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  1. Got it, thanks! This subtlety has been driving me crazy(: There's an upside to encountering the scale in this case, if it's located on a harmful space(such as the Desert, or the Chasm). As you get to ignore the text on the space. The downside of course, is: you have to draw another Dragon card, risking to draw a strong Enemy that may combine stats with the one already present on the space.
  2. If the Knight contracts Lycanthropy, does he attack other good characters when he encounters them, or not? I'm guessing, he doesn't.
  3. Only his starting craft(3). [stat Value] in Talisman refers to starting/printed values on the character's card.
  4. This has been bugging me. A character can encounter the space, a dragon scale on the space, or another character on the same space, of course provided the dragon scale doesn't match the current Dragon King. Otherwise you have to encounter the scale. Let's say you decide to encounter a space with such a Dragon Scale. ( a non-King scale). There's an undefeated Enemy from a Dragon card on this space. So you encounter the Enemy, and do not draw another Dragon card. Do you get to claim the scale if you defeat the Enemy?
  5. Tried it today with Domain of Dragons variant. Found it way too intrusive and confounding. The best way to play with the Dragon is to trigger token drawing off defeated Enemies(regadless of the number of Enemies you defeat on your turn, draw one token only.) The only exception to this we made was that if you defeat an Enemy from a Dragon card that nets you a Dragon Scale on your current space, do not draw a dragon token in this instance. Keeps things simpler this way.
  6. We trigger dragon token drawing off defeated Enermies. This works out well.Since it makes Dragon Scales somewhat scarcer on the board, we start out the game with the Dragon Spawn variant found in the rulebook. You can limit Dragon Spawning to two players, if you're playing with more. We've also houseruled Dragon Rage to activate each time a new draconic lord is crowned and affect all players regardless of their position. If the current Dragon King is crowned again, in addition to his Dragon Rage, all Adventure and Dragon cards found on spaces with his scales are removed from the board. Haven't tried it yet, but there's a Domain of Dragons variant in the Alternative Endings supplied with the expansion. This does away with dragon token drawing altogether.
  7. I've mixed in the Blood Moon expansion again. It's refreshing to see many of these cards once more. . My least favorite thing about Blood Moon though are the Day/Night followers and objects.They sometimes require a level of book keeping that feels out of place in Talisman. When you have many Objects, it can be hard to remember, for instance, that this particular one gives +3 to Psychic Combat during the Night…
  8. No, it won't. Shield of Defiance only equalizes the Total Strength/Craft of both characters, counting the immediate bonuses from followers, objects, etc. Any subsequent subtractions or additions via spells, abilities that modify attack rolls, and such are not counted towards this total. That is, they are calculated separately, after the Shield of Defiance has been applied.
  9. Magic Objects can be Weapons or Armor. Just like regular Objects. For instance, an Axe is a Weapon. That's the subclass of the object. If you cast Enchant blade on the Axe its bonus in Battle is augmented according to the spell and it turns into a Magic Object which is of the Weapon subclass. The Runesword, for example is a Magic Object which is also a Weapon. That means any limitations that pertain to Objects that are Weapons or Armor remain. Such as you can only use one Weapon and one Armor in combat. Unless you're the Warrior who can use two Weapons in battle.
  10. That's what I've been thinking too.The drawing of a card seems obligatory as worded. Otherwise, it's just a mashup of two abilities from different characters.
  11. The thing to consider here is that the Day/Night cycle actually dominates the game as it triggers off events, and there are plenty of cards that use this mechanic in Blood Moon. That said, there are just as many that don't, but overall, the Blood Moon expansion is not as novice-friendly as the rest. The new mechanics in the other expansions only come in the form of a few supplementary decks that are used from time to time, and are quite intuitive and are easily integrated into the base game. The Day/Night cycle in Blood Moon is more distracting as it requires book-keeping of the various Lunar events and their effects. Blood Moon is interesting overall, but not as integrative as the other small expansions.
  12. zealot12

    Pandora's Box

    Nice, but wouldn't the characters be able to grow stronger with all the Enemies they kill?
  13. The others are correct about spell limit. If your Craft is 3, you can only have one spell, and cannot gain another until you cast the one you have, or gain more Craft. My variant is just a houserule.
  14. Alex saint gill said: When the Hermit grants a Talisman to the first character who has visited him, should the Talisman be dragged out of the Object deck or selected from the 4 Talisman cards? Talismans granted by the Warlock , or any other board encounter or adventure card are taken from the Talisman mini-deck.( the 4 cards). If there are no Talismans in the mini-deck, you get nothing. In the Castle in the Middle Region, do I have to be healed up at one gold ,nevertheless I don't want to be? Healing is always optional. Can somebody steal the Talisman from one who has already landed on the Valley of Fire? Yes. My craft was 3, and already had one spell with me. I visited to the City, to the Enchantress, rolling a dice at 6. That happen for me to gain one more spell but if so, the number of my spells would have went over the limit for Craft 3, which allows only 1 spell at a time. In this case, should I, however, pick up a spell card and discard it right away or just never draw a card from the deck? We've always played it like so: Unless it's mentioned "gain a spell if Craft allows", you can gain a spell even if you have reached your spell quota, and then discard the one you don't want to keep. However, if your craft is lower than 3, you can't gain spells at all. I wanted to spend out the spell I was possessing, 'Alchemist', and did not have any objects to convert to gold with the spell. In this condition, can I even cast this spell in order to discard it. You can't cast a spell, if there's no valid target for it. If you don't have any Objects, you can't cast Alchemy Some special abilities like Thief's stealing triggered when there is somebody in a space a Thief has just landed on. Let's suppose that happens in reverse order, that means, somebody comes into the space a Thief is staying in. Does the Thief's ability affect on the other in this case? The Thief can only use his ability when he lands on a character. Not when other characters land on him. Answers in bold.
  15. So, just to provide an example. The Vampire Hunter lands on the Hidden Valley space. There's a Maze on this space. She draws two additional cards, and encounters the Hag and the Storm. She may discard any one of the three cards?
  16. After you encounter a space with instructions to draw 1 or more Adventure Cards and have drawn the required number of cards, you may investigate. To do so, discard 1 card on your space that is not an Enemy and draw one more card to replace it, which you must encounter. From what I understand, this is more or less similar to the Prophetess' ability, except the Vampire Hunter can't discard Enemies. What throws me off in the phrasing is the requirement to draw cards for this ability to work and the "discard one card on your space" clause. Why not say, discard one of the cards you drew., It seems that with the ability as written, it allows you to discard a card you haven't drawn on your current space. Does that mean the VH can replace any one unwanted non-Enemy card on her space with another one she draws from the Adventure deck?
  17. About the Summon Spells. In case of defeat, your turn immediately ends. So you'll have to encounter the same draw space next turn.
  18. zealot12

    Anytime actions

    That's how we play too, with the exception of ditching objects mid-encounter. By this I mean, you can't just ditch the Mule to avoid the effect of the Horse Thief you drew, or ditch all gold coins to evade the Raiders. As for the OP, that's what the Thief is all about: getting one object freely from any character he encounters instead of fighting over its possession. Outside of evading/blocking the Thief via a disruptive spell or a special ability, you can't prevent the theft of the item if he encounters your character.
  19. zealot12

    Comedy Deaths

    Today my Dread Knight battled fearsome dragons, acquiring Scales left and right. Several turns later, having been reduced to his starting Strength via my opponent's Rod of Ruin, losing a life to the Witch, and another as a result of visiting the Graveyard(Turning good via the Monk's Temporary Change spell has never felt so bad), he decided to explore the Ruins for goodies. Alas, he met the sneaky Horse Thief who stole his Warhorse, and then a stray Elk-strength 1 took his last life.
  20. zealot12

    Anytime actions

    The one time we use the ditching objects/followers rule is when trying to evade foreseen unfortunate encounters. Example: The Sorceress has 1 one life remaining, with no fate. She casts Divination. The top card in the Adventure deck is the Angel. It would kill her if she were to draw it. So, instead of drawing it, she ditches an object or follower of her choice(can't be a negative follower) on the draw space where she lands, thus filling the draw quota. She doesn't need to draw a card in this case. The next player would then have to encounter the Angel if he lands on a "draw" space. Ditching objects/followers in the middle of an encounter defeats the whole purpose of the encounter, which is to steal something from another player.
  21. zealot12

    Anytime actions

    You cannot voluntarily ditch objects/followers: 1)in the middle of an encounter with another character as an anti-theft measure. Or when the character already declared he's going to take an item from you(via a spell, for instance.) 2) in the middle of resolving an adventure card, unless the resolution of the adventure card specifically requires or allows ditching of objects/followers, or you have reached your carrying capacity, and want to exchange objects you have just drawn for excess items in your inventory. That's how we've always played,anyway. Besides, in the scenario described in the above posts, options 2 and 3 would simply allow the thief to encounter the space with the ditched item. Of course if there's a tough enemy on that space, ditching the object would make sense. Otherwise, I don't think so.
  22. I'd recommend getting The Sacred Pool and Frostmarch together for the variety of spells, adventure cards and characters. They don't add any distracting new mechanics. Having the full complement of Warlock Quests and Quest Rewards enriches the gameplay, without cluttering the game in any way. Our favorite expansion is the Dragon,(but not at the expense of the small expansions, as they form the backbone of variance). The Dragon needs houserules to be playable without upkeep, though.
  23. Sorc101 said: Question for those that use the alternate inner region board (comes with dragon expansion) We have incorporated into the game the alternate board with the DRAW 1 DRAW 2 (if defeated move back 1 space) DRAW 3 DRAW 4 etc Couple of questions hoping someone can answer them. 1) "Move 1 space + 1 for each enemy you kill" Now say i fight 3 enemies; Str 2 Str 5 and Crft 7 The 2 and 5 fight as one; Does this count as 1 enemy killed? Then say i get by that and kill the craft of 7; This is now 2 enemies killed? Or 3? Do i move 1+2 (1 str and 1 crft) or 1+3 (3 enemy cards) 2) Encountering another character Since there is no valley of fire in this region; Can we encounter characters on any space? 3) Casting spells vs enemines in the inner region You go to draw 1 and you are up against a str 8 Can you cast SUMMON BEAR to fight in your place? If yes; If it is defeated; Do you move on? 4) Do you need a TALISMAN to reach the crown? Thanks guys! 1) For each enemy card: if you defeat 3 enemies, you move 4 spaces forward. Note, that if you fail to defeat at least one of the Enemies drawn at at the Tower, regardless of whether you negated the loss of life or not, you still move back, if the space instructs you to. 2) No, you can't encounter another character. You must encounter the space. 3) You can cast spells that aid you. The spells you can't cast are those that directly affect the Enemy. I don't remember the Summon Bear spell description, but if it says that the battle ends with a stand-off in case of defeat, then you move one space forward.I may be wrong here. 4)No, you don't need the Talisman at the Dragon Tower.You could houserule it though. Although if you have the Sacred pool expansion, it's better to play without Talismans being a game necessity at the Dragon Tower, since then you can just cash in completed Warlock quests for quest rewards. Plus, this saves you one space in your inventory
  24. The sword is of no use to the Priest since he can't use any weapons in battle. (; The best use he has for Strength-modifying weapons is turning them to gold at the Alchemist, which yields a double benefit since thus he is able to get them out of reach of characters who can use them. Praying and Exorcising/Spell gaining are the Priest's only strengths so we just use them as effectively as possible. Praying is especially useful since it can be utilized in several places for leveling up and gaining various boons: let's see we have the Shrine, the Idol, the Temple, the Chapel, the Cathedral(Chapel replica), any of the followers, spells and objects that further boost praying. These are great assets for the Priest, plus he starts with 5 Fate which is a great balancing factor.
  25. Grave Robber is one of our favorites. Plus, it's amusing to see him being able to pick up the first card in the discard pile several times, if the following cards are board fixtures or followers/objects. Landing on: as soon as you hit the space, effect/ability activates Visiting a space: encountering it normally+special ability activates Instead of encountering a space ability: the text on the space has no effect. Special ability activates . Landing on a character/encountering a character: Must encounter character instead of space to activate. Special non-combat abilities activate if chosen, instead of normal combat
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