the stiff lid.
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