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    zealot12 got a reaction from Bludgeon in Grave Robber   
    Grave Robber is one of our favorites. Plus, it's amusing to see him being able to pick up the first card in the discard pile several times, if the following cards are board fixtures or followers/objects.
    Landing on: as soon as you hit the space, effect/ability activates
    Visiting a space: encountering it normally+special ability activates
    Instead of encountering a space ability: the text on the space has no effect. Special ability activates .
    Landing on a character/encountering a character:  Must encounter character instead of space to activate.  Special non-combat abilities activate if chosen, instead of normal combat
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    zealot12 got a reaction from 0beron in Red Riding Hood   
    She can be very beneficial for leveling up, though equally annoying as well, depending on the monsters on the board., and your character. You can ditch her any time though.
    I'm still uncertain whether you have to  draw a card on a single-draw space,  in addition to the Enemy you've moved.
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    zealot12 got a reaction from Narcissistic Cannibal in Relic or Talisman   
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    zealot12 got a reaction from VX485 in Strategies to beat Kairos?   
    You need to gain Relics and Assets  that generate Power cards. This way you'll have more control over the power deck.If you hold on to the highest numbered cards, Kiaros, will be left scraping the bottom.
    Kairos  managed to vanquish a player in 3 games of the many we played
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    zealot12 got a reaction from SolennelBern in Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?   
    One of the best expansions FFG has released to date. It's a total redefinition of the game.
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    zealot12 got a reaction from PzVIE in This game is in dire need of more heroes!   
    I love the game as it is , but more heroes would be nice.. More cards too,
    While I'd like more chamber tiles as well, I'm not sure how that would work, unless they release an alternate new set that is separate from the old one.
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    zealot12 got a reaction from Husker949 in Rules question: Tasks with discarding valuable information   
    I think the distinction between "defeat a monster" task and "discard a valuable information card" task  is:
    one specifies a generic action, the other requires spending a card to fulfill it.
    Once you've spent the resource, you cannot use it to fulfill other tasks.
    Similarly, if you had several  tasks that required you to perform  a certain action. resolving that action will complete all the tasks associated with it.
    But if you had several tasks that required you to spend 3 gold, you cannot fulfill all of them without spending 3 gold for each one.  
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    zealot12 reacted to SolennelBern in Relic: Halls of Terra   
    **** my wish came through, a side board and not a corner board!!
    And the thematic is awesome, really love what this will bring to the already immersive Relic+Nemesis.
    Can't wait to put my face in the box and smell it hard...
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    zealot12 reacted to Julia in Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?   
    True. I really, really, really like the Velma's diner adventures, both for the art and the theme. You in for a bowl of hot soup? Sure, make yourself at home, there's a friend who wants to talk to you. Just reach the booth in the back, you'll be fine... *goosebumps*
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    zealot12 reacted to jlhorner1974 in First Impressions   
    I see your point - I should have thought of that. My first thought was that just a monster just seemed uncharacteristically "nice" for the mythos. I witnessed how screwed you are with three gates open. You are denied access to three adventures and other than a lucky spell draw, the only way to free one up is to beat an otherworld adventure that is likely to be tough. One other thing I saw was that starting out, if you get a brutal adventure card draw and you fail the first few adventures, you could get in an enormous hole early, and it could be almost impossible to recover. There is no free healing or lost and found anymore either. You need to have trophies to power the location abilities and if you can't get any, you are in a bad place. Fortunately this should be rare.
    I agree. I think that the mythos has to have a way to "turn the tide" and chain a bunch of awful stuff together so that the game result is not a foregone conclusion if you get comfortably ahead. I can only imagine how fun it must have been to get that right. I could see how delicate of a balancing act that must have been. There is no doubt that the mythos can chain some bad effects together and lay a serious beatdown on you. I think it's quite possible to get four or more doomers, a couple of Gates open, and some monsters all pop out from resolving one midnight. And that's possible *without* having any midnight effects on adventures. I need a few more games to be sure, but it looks so far that the balance is just right.
    I can see that Ghatanothoa is supposed to be easy in the final battle, but that is assuming that you don't roll complete and utter crap. On average, each person will survive 6 rounds before buying it, but the gotcha, of course is if someone buys it early, the battle goes downhill fast. I decided to see what would have happened if Ghatanothoa survived the first round. He would have devoured two investigators. Apparently my karma boost lasted *just* long enough.
    Fantasy Flight, if you are listening to this, please *please* some more Gates of Arkham style expansions. Just take my money now.
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    zealot12 got a reaction from Julia in Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?   
    There are some variants floating around on Boardgamegeek that integrate the old adventure cards into the game with Gates of Arkham.
    For instance, start with 3 faceup adventures cards from the museum, and 3 facedown cards from the new expansion. Then, if you solve a museum adventure card, replace it with a new faceup  card from the old deck(like the regular game)
    If you solve an Arkham Adventure card, replace it with a facedown card from the new deck.The old entrance cards are not used.  The new entrance card's ability only affects Arkham adventures in play.
    Another variant: you start the game in the museum following the old setup rules. Once you accumulate a given number of Elder Signs, remove all museum cards from play, and initiate setup of Arkham Adventures.
    I have not tried these yet, but you can think of plenty of ways to make this game modular still.
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    zealot12 reacted to general Hoth in First Impressions   
    Elder Sign is getting the Love it deserves!
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    zealot12 reacted to jlhorner1974 in First Impressions   
    Wow, it feels like this is the game that Elder Sign always wanted itself to be. Love the new mechanics. Having the adventures be face down and also having effects to buy things or restore health/sanity on the backs adds a lot of strategy. Do I take the chance or the sure thing? The new mythos are much nastier, as they should be. The events are really a truly random mix of things good and bad, which add to the unpredictability. Somehow the difficulty seemed to be about right. Tough, but not impossible. Man, though, the mythos can really pound on you when you're down now. I had a case when an investigator was devoured which added a doom token, which opened a gate; an effect from the previous mythos triggered, a new mythos effect added doom tokens, which opened another gate.. it was diabolical. I also love how the adventures were themed to the Arkham locations as well. It's also nice that there is a wide variety of difficulty present in the adventures. Some are a cakewalk. Some are f**king impossible! Allies are more common now, which is nice. Like the skills - they are needed to combat the increase difficulty. Also *really* love the items that can be used to help others so the game feels a bit more cooperative - why weren't there more of these from the beginning? Only thing I didn't like is when all three Gates are placed in Arkham and there are still unsealed Arkham adventures, another gate opening only adds a monster. This seems too generous. I would have expected a doom token instead. I don't mind that this game took the series in a new direction. I loved the original Elder Sign and this is even better. I'm already excited about new Streets of Arkham style expansions.
    First game: Yibb-Tstll against Jenny, Jim, Amanda, and Skids. Steadily progressed. Got on a good run and got a number of Elder Signs and items, but Doom Track filled up steadily too. Thankfully a number of chances to retreat doom kept things under control. Still, the events wreaked havoc and the higher failure rate of adventures was apparent. Not enough to be frustrating, but definitely noticeable. Eventually got the final Elder Signs I needed to put the ancient one away. Without several chances to retreat doom, Yibb-Tstll might have woken up. Result: Victory by Elder Signs at 7 doom.
    Second game: Ghatanothoa against same team. This time the mythos was furious and out for revenge. It started out ugly and got worse. Got FIVE red cards for the initial draw. Failed a couple of adventures early. Green die locked straightaway. Finally cleared it but the red die got locked and yellow doubly locked soon after. Gates opening everywhere - started looking like Yog Sothoth's back yard. After the initial items were used up couldn't really get any more. Jim headed to a face down other world to try to close and it turned out to be the Great Temple. He failed and midnight came up so he was devoured. Clawed my way to a couple of Elder Signs but a mythos forced me to lose two them or pay a hefty price. Monsters popped out. Never did manage to close any Gates so never faced the ancient one's deathly visage. Two more investigators devoured after losing health and going insane. Ghatanothoa awoke with only *1* Elder Sign collected. Fortunately this was just after someone was devoured so they had fresh items, and the previous mythos effect gave everyone an item. Most investigators had a clue or two also as rewards for completing easy adventures last turn - I had abandoned a seal victory given 1 Elder Sign showing and the doom track almost full with 2 more doom tokens coming at midnight. Final battle time. With the way the mythos had been screwing me over, I feared defeat was looming since I can't even focus during the final battle. Amazingly, after a game of abysmal dice rolling and brutal mythos effects, karma had had enough and was pissed. Suddenly everyone got red hot at just the right time. Ghatanothoa needed a peril + terror as his task. Amanda was up first with all eight dice, and she rolled the task three times! Finn was up next and he had a Sword of Glory. With a clue and eight dice he ripped another three doom tokens off the ancient one. Jenny was up next, discarded a common to get all eight dice, and she completed the task twice. One to go. Trish had a red die and a clue, but she didn't need either because she got what she needed in one roll. After some absolutely unholy dice rolling, Ghatanothoa was out for the count. What an amazing finish! Result: Victory by final combat
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    zealot12 got a reaction from TwiceBorn in Questions about Revised edition rules   
    Here's the text on the Dragon cards in the Revised edition:
    Dragon Rage reads: Discard all your treasure cards. Then roll 2 dice and suffer a number of wounds equal to the result.
    Then, all other players in the treasure chamber suffer the effects described above
    Finally, shuffle all discarded dragon cards(including this one) back into the dragon deck.
    Sleeping reads: Draw 2 Treasure cards. On your next turn, you may either exit  the treasure chamber or stay and draw another dragon card.
    If you wish to play solo, it plays well with the player controlling 2 heroes. Then, you don't have to go back and forth between the differences of solo and regular play.
    We also don't use the combat cards at all; they feel clunky and their effect on gameplay is minimal. 
    we just use the solo rules for inflicting wounds. All other rules regarding combat and escaping from monsters remain unchanged.(as per the rules of the regular non-solo game)
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    zealot12 got a reaction from TwiceBorn in Questions about Revised edition rules   
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    zealot12 reacted to me1034 in Back-tracking the Catacombs   
    I saw those!  I like 'em.  We'll give them a try too.  I'm not really into instant death either.  There is so much leading up to the game - the set up, the adventuring, etc. only to have one card say "Game Over" at no fault of the players' own with no recourse.
    I still don't like the battling out of the box either.  Neither the cards nor the solo dice options.  We have come up with a mechanic that hearkens back to D&D.  Basically, we roll to test agility and use the character's strength as a factor in dealing damage.  I find it a lot more exciting and it makes players think more about which characters they want to choose.
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    zealot12 got a reaction from me1034 in Back-tracking the Catacombs   
    We have created houserules to make Dungeonquest  more of a risk management game, with no instant death effects, and a few other adjustments, and they work really well.
    Thery're in a thread below yours.
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    zealot12 got a reaction from me1034 in Back-tracking the Catacombs   
    We don't, but I've often wondered about it. That's not in the rules.
    If you fall off a bridge, you don't put a catcomb marker on that chamber, for instance.
    I think the difference is: the catacombs marker is visible to all players and everyone can use it as an entrance.Besides, there are so many tiles with the catacomb entrance already printed.
    Any other means of exiting/entering the catacombs is hidden and secret, from what I can tell.
    I think that with even more opportunities to enter the catacombs, it would make survival  easier for those characters that can handle the subterranean levels. 
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    zealot12 got a reaction from Julia in Hate the game? Suck it up, buttercup.   
    I don't see why games should be thus dissected.  Shouldn't it be more fun to discover all those things yourself than have them spoiled and put on a spreadsheet?
    Here's a thought: erase all the flavor text on Encounter cards in both AH and EH, and just roll dice for 2-4 hours straight.
    Of course, everything can be stripped down to probabilty, and simple mechanics.
    In AH you test a random attribute, lose a random amount of resource X and gain a random amount of resource Y.
    That's not as interesting as the stories behind the system.
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    zealot12 reacted to acslater64 in Questions about event cards and travel   
    I understand the rules as:
    You spawn the GS from the event card left to right. So if you spawn on red terrain first and that pile is depleted...you imedeatly travel. That would mean the you do not spawn on the yellow terrain. The next step would be to see how man tokens I have on the door and remove that many GS from play. Then follow the Travel direction (Place new location card, place terrain cards, discard other GS pile, follow the "Upon Entering" action). Then go back to phase 1 (Choose my actions).
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    zealot12 got a reaction from Eryx_UK in I really want to enjoy playing Relic, but…   
    There are definitely some things in Relic that I don't think  have been properly  playtested. The corruption-removing relic  is one and the other is Tech Priest pitted against the Rogue Trader(tech priest loses his starting wargear on turn 1).
    I'd say just avoid the broken combinations as much as possible or houserule the game to make it more to your liking.
    For instance, we don't like the continuous drawing of missions after acquiring the 1st relic. We find it distracting, since at the onset, you have a goal to work towards to: acquiring a Relic. and it feels right because you start out with limited resources and power.
    But as you accumulate assets and gear, completing missions becomes easier, and this also cheapens relics in the long run, since they become something you hoard  rather than revered artifacts of power.
    Combine this with the fact that relics can be used without any limitations, and the high asset limit of some characters- and you've got god toons plowing through everything.
    Some notions we've been entetrtaining, and others we have implemented.
    1)After acquiring your 1st Relic, you cease to draw Mission cards continuously. You only draw Mission cards, if you land on a space that allows you to draw one, or if a game effect allows/tells you to.
    2) If a game effect has you losing a stat point, and you can't(at your initial value), draw one Corruption card.
    3)Similarly, if a game effect has you gain a stat, and you;re at your Max value, draw one Corruption card.
    4) At the Flagship scenario, during the confrontation,you can't lose Influence.
    5) If you have used the Warp Rift to bypass any of the squares in the Inner Tier. and then failed at one of the Trials, you're zapped back to the  Warp Rift again.
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