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  1. Yea, I just reread my response to the OP, and it's funny. I make it sound as if it's the official ruling for the game Just my intuition. For instance, I would say that you can have as many mules as you want, and have each one add to your carrying limit, but using two or more horses simultaneously for riding just seems odd.
  2. Lord Kalten said: Hi all, There are cards like Psionic Blast and Warhorse that allow the player to add their Craft Value to their Strength during combat. People have asked me whether they can multiply up. For example, if you have 2 x Psionic Blast and 2 x Warhorse. I have told them that the ability to add your Craft Value to your Strength can be performed once in much the same way that if you had 2 or more cards that allow you to punch with your right hand as well as left in combat, it doesn't matter how many of these cards in whatever form allow you to do it, it can be only be done once because you have one one set of Strength and one set of Craft. With spells we can conveniently argue that only one spell can be used. But with the warhorse and possibly other cards and the ability to use them all in conjunction with each other it's not so clear. So in the above situation am I right (1 x craft added) or is it (1 x craft added for spell and as many for each item) or is is (1x for each distinct item) or something else altogether? Thanks, Lord Kalten You can combine Psionic Blast with Warhorse, but you can't add the bonuses of two Warhorses together, since you're not riding both. It doesn't matter if the effect of both cards is the same. What matters is is that they're different. So they can be used in conjunction to gain a double effect. In much the same way a Monk using his special ability can gain a double bonus with Psionic Blast.
  3. Okay, I think I got what they meant by "defeated by another card" . If you draw 2 enemies, one uses Craft and another uses Strength,if you kill one and are defeated by the other, you still move back.
  4. We wanted to start our first game with this overlay. A couple of questions: 1) It's stated in the rulebook on page 13 that if a character is defeated on the staircase he must move back one space towards the Portal of Power. However, not all spaces in the Dragon Tower instruct you to move back. Is moving back implied for all spaces? 2) The rulebook says on page 13 that if a character kills an enemy but is defeated by another card while on the staircase, he must also move back one space. What does "defeat" mean in this context-losing a life due to a card effect ?
  5. You can cast spells on characters in the Inner Region. It's the creatures there that are immune to magic. As for the OP: I'd say yes, if you're encountering the space. In which case you won't attack the character on his 1st turn as a toad.Since you can't encounter both the space and another character on the same turn.
  6. talismanamsilat said: Drawing Dragon Tokens 2) Whenever a character defeats one or more Enemies during his turn, before he does anything else that turn, he must draw one dragon token at random from the pool and resolve its effect. Dragon Scales We limit the number of dragon scales a character may have in his play area as follows: Characters may only have a maximum of three dragon scales per Draconic Lord at any time. Regards, Ell. ^ Eventually, we went with these, compounding them with the Dragon Spawn variant found in the original rulebook This seems to be working well for 2-player games.
  7. zealot12 said: Imposing dragon scale limit is a good idea. Now that I've gotten the Dragon expansion, I think we'll alter token drawing as follows: 2. Each time you defeat one or more Enemies during your turn, provided it's a space that doesn't already contain a dragon scale, draw a dragon token and resolve it before encountering anything else in that space. You know, we'll probably scrap the first condition. The less triggers, the better.
  8. Imposing dragon scale limit is a good idea. Now that I've gotten the Dragon expansion, I think we'll alter token drawing as follows: 1. Each time you roll a 6 for your move, draw a dragon token and resolve it before moving(this will ensure that non-draw spaces have a higher chance of getting seeded with scales). 2. Each time you defeat one or more Enemies during your turn, provided it's a space that doesn't already contain a dragon scale, draw a dragon token and resolve it before encountering anything else in that space.
  9. Great suggestions about Lycanthropy. We started playing like this: 1. The Day side of the Time card only affects lycanthropes 2. Lycanthropes lose 1 life each time night changes to day. 3. Lycanthropy can be voluntarily healed at the following locations: Chapel, City, Village, Castle. When a lycanthrope heals to his life value at one of these places, he may choose to discard the curse card.
  10. Actually, substituting one of the regions for a new one via overlays is a neat idea, and it's one of the reasons I'm getting the Dragon expansion over Dungeon and Highlands. Dungeon seems nice for a standalone game, but I think the main board is large enough already without attaching another corner to it.
  11. I'm still waiting for the Dragon expansion, but I've been pondering the rules, and having grasped the mechanics of this expansion, here are some of my suggestions for a more balanced end game+token drawing mechanic) Triggers/conditions for Token drawing: -------------------- 1)Whenever your character rolls a 6 for his move, draw a dragon token and resolve it before your actual movement. 2) Whenever you encounter any enemy from the adventure deck(whether by landing on it, or drawing it), draw a dragon token and resolve it before proceeding with the encounter. 3) If both of the aforementioned conditions are met during a single turn, characters will draw the tokens twice, as described above. End game battle ---------------------- I've been reading that the end-game battle against the Dragon King tends to be a cakewalk if the character has accumulated enough dragon scales. My thoughts on how to balance it: Before proceeding to battle with the Dragon King, remove any dragon scales from its card. Then roll a number of dice equal to the number of matching dragon scales in your possession. For each roll of 4-6: you get to keep the dragon scale Each roll of 1-3: signifies that: you lose the dragon scale to the dragon King(put it on its card. Any dragon scale on the card gives the King +1 to his attack score in battle or psychic combat against your character) There can never be more than 3 scales on the Dragon's card. Any scales in excess of the 3 that are lost due to the above roll, are discarded instead.
  12. zealot12

    Favorite character?

    How strange that I can no longer edit the post. I keep mixing up the Druid and Sage all the time(they kinda look alike). So the druid didn't actually appear out of the blue in our game. Same old sage.
  13. zealot12

    Favorite character?

    With that said, we had one of the funnest games with him. Starting out with the Sage(my buddy) against the Sorceress. The Sorceress starts with the Lycanthrope spell. (Curse of the Werewolf, I think it;s called)Then gets another spell by rolling 6 at the City( Divination) The Sage trips me with an Angel, by rerolling his die for movement and moving to a non-draw Space. I cast Divination. the cards that come up are Demon,Prophecy, Black Cat, Peasant Mob, and The Bear The Sage keeps eluding the draw spaces by travelling to corner tiles and other non-draw spaces, re-rolling as he rolls.Using fate to mock me. I get tripped by the demon. Down to 2 lives I cast the Lycanthrope spell, then land on the Phantom left prior by the Sage. Ask him for a spell(yea, I know not the most optimal move, but I just wanted to see some of the new spells that were added to the decks. Got the old Teleport though) Druid draws Prophecy and has to draw another card(Black cat: his luck has run out: he loses all his fate) My Sorceress celebrates this event by getting drunk with the boys at the tavern, effectively missing her next turn. The Sage peeks at the next card, and a feeling of dread befalls him, beads of sweat start collecting on his forehead. He rolls: boundless hills and fields in each direction.. rerolls: same result. The black cat keeps peering at him intently. The sage hears the hollering of the mob approaching, torches and pitchforks at the ready. Poor were-Sage! Even if the Sorceress didn't spend that night at the inn,getting naughty with the guys, she still had the teleport spell to stave off the mob for one turn.
  14. zealot12

    Favorite character?

    Too many favorites. Ah, I love them all.(currently own base+Reaper+Bloodmoon) Except the Sage. :/ I just don't like this constant deck peeking of his.
  15. You can always gain stats over your starting values(the ones printed on the character's card). Whenever you heal lives, you can only gain up to your printed value Whenever you gain lives, you can gain extras.So a Troll at full health(6 lives)that gains 2 lives, will have 8. Of course, gaining lives when you're short of your life value is the same as healing. Same thing with fate, and of course craft and strength. Except that craft and strength can never drop below the character's starting values. So a level 1 troll who is instructed to lose 1 craft when he has only his starting 1 craft, will not be affected
  16. I don't understand something here. This makes the Conjurer's ability a powerful magnet for beneficial cards. She may claim the benefits of any adventure card currently in her region. So, if the idol is on the board, for instance,(The Temple replica) and the Conjurer lands on an empty space each turn, she may visit the idol each turn as it moves along with her. Isn't that just a bit overpowered? And I'm understating here. At least the Elf is chained to a particular square when using his teleport ability. I suppose her opponents need to clutter the "draw" spaces with excess/unneeded objects to negate her ability, but it still seems unfair to me. I'll have to see how this plays out when I actually get the Dragon expansion (:
  17. zealot12

    Pit Fiends

    Still haven't gotten my copy of the 4th edition(due to arrive, but in the 2nd edition we houseruled the Pit fiends to delay the characters fighting them(you may only confront one Pit Fiend per turn).That's how we've alawys played, anyway. We'll also be banning spending of fate in the inner region(doesn't seem fair). Also, for the werewolf's den, we thought about rolling 3 dice to determine the creature's strength.
  18. The order of the actions doesn't matter as they're both carried out during the same phase. That's sort of similar to one of Ursulla's special abilities. She may resolve a location's special ability in addition to having an encounter there. The order makes no difference.
  19. When you think of it, it makes perfect sense thematically. A gate that opens on an investigator causes him to become delayed,disoriented, regardless of the phase in which he was pulled through. The investigator having three encounters is simply a consequence of him being pulled in the third phase(Arkham Encounters).
  20. The game really likes to mock you as you're approaching the goal.We had more close victories than I count. 4 sealed locations. 5 sealed locations, and to no avail. We lost. Oh, how we lost! One I remember in particular is a session against Cthugha where we failed a Lurker rumor that penalizes you for every gate that opens(put a clue token on the card. If there are clue tokens on the card equal to the number of investigator plus one, return it to the box and draw a Mythos card. Treat the gate opening as a burst.). We had 5 sealed locations on the board at the time and two investigators in other worlds ready to close the remaining gates Anyway, just a turn prior to the rumor failure, an environment comes up that penalizes investigators for being lost in time and space. They're devoured instead. Our best sealer(Mark Harrigan) was lost in time space on the turn following the environment's placement. And then, just to mock us some more, as the aforementioned rumor was failed, guess which card we pulled to reinforce the punishment: a double gater!!! Haha.A double gate burst occurred. Oh, so much fun!
  21. We play with three investigators so to track cumulative successes, we just alter the position of the doom tokens. A single success is indicated by the doom token shifting slightly from its space, two successes: the doom token is flipped to its elder sign side.
  22. I second Ghost Stories. It's fast-paced, challenging and tense.In short, excellent. You can play it at 4 difficulty levels described in the rules.But even the initial difficulty will prove to be quite a challenge at first. The game is l fun whether you lose or win. You can make up your own custom difficulties as well, skewing deck composition and starting resources. Currently, we play with elements of the initiate and nightmare levels comprised in one.(starting the game as initiate, but keeping three incarnations in the ghost deck).
  23. Julia said: Here you have Tibs' exhaustive dissertation on New vs Old. Hope this helps Thanks
  24. Thanks for the feedback. We played that the receiver does lose sanity, even though it hadn't much of an impact as one of the investigators was Harvey Walters, and he was our prime collector of relics. I'm aware that Personal Stories that involve gaining of items count only items that are drawn(otherwise they're far too easy to complete), but in this case I think it does make sense that the Dark Pharaoh having cursed the unique items would inflict sanity loss on any investigator who received them in a trade. Although then I think an exception should be made for items that change hands frequently in the course of the game . It wouldn't make much sense to keep losing sanity for the same cursed item being passed back and forth.So perhaps just limit the curse to "new" items being gained in a trade, not previously owned ones.
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