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  1. I am in the same position as OP. Is there any discussion or talk or place to lobby FFG for maintaining 1st Ed. events the same way Magic maintains legacy formats? I really want to avoid what happened when the CCG-LCG switch fiasco happened and I wasted thousand dollars catching up on CCG only to few months later be told that they would no longer support CCG-LCG transition as they first promised. I hope they are seriously considering maintaining event support for 1st Ed. for at least another year simultaneously with 2nd Ed. while 2nd Ed. can build up a card base. I realize that based on history this is probably not likely though
  2. Yes. Sorry Christian, my post was 100% referring to the OP , I just didn't make it clear that I was talking to you about the OP. Sorry for the confusion
  3. I've attended countless tournaments with John Bruno; observed him in countless tournament games, both against him and as a spectator. He plays so fairly that when he makes a mistake and you offer to let him take it back he consistently declines because it would not be fair to his opponent. The mere notion that John Bruno would recklessly throw away his integrity, reputation, and love for the game to have an edge against your friend is inconceivable. If John Bruno said it was too late to go back, in my experience that means he gave his opponent more than a fair opportunity to do whatever it was he wanted to do. In fact, he will very often times make sure the opponent confirms this by asking whether or not they have any actions etc. I've played the winter agenda against John Bruno something like 5 million times and I have very often forgotten to trigger its effect. Not once in my those 5 million games did I ever place the blame on him rushing an action. Every single time the effect didn't trigger it was 100% my fault. In game of thrones there is so much crap going on at all times that each player really is responsible for knowing his own cards. It was never John's responsibility to remind me of my triggers, in fact if he had done so, it would have made me a worse player. After all those games with him it forced me to learn from my mistakes and I eventually started playing winter agenda perfectly, never again forgetting to trigger its effect. I'll end with this: 1. It isn't your opponents responsibility to play your cards for you. 2. According to my vast experiences observing and playing against John Bruno, there is no way he would ever intentionally rush actions to deliberately deny a passive effect. 3. Your friend is probably like me a very slow player. Game of Thrones often requires players to play at a brisk pace given the time limits. Your friend was most likely awe-struck by the massive beat down John Bruno was laying upon him that, in his daze, he lost track of the time and believed that John Bruno was doing everything instantly whereas in reality your friend was remembering his winter effect too late and trying to justify time-machining by accusing him of cheating. 4. You are an unpleasant person. Bad trolls are bad trolls. Hiding being anonymous forum identity as the OP does is the epitome of weak sauce. The OP needs to grow some nuts or STFU
  4. I wish his new book would come out already. My favorite new fantasy series of all time. Probably one of the best wordsmiths ever in any genre. Your post is the only thing worth commenting on in this obviously malicious troll thread.
  5. Congrats on performing so consistently and solidly over the weekend! Great to see Penn State in the news for something positive!
  6. Yes this is a problem. I played two great extremely fun 2v2 games tonight with my gaming group. Only downside was that two models broke a little. One of the tube riser things broke off inside a TIE Advanced and then one of the X-Wings broke one of the four exhaust ports. I love these miniatures but they are a bit fragile, I recommend everyone be careful.
  7. I think this guy posted in the wrong forum: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=137&efcid=4&efidt=745520
  8. finitesquarewell said: widowmaker93 said: Myself and a friend of mine are buying Erick a Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills throwback jersey and he's so getting that hand delivered to him at Gencon next year. Which I will accept, but then will hand off to the first CA player I trounce that day (God knows there will be many). In fact, we can jus pass it back and forth between DC and CA all day, and the one stuck with it at the end buys the other meta a round post-tourney. This is funny and is actually like a running gag my family has had going for a while now. There is this awful record from the 1950s that was given as a gift at one wedding and then it was passed on and on to other family members as gifts for weddings and new babies. Its currently been passed around for 50+ years.
  9. Captain Mayhem said: LaughingTree said: Not even adjusting for inflation, this mini game is straight cheaper dollar wise than what I spent on Battletech in 1988. Its a great deal for painted IMO. you played Battletech in '88? welcome to the club. we must be old Great! Always nice to see old sci-fi mini gamers. And we aren't old, we're just young again
  10. badash56 said: Hi guys, I'm going to be in the Burbank area for work Dec 2-14th. I was wondering if there are any game stores in the area where I could play some cards? Thanks! badash, We play at Game Empire in Pasadena on Wednesdays which is 10-25 minutes from Burbank depending on traffic. Also sometimes on the weekends but its more irregular but we can keep you updated. Feel free to email me at surgeonofhistory@gmail.com and we can keep in touch
  11. How late is Emerald Nights open? I probably wouldn't be able to get there until 9:30 or so though. Also we are planning to do XWing at Kingdom Con in April 2013 so I'll keep you updated.
  12. I used to live up there but I'm now down in So Cal. However, we are going to be running XWing at KublaCon 2013 so I'll try to keep you updated.
  13. I would much rather see ships from the video games (like KOTOR) and Clone Wars instead of the far into the future EU stuff.
  14. I can't help anyone with stats but here's a pic of the model:
  15. Not even adjusting for inflation, this mini game is straight cheaper dollar wise than what I spent on Battletech in 1988. Its a great deal for painted IMO.
  16. papalorax said: I think the majority of the player base that travels to play in events will continue to play in any format because they are more concerned with the comraderie of the players then anything else. FFG could dump melee and come out with a new second format and people would play that…because they are they to play AGOT and hang out with friends. I don't think most people make their decisions based on the ruling for or against those at the top. I agree with this statement 100%.
  17. Congrats on the win! I saw a little of the X Wing final at Worlds and it was part of what convinced me to buy the game to play with my son (we both love mini games and Star Wars is dear to my childhood). Hopefully I'll get to play it at GenCon and Worlds next year.
  18. AGoT DC Meta said: It would be interesting to hear if FFG indeed had given warnings to any of the final players throughout the day, but I think it unlikely. FFG did issue warnings throughout the day including after the first round in front of many witnesses.
  19. Thrones is perfectly designed to have a 2v2 competitive format. Afterall, tennis has Singles and Doubles. The winning team could then both collaborate on a card that would have both their names on it. We tried this at KublaCon in 2011 and it was really fun. Teams could not show each other what cards they had in hand or go have a team huddle so plans had to be prepared in advanced. It removes any trouble with collusion . Its also a completely different deck building experience from Joust and opens up a number of different types of decks that could work well together in different ways. Teams could do a Control-Rush, Control-Control, Rush-Rush or both decks could have rush and control elements.
  20. dcdennis said: Totalgit said: Hey if anybody is going to rage quit and sell all their cards i have a friend whos probably willing to buy them all.. Totalgit said: Hey if anybody is going to rage quit and sell all their cards i have a friend whos probably willing to buy them all.. hehe while this was of course my initial reaction, quitting would be ludicrious. I love the game, FFG is an awesome company, and they did what they had to do to protect what they felt was a breach of integrity in the game. I gotta respect that even if i disagree with the decision. No hard feelings to Nate, Damon, Ktom or anyone else involved with making it. They put on a kickass event, i had an awesome time all day meeting everyone (including getting the verbal smackdown in round 3 from ktom which sucked, but kinda made my night), they had awesome prize support and pretty much made the event everything that the fans asked for all year. So no, no raqequitting here, just sleeping before the joust wihich now starts in 8 hours. Edit: the reason we were given for the DQ was that three of us were 'shutting out' the fourth player, and not challenging eachother, which is something that i disagree with completely. Mathieu was running Heir to the Throne (no int) and the other three of us were running shadows and spiders, horrible coincidence for him. That being said, I did indeed try to get erick second place before making the winning challenge (a deal that i offered to mathieu first i might add, which he opted to turn down) because he (erick) was the only reason i was in position to win In the first place, so i thought id repay the kindness and up his standings for overall points. So if that is DQ'able, then i am absolutely guilty. Either way, g'night to all and ill see ya at the joust tomorrow (assuming theyll let me in the building ). TL; DR : we colluded and paid the iron price
  21. Ire said: Grimwalker said: I forget which Champion it was, but somebody asked Damon to make a Martell card for the son of Dagos Manwoody. *looks up character name…* Damon: No, you cannot make a card named "Dickon Manwoody." Yes the game is really missing that. that and Sea *****, Golden Storm and Joso's Cock. Where is Hot Pie?
  22. Saturnine said: Not sure what the dismissive "only" is doing in that sentence. That difference is kind of the point. Now I'd understand if your argument was that opportunity cost is very difficult to account for in the design process of a card, and thus it probably didn't factor in too heavily in the balancing aspects of this card. But from a deckbuilding perspective the opportunity cost is very real (you evaluate the opportunity cost of cards in your podcast card reviews all the time, everytime you ask "is this worth a slot in my deck"). Again, "opportunity cost" does not count as a drawback in any way because opportunity costs exists for any possible deck you build, agenda or no agenda. It certainly doesn't mitigate what you even admit is a lack of a drawback on the card itself which other agendas have (KoTHH being a great example). You can't claim the card is balanced because of "opportunity cost"; that's just not a sound argument. And there is no way you can say the immunity won't matter in the majority of competitive games. Maybe your meta is different than the California metas but we see Bandit Lord OOH from every single house (less from Stark though).
  23. Dobbler is 100% correct. "Opportunity cost" is not a drawback to House of Dreams any more than "opportunity cost" is a drawback to any deck (agenda or not). The opportunity cost of playing an agenda does not count as a drawback of the agenda that is supposed to balance out the fact that the agenda has no inherent drawbacks at all in certain builds. Opportunity cost is simply not a valid argument for the drawback to HoD. Neither is it a valid argument to claim that "some locations are overcosted". Again this is something that, even if true, still affects every other build as well. So that's not valid as a drawback either. In a handful of builds House of Titties, err HoD, provides pure positive advantage with no inherent drawback. Every other agenda has drawbacks inherent to balance out their advantage. The House of Titties does not have an inherent built-in drawback in most cases where it will be played. Yes, if someone built a Ghaston Grey Martell with it, it would technically be a 4 gold flop which *could* be a drawback but that is more than balanced by the immunity that Ghaston Grey would obtain. Take the obvious Bear Island example that everyone has thought about. Using HoD is pure advantage with no inherent drawbacks. Some might call that pure, adulterated power creep. That said, there might be some fun builds out there because of this agenda. Just don't think those fun builds will see much playing time come Regionals.
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