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  1. That's what my question was about. Thanks. We played it incorrectly.
  2. Spell-cycling casters are pretty much the best. Plus, the ones who have won in your games are the most powerful among them. Eliminators are fun. We should attempt some ourselves.
  3. Which will in turn increase item trafficking between characters since every PVP encounter will likely result in a victory of the initiating character. High-craft characters without psychic combat should rely on their special or spell-casting abilities to hinder high-Strength characters. Besides, the goal is not to be the best in PVP but using it only as one of the means for improving your character. The goal is advancing towards the Crown. As soon as you hit 10 in your main stat, you're more or less prepared for the Inner Region(unless you're playing with the Dragon inlays).
  4. Personally, I think the lack of balance between characters is one of the things that makes Talisman fun. Sure, the Priest may suck in comparison to most(all characters?) , but overcoming your character's weaknesses while harnessing the strengths is a fun experience in itself.
  5. Yea, I guess. We only play 2-player games.(: In 4. I meant: "give up the lag".What I meant was if your opponent sees that you're ready for the Inner Region, he may attempt to make an early break for the Portal of Power, and may even pull off a lucky underdog victory. With the right combination of spells and special abilities anything is possible.
  6. A couple of key tips for making Talisman a fun game each time: 1.. Make sure you use the special abilities and unique strengths of each character you play with as effectively as possible. 2. We've found that his game is especially fun when you're taking risks. If you're not sure about the outcome of an encounter with another character but still have enough chances to win, without losing anything significant in case of defeat, attack your opponent. Defeating him may yield you a beneficial item from his inventory. If you break out from the Outer Region early on by some lucky encounter , don't back out from the Middle Region, unless you're in dire straits. While The Middle Region is more dangerous, it can also be a lot more rewarding. 3. Use spells to set back and punish your opponent.Spells are strong, and using them effectively will give you a significant advantage in many situations. 4. Talisman is race game after all. Do not dawdle, trying to gain as many Craft or Strength points as possible. Try to force the Portal of Power as soon as you have 10 Strength or Craft. This will also pressure your opponent to keep up the lag. The game is at its most fun when the race to the finish is close. 5.Use the Alternative Endings you have to vary the winning conditions/ end game from time to time. 6. While Talisman is sometimes described as a cut-throat race, do not play it competitively, with a serious intent to win. Play it for the fun journey towards the end.
  7. "You may use the Shield whenever another character attacks you, but not when you attack another character. If your Strength or Craft is lower than your opponent’s, you are considered to have the same total Strength or Craft as your opponent, including any bonuses." Does this object basically leave combat to be decided by the attack roll? Are all bonuses considered to have been added by the attacker(including those that may be gained from stat-modifying spells like Psionic Blast and Bolster , Minotaur's stampede ability, and others?)
  8. One spell per attack round. But I think you can only cast spells on yourself,(i.e. that affect you, not the boss creatures. Spells like Psionic Blast)
  9. That's exactly it. Hoarding after a kill just feels wrong in some way, especially if you're already powerful. Well, we still haven't implemented this rule, just thinking about it as the last couple of sessions have been devoid of mid-game PVP kills. Though the one you proposed is obviously simpler, but with your rule, the loot will be less accessible to a starting character if the kill occurred in the Middle Region(unless the substitute is one of the few who also starts in that Region, like the Chivalric Knight or the Warlock)
  10. Yea, we always play with the Reaper. It's fun. Although all our games are 2-player sessions, but still, the Grim One has managed to get his share of instant kills.
  11. By the way, The Dragon King changes with these rules, even when players are in the Inner Region. This is especially relevant for the Tower, since when you're ascending the staircase, you're drawing cards from the Dragon King's deck. Since any player who defeats one or more Enemies during his turn, draws a dragon token, the Dragon King in the Tower may change mid-climb which will force the ascending player to draw cards from another Dragon deck. (Just think of the Dragons fighting for the Crown in the Tower while you're ascending) Also, since it's absent from the rules, we've added that a player needs to possess a Talisman to gain entry to the Tower. So, it's basically the key to the Portal of Power. And one more thing: any character who is killed mid-game, the replacement character of that player automatically inherits all his/her Dragon Scales.
  12. Can the Cleric prevent her death and preserve her last life when discarding fate?
  13. Rarely, but I do. Although most of the fun comes from socializing and screwing over your opponent. If this game had a good co-op variant, I think I'd get rid of my most of my board game collection. It's mind-boggingly addictive, and so easy to set up. Even playing with the same characters is never boring. Each game is like a new experience. My only gripe, is that some of the alternative endings are pretty filler-ish. It seems like the most inspired ones are in the Highlands expansion, which makes sense as this was the expansion that introduced them into the 4th edition. Too bad, as I'm not too interested in it otherwise, outside of the extra characters. With that said, I've just unboxed my Frostmarch expansion, and added all adventures into the towering stack of cards, and the Warlock Quest variant that comes with the endings is interesting. Makes more sense than the Quest Rewards variant in Sacred Pool.
  14. But per the rules, you're basically capping the number of scales a character can have at 3 of each kind, instead of letting him accumulate more and then discard from the total. It's basically the same thing, more or less. Keeping the number of draqon scales low just ensures that the final fight won't be a total cakewalk, and since Dragon Rage with this variant is more dangerous, it also limits your ability to sustain a high number of Rage attacks.
  15. I guess this should be in Home Brews.
  16. As an aside, we are thinking of implementing this rule late in the game, when the replacement character has no chance of catching up to the leader.
  17. Posted this on the Geek, but thought I'd get responses from the folks here as well. We've been trying to come up with elegant solutions for the "rich getting richer" syndrome, and reducing the swingy nature of some fatal PVP encounters. There are alternative rules in the game that enable the replacement character directly inherit the items of the killed character, but this would kill the incentive of the domineering player to land the crushing blow on near-death opponents. What we've come up with: Any character who lands the killing blow on another character may only take one item /follower of his choice or one bag of gold from the "corpse". The rest of the loot is transported immediately to the killed character's starting location. Any character who lands on that location may then claim the loot, (provided he wasn't forced to miss or end his turn from encountering the space, losing to an Enemy or due to a spell effect.). This only accounts for PVP encounters. Any character that was killed in an Enemy encounter or due to a fatal spell, card or board effect, leaves his loot behind on the space where he was killed. Exception: when playing with the Dragon expansion, regardless of how a character was killed, all his accumulated Dragon scales are inherited by the replacement character. These rules will help minimize the power gap between the domineering and starting characters. What are your thoughts on this? Share your own houserules for remedying these issues.
  18. Or, if you're spatially constricted, demote the game to ground level. Sometimes, the floor is the most affordable table for board games.
  19. There is a difference between Arkham Horror expansions and Talisman expansions. While it's true that the expansions in both contribute to the variety, Arkham is a considerably heavier and more complicated game. Plus there are FAR more decks of cards in AH. Talisman has only two main ones: adventures and spells, and a few supplementary mini- decks. Arkham Horror is a bloated monster by comparison, and setup time is considerably longer with all expansion elements. I actually hope that Miskatonic is the last expansion. I own all expansions and it looks kinda scary: I've got : 4 game boxes packed to the brim with components.I like the game, but enough is enough. Variety is fine, but it crossed into the distasteful kind a long time ago. The only small expansion for Talisman I'm still short of is Frostmarch. It's bound to arrive soon. And then I think I'll stop for a while. I'd like to get the other expansions(Dungeon and Highland) sometime, mostly for the new characters and endings. The extra boards don't really catch my fancy. There's enough ground to cover on the main board as it is. It would've been nicer if they had introduced new overlays for the middle and outer regions, like they did with the Dragon. New boards that don't take extra space are a neat idea.
  20. You could houserule drawing Dungeon cards in the Tower. I don't have Dungeon, but from what I've read. it's filled with powerful enemies.And since dragon scales can only be used against enemies in the dragon deck, you won't have the edge against them.
  21. We've mostly houseruled the distribution of dragon scales and token drawing: Game starts as per the rules of the Dragon Spawn variant 1)no drawing of dragon tokens each turn, but only upon defeating one or more Enemies from the adventure deck, 2)made Dragon Rage more dangerous by activating it each time a draconic lord is crowned, and having it affect all characters regardless of their position (other than the Dragon Priestess, of course), and 3) imposed a carrying limit of dragon scales to a maximum of 3 of each color to avoid overpowered characters. Works like a charm Today we played without the Dragon, as we were testing the Sacred Pool expansion for the first time. Another excellent addition to the game. I like how it makes character alignment more prominent. From what I've seen so far, the quality of cards is on par with the Reaper expansion. Very nice.And the quest rewards are a great boon. Currently, we'll be playing with the Reaper+Sacred Pool+base game cards, swapping the Dragon expansion in and out. We've separated Blood Moon for sessions where we'll be interested in playing with the Day/Night cycle, since most of the adventure cards in that expansion force that you play with it, and this mechanic can be rather distracting when playing with all the other expansions mixed in.
  22. The expansion system for Talisman is modular, as you get to choose which components you want to icorporate into the game. But then, adding expansions doesn't make the game heavier, or alters setup time in any way, so you may as well get them all. My favorite are Reaper and Dragon. Reaper doubles the adventure and spell card decks, introduces 4 new characters, and the Grim Reaper NPC, which player share control of to set back or kill off each other The Dragon gives you a new two-sided overlay for the Inner Region(Domain of Dragons which is a buffed up version of the original Inner Region, and the Dragon Tower on its flipside), 6 new characters and rules for playing with the dragon tokens and dragon cards.This expansion is a blast, but we've found that it needs to be houseruled first, and then it becomes an absolute delight, unencumbered with upkeep. Blood Moon is interesting, as it it introduces the Night/Day Cycle and gives you more than 100 adventure cards cards that play off of this new mechanic ,3 new characters and the Werewolf NPC, which all players share control of in much the same way as the Grim Reaper.
  23. Absolutely, and positively our favorite expansion for the game so far. Check out our houserules in the Homebrews sub-forum, thread name Fighting the Dragon King. My last post lists all houserules, finalized and playtested. No upkeep required when playing with them.
  24. zealot12

    Favorite character?

    Currently, my favorite characters would be all the ones in the Dragon expansion. At first we thought they'd be overpowered, in comparison to the base ones and those in other expansions but actually, they're not, and they're very fun to play. We've only restricted the Conjurer's ability to summoning regular adventure cards. So no summoning from the Dragon deck for her.
  25. For reference, here is the full version of our houserules which I posted on the Geek. These basically elevated the Dragon expansion into our absolute favorite so far, along with the Reaper(just got Sacred Pool as well. Haven't incorporated it yet)". They require no forceful alterations or omissions to the core gameplay, and make full use of the new components without bogging down the game with upkeep. To start out the game, use the Dragon Spawn variant found in the rulebook: 1. Each player draws 2 random dragon scales from the pool of dragon tokens, rolls a die for each scale and places one that many spaces counterclockwise of his starting location, and the other clockwise of his starting location. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Any time a player defeats one or more Enemies during his turn, he immediately draws one dragon token and resolves its effect, before encountering/doing anything else this turn. Exception: if you defeat an Enemy from the Dragon deck and it nets you a dragon scale on your current space, do not draw a token this turn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Each player may only possess up to 3 scales per draconic lord.(no more than 3 of each color)Any scales in excess of this number are discarded.(thanks to Ell for this suggestion) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Each time a draconic lord is crowned, all players suffer the Dragon Rage of the new Dragon King. If the current Dragon King is crowned again, all players suffer his Dragon Rage, and all spaces seeded with his scales are emptied of all cards(from the original rulebook). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. This is entirely optional, but we have decided to put aside the adventure cards and spells of the Blood Moon expansion when playing with the Dragon , simply because we feel that the the Blood Moon cards contain complex triggers and encumber the game with additional layers of rules. We have found the game too convoluted when playing in conjunction with another rule system.
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