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  1. Your calculation presumes that the Horde makes more than one melee attack per round, which is only possible if the Horde has the Swift or Lightning Attack Talent, which few Hordes have. Sounds legit otherwise.
  2. Siranui said: *Sound of a thousand of Deathwatch characters throwing everything except bolters out of the window again* Bolters were nerfed to bring them into balance with everything else. This change completely undoes that against hordes. If this change becomes official, then yes, weapons with (X) would be the best choice against Hordes. Which I kinda like, a Storm-Bolter/Boltgun is then the best choice against a Horde of Orc-Boys but not quite as good against the Warboss standing behind them as other, more expensive weapons.
  3. Well, this looks like a response to the nerfed ROF of Bolters in the errata. So Bolters are still not quite as lethal against big enemies since they hit less, but are actually better against Hordes than with the old ROFs. I kinda like the way this is going, since long fightes against Hordes were never that exciting for me.
  4. Also, with the way mutations work in BC, its pretty easy to loose the infiltration aspect of a character. Reaching 10 or 20 Corruption is pretty easy, and a lot of the unaligned mutations are very visible. In a warband with a Human Renegade aka Snake Guy (Animal Hybrid Mutation), and Human Psyker with big Wings (Winged Mutation) the CSM is still the "normal" one
  5. This change would make the standard frigates from Rogue Trader very weak in combat. Considering that most parties are going to start with a frigate (PF/SP allocation trends towards this), this would make the start of many campaigns rather different, since space combat would be a long, slow attrition battle. I would find that rather boring, considering that getting enough damage to beat an enemy with say 18 Armour and 35 Hull will take really long.
  6. dvang said: With higher BS, the macrobatteries begin getting better, as its more likely for more DoS. Still, needing 6 hits vs 3 to do the same damage really means that the Lance is essentially superior vs high armor because it requires fewer degrees of success. Well, only if your first shot with macrobatteries generated at least two hits. Otherwise there is no need to even role the dice since you cant penetrate the shields anyway. So, two good roles needed to deal damage for lances, versus, one good role with dual Sunsear Batteries might deal damage, as long as the armour isnt incredibly high. Might by interesting to check the math for an enemy with, say one shield and 26 armour (Ork Rock?), lances should be far better here.
  7. 20 Guardsmen in my game would be represented by a Magnitute 30 Horde, making three attacks with 3D10 + 3, using Semi-Auto. Thats not enough to really bother a Deatchwatch Marine, but it can deal some damage. Add a Magnitude 20 Horde for a Heavy Weapons Team with Grenade Launchers to get 2 Attacks with a Krak Grenade Salvo dealing 4D10+4 Pen 6, which is quite substantial. The Kill-Team better be quick about neutralising that group, or risk being severly injured by a bunch of basic troops. Agreed about the Eldar btw. but according to RAW you could say that a Squad of 4 Eldar Dire Avengers counts as a horde of Magnitude 40, which gives them substantial Boni and makes them pretty hard to kill, considering that they probably got something like AG 50 and Dodge + 10.
  8. ak-73 said: HT is +30 to hit, I think. However it's a bit more complex if he is shielded by Hive Guards, etc. Do as I suggest and set the HB Damage to 2d10+8 (other bollters get 2d10+4) and ROF to 6 (or 7). Suddenly your hit average will be more around 5 and damage at 3 per hit. The Plasma Cannon otoh has the advantage that you not only hit the Hive Tyrant but possibly any Hive Guards near him. Or better yet if your GM decides that a leg hit strikes the Hive Guard in front of the Hive Tyrant. Then the blast radius might mean that HT is affected. And it stacks out a bit more favourably against the Daemon Prince because against him the +2 Pen of max mode has an effect. Alex While reading this thread I have changed my mind, you are correct that plasma is to costly Req - Wise for its rather minimal benefits. So how about leaving Dam and Pen as is and adding Felling(1) or Felling(2) to Plasmas maximal Mode? Its a simpler change, but would give plasma an edge against single strong enemies.
  9. Where I see Plasma as kinda viable outside of my described Ambush scenario is with Apothecaries, Tech-Marines and Librariens. The Tactical Marine gets free special ammo and potential bonus to damage and toHit with a Bolter, he won't change to plasma. The Devastator and the Heavy Bolter are talked about in great detail in many threads here, so lets just say, no reason to switch to plasma. Generally lower BS value in these specialities, and really usefull Skills to use during recharge. So for example, 1st Round : Shoot the bad guys with maximal Setting, 2nd Round: First Aid, restore 11 - 17 wounds to your Devastator who draws fire like nobody else.
  10. Blizzard36 said: Maximal is nice, but since it adds the recharge quality it puts it right back below the bolter IMO. Yeah it's a nice single hit, but I'll take more good damage hits any day. 2 rounds of bolter hits still comes out pretty near the plamsa gun I reckon, maybe even above. And that assumes the poor plamsa gun shooter doesn't miss. As soon as you add in a few misses the bolter comes out way ahead. Well in my experience it depends on the enemy the team faces. Against Melee oriented enemies the first salvo is often the most important one, putting down that [Random Master Class Melee Monster] before it can use his Lightning Attack + Multiple Arms makes the difference between an easy victory and burned Fate-Points.
  11. Looking at Assault Marines Space Wolfes, I think one thing to consider is the combination of Lightning Reflexes (double AG bonus for initiative) + Combat Sense (Switch AG bonus with Per bonus for initiative) + Wolf senses (At rank 5 = Unnatural Perception x2 ). Considering the chapter bonus for Per Space Wolfes get, I think that there is a fair chance that the Space Wolf would nearly always be the first to act in combat. Considering how melee combat works i.e. mostly only one parry/dodge, but possibly 3 attacks for a Rank 1 Assault Marine, that is a nice advantage. Only problem is that Space Wolfes dont get Combat Sense, which I might house rule as an additional Space Wolf Advance for 400XP. Opinions?
  12. Ac4189 said: I like this one and i might impliment it. Do these rules work well? Well, I think they work well for my group, but it makes psyker powers more reliable and less of a wildcard. Our psyker uses his powers more often than before the change, but I do not think that is such a bad thing or too unbalancing. Since minor powers cause no fatigue gain and are easily activated fettered, it makes our Psykers use those whenever they can be useful. Even with Invokation, powers with higher Thresholds are hard to reach if you have only one or two dice. I personally like that Sanctionites can use their powers without risking everything around them if they are careful, while still being limited by something, in this case fatigue. Really depends on what kind of campaign you wanna play with your group, if its broader in scope with more powerful enemies you could also just adapt the Rogue Trader/Ascension rules for Psykers as N0-1_H3r3 suggested.
  13. I house-ruled something similar in regards to fettering/pushing, but with one additional drawback - fatigue for fettering Powers for non-ascended characters. 1. Allow Fettered Casting / push casting mechanics, as soon as the Psyker has chosen a discipline (Psy-Rating 3) this keeps the "Warp is dangerous, be careful" thing going for new Psykers, and developing their potential into a Discipline also gains them the ability to use their powers more or less safely. I.E. A Telepath sending a Message can not result in everybody in the room gaining corruption except the Psyker who managed his WP save ... 2. Casting a major power Fettered as a non Ascended Character costs one level of fatique after the power takes effect, or after it is no longer sustained. this limits the amount of WP Bonus 6 Force Barrages a Psyker can cast safely, of course if he wants to (or is forced to by his GM )there is always unfettered casting without fatique . If the Caster reached his Fatigue - Threshold, he can test against toughness to stay conscious until the end of combat/scene but can no longer cast anything fettered. The talent Meditation has proven to be very useful for the Psyker in my group, as an after encounter ritual...
  14. Well of those aids, only Favoured by the Warp does anything in regards to a roll on Psychic Phenomena and that Trait reguires a lot of XP for the Psyker before he can get it regularly. Similar with Psychic Supremacy (Ignore the first 9 rolled) from Disciples Of The Dark Gods, you can play a long time before getting anywhere near this. And there is no real choice involved. Once you get those Traits you always use them for safety. I (obviously ) like the concept of giving the player the choice: Go for the Fatique (-10 on all rolls afterwards) and be safer or call directly on the Warp, no Fatique but a small risk of things going very wrong. And usually (my Psyker had a TB of 2 now he got 3) the Fatique goes up pretty quickly when there is no time to rest or meditate, so pretty soon its down to resting (or not using your powers for a while), risking Perils or dropping unconscious from to much Fatique. xenobiotica said: It is, after all, only a 10% chance for every die you roll that something might happen, and then there's only a 25% chance that you'll get Perils of the Warp, and if you have the Favoured by the Warp talent you get another chance to avoid Perils of the Warp. The odds are really not that bad, and the looming threat of Perils of the Warp is a great way to create tension and excitement anyway. While that is true, even if you "Play it safe" with my method, you can still get very annoying (and stylish) Psychic Phenomena but no Perils. Sneaking around in an heretic stronghold and getting an Banshee Howl was pretty .... inconvinient
  15. Hi everybody, I know this whole Psyker overpowered/underpowered thing has been discussed alot already, I a still going to add my 0.02€ to this. BTW, my english is not that good, so I am going to apologize in advance for any offenses against the english language commited in this post... If a Psyker Character uses his powers, he may roll badly and something goes very wrong, which is fine per se, but the Player often did nothing wrong (the power is desperately needed, he only used 1 dice and invocation etc) and then you have to decide: let the adventure pretty much go of the rails or to fudge the dice. This is especially strange if the Psyker is sitting somewhere safe and uses his powers to inform their boss about the most recent development via telepathy e.g. and then gives the rest of the party a lot of Corruption Points because he rolled badly and the average WP is pretty low. So I came up with following: Trait: Sanctioned Psyker As the original Trait + You can use the Powers of the Warp in relative safety if you use the procedures and the training given to you during your cruel training to achieve Sanctionite status. Make an Invocation Roll. If you succeed you not only gain the usual bonus on your power roll but also a -25 Modifier to a possible roll on the Psychic Phenomena table. This only applies if you use no more than 1 dice during your power roll. Afterwards you gain 1 point of Fatigue from the stress of channeling the Warp in such a manner. Now the psyker has a choice, spend an extra round and gain fatigue and mostly no overbleed, but no Perils of the Warp. Or if he already has fatigue he can go for the minor risk of rolling one dice without "doing it safe" and hope to not roll a 9, or he can go all out crazy and roll all his dice for that desperatly needed firestorm against that nearly unkillable Slaught. If something pops up from the Warp now and devours the party at least there was a bit of choice involved not only bad luck. What do you guys think? To powerful for your taste?
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