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  1. I already use plastic bags indeed. Like those used for Risiko. And also paper bags, like coin collectors, each for every color (with same color elastics). I had hope it was possible. Now I know it isn't, I'll drop plastic inside and I'll make one myself. Thanx for your aid.
  2. I've just bought the new "Britannia", and played once. I love to put correctly all pieces in their spaces, but the box doesn't fit to this goal... How can I place correctly Unit Markers, VP Tokens, Population Markers, Round Marker and the 5 Dice in the box? If necessary, I can set a set of bundles too.. For now, I've set in the box placing VPs in a clip in the triangle, UM&PM in the great square, and 5 dice in the rectangular box. What's the use of the 8 hex, the 2 smaller quadrilaterals, and eventually the rest? Thanx for an answer.
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