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  1. um im not sure how fast your deck is but the valor form seems kinda useless for you. if u plan on using valor then kingdom key is useless -unless your fighting ansem but at that point 1 should be enough. if your using lvl 1 sora you can do 3 hp damage a turn which is really nice but your att total will be 6 as opposed to valors-probably 15- so i would run 3x abu to equipment hate them. the sora card i would suggest is either mersora lvl 1 becuz of 5 att and 7hp or flag sora lvl 2 becuz of defensive challenge but then you can only do 2 hp a turn still isnt that bad. you dont need lvl 3 donald lad at all- maybe the bridge but still then u dont neeed that much magic. merlin would be better but even then thats still alot and u only need lvl 3 magic which lvl 1 donald has. i think another phil would help also just to let you know you can only gain 1 hp with this deck so run tinkerbell lvl 1 and maybe other lvls too.also a wr can rush past ur heartless pretty quickly with a peter pan lvl 1 which is a really good idea for wr so maybe more heartless/villlians cave of wonders is the best dark IMO metal chocobo might hurt you unless u think a guranteed +2 is better than a card you can draw-which it shouldnt be but thats ur call hope this helps
  2. updats wow cant believe they stopped right b4 the last set total bummer...........................
  3. i like your deck but creeper plant-set 3- i think deals one damage to a target dark card to kill stealth not sure if that would help. i would lose the 2xpain hes kinda useless without barbossa its really hard to make a roxas aggro especially with the current meta but itd be cool if something ended up working well. you need some hp boost becasue u do play higher lvl worlds and if those get filled with heartless and you cant move foward then u have no way of getting hp leaving u a little screwed i know phil stops magic but timeless river does help with him in roxas decks .in a control deck that would play owl wouldnt play owl agaisnt roxas b/c roxas cant use magic friends so unless they keep another lvl 1 down to protect phil u should be good. they probably wont b/c if u are at 12 att and have a samurai out they will need to use sephy and something else- sorry point being that timeless river helps kill phil and lets u use magic. if u have a cave of wonder then throw one of those in Cow and cerberus are a beast combo for any wr. i wouldnt play fat bandit at all if i were u but if he helps u agianst who u play against then keep him in. i would trade the 3xtwilight town lvl2 for agrahbah lvl 2 because that way it would double ur magic damage if your being challenged but if ur trying to keep the theme then do w/e your friend list seems solid although im not sure. im trying to build a roxas deck and ill get back to u if i find a better one but yours seems good. hope u still check this thread and that this helps. ps. immediatly after someone post something if you look at the grey bar on the top of the post or main topic thing. next to "Published on" there should be an edit button in that area and if u click it you can edit the text inside the post its how u change around the text in the main topic thingy w/o having to repost it in a comment. so post a comment saying "updates blah blah blah"-to meet minimum comment word thingy- and then go to you main topic post thing and click edit to edit the info in the topic
  4. hi i am interested in your peter pan lvl 1 SR and then kinda Disney castle SR and non holo flag sora i hvae alot of set 4 and i know i have doubles of some of the cards your were looking for from set 4 and the promos you wanted. let me know if you would be interested in trading those cards i listed for some of the ones you listed. if your willing to trade ill compile a list of all the set 4 extras i have and then we can work from there. email if you want becasue i check that way more often.
  5. hi i have the simba lvl sr and i might be able to get some of the srus you need but all i am seeing that i want is destiny island SR lesser wants ansem -set 3 the flag promos let me know what naruto cards you have for trade. please send me an email becasue i check that more often. also i dont mean list every naruto card you have i just mean let me know what sets and names. im looking for some of the more staple competitive cards as an fyi
  6. i agree with you guys on those cards not being banned its weird though becasue i would think the reasoning behind it is the whole panic barbossa combo. i agree with you dawn that right now its not to hard to pull off but if they were allowed in that format it would make barbossa like a lvl 2 friend making the deck way faster. but this s why i think its weird that alternate play rules thingy was only made for set 3 cards and i see no real reason for banning them then. they should have switched the worlds up a bit to make it ridiculously fun. like monstro lvl 1 is a light but agrahbah 3 is dark just little swaps like that. good find overall though good job dawn
  7. no because in a challenge cards only add to your support. battles are where those card texts take effect.
  8. uh 2 things i was invited by a chris e. and i dont think anyone else invited but one problem with my name is capncrunch is generally taken so ill get around to sighing up soon. ill wait to hear from you to make sure everyhting is okay
  9. Astro Zombies by the Misfits Woooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. this sounds really cool iff you could email me an invite iwould really appreciate it thanks. te.capncrunch@gmail.com
  11. The game is mega awesome. i really like the game mechanics. i thinks its really cool you cant deck out and that reminded me of the Digimon TCG (yea i know i said that and am readdy to take all insults and humiliation that go along with that XD) and that was awesome. but seriously the game is really cool and easy for anyone to pick up. i started at the beginning-ish and when i started i was already up agaisnt people who had the best possible decks and the best cards and i had a demodeck/starter deck/couple packs and still did pretty well in tournaments. the rules arnt that complicated at all-except the newer sets. also despite what ive said in the past and contrary to what alot of people think i do like FFG. i was having a horrible day and then i came home to find a box full of promos thank you FFG your an awesome company. thats my 2 cents and good thread topic
  12. im interested in your leon lvl 4 and x-card. i cant trade any of your wnts for those so sorry but if you could look at my thread i might have some stuff youd want. also i have a bunch of promos i havent listed yet. let me know if there is anything your interested in
  13. hey jason sorry but my internet is down and imm at my friends comp but i mailed out friday. one thing though i cant find my other cloud and think i might have shipped it with yours. if i did can you let me know ill pay for shipping thanks.
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