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  1. I'll get a starter and probably 5-6 decks. If my group likes it and the organized play is solid I will probably end up with another 1-2 decks each month.
  2. I'm a new player that was drawn into the game by the LCG format and am very much looking forward to participating in upcoming league play. Presumambly, I'm exactly the type of player FFG is targeting with the format change. However, after reading through the recently posted Adventure League Guide, I have some concerns. Namely, I find the currency/faction head rules troubling. As a new player, I expect to lose early while I figure out the game. This doesn't bother me all that much. The problem is, you receive less currency for losing than you do for winning, so for my next game, not only can I expect to be the less experienced player in the match, I can also expect to have purchased a less powerful faction head ability and be playing with a handicap. which most likely means 2 more currency for me and 3 for my opponent. Rinse. Repeat. I really would like to see FFG reconsider this format. I think it's fine to add some flavor/twists to League play, but the head-to-head match ups should be even and determined by your deck building and hand play. Creating a mechanic that gives a player a leg up is really sours me on the format. At this point I can't see myself participating for more than a few weeks for the purpose of building an email list of like-minded local players that want to play the game straight-up.
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